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This was such a great book! It had me hooked from the very beginning. I had to keep turning the pages to figure out what was going to happen next! So much thrills and deceit in one book!

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This book literally had me holding my breath and set my heart racing. I almost gave up on it at one point as it was so intense. Each chapter looked at one individual character and their experience of being stalked. This made me want to plow through it to find out what was happening in the next chapter. I'm so glad I continued with the book. It was brilliant

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This book is absolutely amazing! I was hooked from start to finish. Brilliant story and very well written characters. Kept me guessing till the end as well.

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Every Move You Make is the latest edge of your seat thriller from C. L. Taylor. The story follows five strangers who form a support group for people who are the victims of stalking. When one of the group is murdered, the other four attend the funeral, only to receive a threat that one of them will die in ten days’ time. Can the group figure out which one of them is going to die as well as stop the stalkers that are ruining their lives?

I don’t read an awful lot of thrillers but whenever C. L. Taylor releases a book I know I need to drop everything to read it. Fast paced and addictive, I absolutely raced through this book. Taylor is the Queen of captivating premises and this story hooked me in right from the very first chapter. The story definitely keeps you glued to the page and there are plenty of twists and turns that you definitely won’t see coming. Taylor has a really accessible writing style and I loved the way the tension continued to build and build as the ten days counted down.

The characters in Every Move You Make are particularly intriguing. Taylor has created a really fascinating cast and each of our four main characters felt really well developed. I enjoyed watching the dynamic between the group change, particularly as they began to grow more suspicious of each other. I was never really sure who was trustworthy and as a result, I found I questioned all of them. Overall I think Alex was my favourite, her backstory was really interesting and I was particularly invested in her storyline.

Overall Every Move You Make is a tense and gripping thriller. If you’re a C. L. Taylor fan or you’re looking for a thriller that will have you turning pages long into the night, this is a book you do not want to miss.

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Cally Taylor is back with a bang 🥳 we were last treated to The Guilty Couple back in 2022 ~ a great read ~ and I was VERY excited when I spotted Every Move You Make on Netgalley and even more excited when I was approved to read it!

In this book, we have a group of five friends - Natalie, Lucy, Alexandra, Bridget and River - who all have something disturbing in common: they have stalkers. I thought this was such an interesting concept for a story; I’ve obviously read books with stalking themes before but definitely not one quite like this.

The suspense was off the charts 🔥 this was a book I would categorise as unputdownable, and when I did begrudgingly put it down it was on my mind often. The characters were mostly untrustworthy and interesting and due to the sheer number of them, it felt like there were many possibilities for which way the story would turn. I felt very satisfied when I reached the end, everything made sense and every mystery was wrapped up neatly. Looking forward to the next one!

Thank you to Avon & Netgalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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3.5 stars

Every Move You Make by C.L. Taylor  is a psychological thriller about stalkers.

First, let me thank NetGalley, the publisher Avon Books and of course the author, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

My Synopsis:    (No major reveals, but if concerned, skip to My Opinions)
Five people, all with stalkers, form a support group. Nathalie, Alexandra, Lucy, River, and Bridget all live in fear that at some point, their stalker will go too far.

Nathalie soon finds herself in trouble, and death comes quickly.  At the funeral, the remaining four are handed a wreath, saying that one of them will be murdered in ten days.

Alexandra, an actress, has a stalker recently released from jail.  Colin was a police officer, and killed Alex's parents.  Sam, her boyfriend, is trying to be supportive.

Lucy, a teacher, knows her stalker well.  But she can't go to the police to turn Marcus in.

River's,  ex-girlfriend Vanessa, is actually targeting River's current girlfriend Meg, who is struggling with the whole thing.

Bridget, a florist, is trying to escape Charlotte.  She's also having problems with her husband Gary, who seems to enjoy spending a lot of time out of the house.

They decide that the only way to stop the killer is be pro-active, but this means they will be putting themselves in clear danger.

My Opinions:
My main problem with the book was the characters.  Other than River (who was overly dramatic and overly controlling),  I had no real character that I wanted to cheer for.  This makes for a long book.  As well, some of it was a little far-fetched and quite predictable.  You knew up front that not everything was quite as it seemed.

Anyway,  the book is about stalking, about the fear that the stalker induces in the victim, whether rational or not. It is also about love, and how far you would go to protect someone you love.

I felt the book moved very slowly, and with so many characters (stalkers, stalkees, friends, family....), I was afraid I may miss someone important.  So, although I was tempted, especially in the first half, I did not skim.

The book did, however, move from a 2 star review to my current 3.5 star rating, so it ended up being quite good.  As well, I liked the author's admission to her own stalking experience.

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Wow what an incredible read this was. I powered through it in 24 hours and couldn’t put it down I was so excited to see what was going to happen.

A group of victims of stalking have clubbed together to give each other support. When one of them is found dead, murdered by her stalker the group decide that they need to do more about their own situations. River, as a man who was being stalked by his ex was a great character and encouraged the group to take their fight to the next level and trackers are bought and hidden on their abusers. Bridget is an older lady who seems a little out of the group but tries to help the others, especially school teacher Lucy and actress Alex.

The various personalities within the group are very varied but they become close due to their shared circumstances. The dynamic of the group and those around them is described so brilliantly and I was captivated by their stories and wanted to see how each of them would play out. I was completely blindsided by the ending and really did not see that coming.

The author shares her own story at the end of how she was stalked, which was very moving to read and sounded terrifying. She has used this experience to write a brilliant and very clever novel, which I will be recommending.

Many thanks to Netgalley, the author and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for and honest review.

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Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for this one! I heard amazing things about this book and she is one of my top authors so i was super excited to read it! This was a great book, I looked the group chat/texting element to it. It really helped build the story! The book is based around a group who each have stalkers and they have a group chat to help them get through it day by day. One of them gets murdered by their stalker and the rest are sent a reef with a RIP date on and the countdown begins... but who is the date for. I really loved following the story along and i didn't expect the ending at all. A great book I really recommend! This was a personal book for the author who has been a victim of stalking!

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This is the first of C.L. Taylor's books that I've read and it was an intriguing and well-paced story. A group of people who have been stalked for many years get together for support and to share experiences, but when someone they know is killed by their own stalker, something has to give. They hatch a plan to try to trap the stalkers, but of course, nothing is ever easy and very real danger lurks around every corner.

This book has some real heart-in-mouth moments that are almost visually terrifying in your mind as you see the events unfold. As always in a great thriller, it seems like nobody is ever fully genuine or believable, so there's a constant guessing game about the stalkers, the motivations, and whether the victims themselves are being fully honest about who they are. I didn't see the ending coming, which is always a pleasure. My thanks to NetGalley and Avon Books/Harper Collins for the advance review copy.

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Having read quite a few of this authors books, I was keen to get started.
It took me a while to get in to this one though. There are a number of characters and their respective stalkers to get to grips with. As I only read a few chapters a night, I found I kept having to refer back. I found having to keep doing this a bit tedious, and it did put me off for a while.
Being a CL Taylor fan, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed, so I stuck with it. Once I really got going with this book, I did get totally immersed and read through to the end quite quickly.
The twist started untwisting itself very slowly before the end, which was unusual.
Whilst I did enjoy this book, I don’t think it’s one of my favourites from this author.

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Stalking is a theme that is very relevant in this day and age due to the fact that we can pretty much have access to people at any time we want through the likes of social media, messaging services and even tracking devices.

Alex, Lucy, River and Bridget know all to well what it is to suffer at the hands of a stalker but through the power of sharing their stories with each other they have come up with a plan to finally put an end to their troubles. However, when they receive a wreath giving them only 10 days until one of them is murdered they must really come together to put their stalkers in their place.

Through the use of tracking devices they feel that they can get the upper hand on the very people who have made their lives hell. If only it was that easy -- especially when they are hiding some big secrets of their own.

This book was full of twists and turns and I was desperate for everyone to succeed - until I myself became suspicious of one of the characters.

Honestly this book had me holding my breath at times due to the anxiety I had for these fictitious characters but this just shows how great the writing was.

The ending was fantastic. I'd highly recommend.

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Absolutely brilliant. Compelling from the word go, I was utterly gripped by this all consuming and claustrophobic read.

The four main protagonists were as unreliable as each other making it really tough to know who to trust. Because nothing was quite as it seemed. I really appreciated that it all come together in a way that made complete sense and everything was explained clearly. Great read!

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Thanks to NetGalley and Avon Books UK for this electronic readers copy of the latest from CL Taylor!
I’m a massive fan of C L Taylor- the books are so fast paced, easy to ready and have shockingly good twists…and Every Move you Make was no different!
Five strangers are united through their experiences with stalkers, and then when one of the five is killed by their stalker, and the other four receive a wreath at her funeral saying one of them will die in ten days, they decide they need to take control.
I did not see the twists coming, and the whole vibe of this book was chilling and edgy. Highly recommend for a quick, addictive read!

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Another great book by one of my favourite authors, the storyline was great and I thought I had it all worked out for most of the book but I was totally wrong!
I really liked that we got to see multiple characters and their own troubles with their stalkers. It really made me think about how scary and isolating it must be to deal with a stalker.

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I have read quite a few of C. L. Taylor’s books and was delighted to get a copy of her latest novel, Every Move You Make. Thanks to Avon Books UK and NetGalley for my copy in exchange for a review.

An unlikely group of five people bond through a WhatsApp group. They all have one thing in common, they’re being stalked . One of the group is murdered by her ex at the beginning of the story. The group meet for the first time at her funeral and are handed a wreath with a card dated ten days later. Determined not to be the next victim, they plot to catch the sender of the card.

I made the mistake of starting the book before bed and got into it straight away, I didn’t want to put it down and the relatively short chapters keep things well paced. The characters are an interesting mix, and I didn’t warm to them all but was still invested enough to want to find out what was going to happen.

The plot has quite a few twists and turns and I think I suspected everyone at one point! Towards the end of the story I was a bit disappointed as I thought I had figured it out but there was another twist and I discovered I wasn’t right after all. A few parts of the plot felt a little convenient for me but it didn’t spoil my overall enjoyment of the story.

The author has used her own experience of being stalked and there are definitely some very creepy and tense moments throughout the book. The idea of someone watching your every move, remaining just out of sight, is chilling.

Although not an ‘easy read’ in terms of subject matter, I was definitely gripped and wanted to read the book every chance I had. The story deals with issues such as stalking, coercive control, and domestic violence. These are dealt with sensitively.

I read this book over a couple of evenings and I would recommend it if you’re looking for a gripping read that’s a bit different from the usual.

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Natalie is a stalking victim and is brutally murdered by her stalker ex. Her funeral brings together the four remaining members of the whatsapp group Natalie was part of for stalking victims. At the funeral, the group receive a bouquet of flowers and a sinister message depicting that one of them will be next in a few day’s time.

I’m absolutely gutted and I think this is a me problem rather than a C L Taylor problem as I’m feeling slumpy but I didn’t love this compared to her usual books 😭😭😭

This is inspired by C L Taylor’s personal experience of being stalked by her ex. It is such a dark and complex premise but I just wasn’t feeling this one and found it just an okay read overall.

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I very rarely choose to read a book because of the title but this was one of those occasions. I saw the title, started singing (IYKYK), saw the author & downloaded it instantly without even reading the blurb.

Five victims of stalking have formed their own support group. One of them is murdered shortly after their stalker is released from prison & then a wreath is delivered with a stark warning. The remaining four come to the conclusion that it must be one of their stalkers who is the threat but which one is it & whose life is in danger? They need to work it out , & fast …

Fabulous characters with some so creepy that my flesh was crawling at the mere thought of them. I became aware that this is based loosely on the authors own experience but ramped up many levels; that insight is more than obvious in the writing & certainly added authenticity. A brilliant book with a cracking conclusion.

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I have recently finished this book. It was read quickly - I couldn't wait to see what happened!
A really unusual topic for a crime thriller. The characters come to life and are developed to interact well throughout.
It is about a group of people who have one thing in common - hey are all being stalked by different individuals. They join to form a mutual support network who try to protect each other.
A great deal of complex story lines are explained well throughout and you cannot possibly guess the actual ending. The plot is involved and has many twists and turns so you really do have to read until the final page. I didn't see the end coming at all.

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Every Move You Make is my 6th read from C.L Taylor, and they have mostly been 4 or 5 star reads so far, so I was excited to get started on her latest novel. Every Move You Make deals with the sinister topic of stalking – when their friend Natalie is killed by her stalker, friends in a stalking support group decide that it’s time to strike back.

The book is told from the perspectives of four of the friends in the group – Alexandra, River, Bridget and Lucy, and the narrative alternates between them by chapter. Each member of the group has their own stalker and backstory to get to know as well so there’s 8 people to get your head around. This isn’t helped by the fact they each focus on another person’s stalker and so some of the perspectives got quite similar and muddled in the middle.

I found the early chapters in particular to be very creepy – the idea of someone following you home or being threatened by someone you let into your life is a genuine fear and something which does affect a lot of people in the UK. CL Taylor writes in her author’s notes that she has personal experience of this, something which really shines through in the realistic feel of the narrative.

I did find some of the plot points to be a bit too convenient though and I wasn’t as impressed with the conclusion (one scene in particular, as someone who works backstage in the theatre industry, annoyed me!). It was a gripping read though which kept me hooked throughout and had me doubting all of the characters by the end.

Overall, Every Move you Make is a sinister read about an important topic. Thank you to NetGalley & Avon Books UK for the chance to read the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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This takes stalking to a whole other level. It's obsessive, dark and absolutely terrifying as it can easily happen to anyone!

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