Our Stop

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Pub Date 13 Jun 2019 | Archive Date 7 Apr 2020

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‘Laura Jane Williams’ writing combines sharp, relatable wit and bold, joyful sincerity’ Dolly Alderton

‘LJ’s honesty and voice are unique’ Stylist

What if you almost missed the love of your life?

Nadia gets the 7.30 train every morning without fail. Well, except if she oversleeps or wakes up at her friend Emma’s after too much wine.

Daniel really does get the 7.30 train every morning, which is easy because he hasn’t been able to sleep properly since his Dad died.

One morning, Nadia’s eye catches sight of a post in the daily paper:

To the cute girl with the coffee stains on her dress. I’m the guy who’s always standing near the doors… Drink sometime?

So begins a not-quite-romance of near-misses, true love, and the power of the written word.

A fabulous feel-good romance for fans of Holly Bourne and Dolly Alderton.

‘Laura Jane Williams’ writing combines sharp, relatable wit and bold, joyful sincerity’ Dolly Alderton

‘LJ’s honesty and voice are unique’ Stylist

What if you...

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ISBN 9780008320539
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About: Nadia gets on the 7:30 train to work everyday (except for when she oversleeps) which is the same train Daniel takes. When Nadia catches sight of a Missed Connections entry in the paper that describes her and the secret admirer asks to meet, things get interesting for Nadia.

Characters: This was a dual POV book so we got to know both Nadia and Daniel's thoughts and feelings. Nadia is a confident woman and I love how she never underestimates herself. Daniel is the sweet fluff every romance book needs and I loved him so much for being so adorable. I loved Nadia's friendship with Emma and Gaby and enjoyed the whole girl gang looking out for each other. Romeo was really sweet and a great friend to Daniel.

Feelings: OH MY GOD THIS BOOK WAS SO CUTE! I cannot get over their romance and the couple were perfect for each other! I haven't read such a cute and fun read with such great romance and I loved it so much. The story was amazing and I loved how everything unfolded. The slow burn romance was of the perfect amount.

Recommendation: YES YES YES! I would definitely recommend this romance!

Favorite Quote:
We both know falling in love isn't a happy ending - it's just the beginning.

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Absolutely fabulous! I loved the characters of Daniel and Nadia, and the unfolding attraction that went on throughout the book. Excellent and definitely recommend

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What a sweet and heartwarming tale! Every page was met with a smile as I eagerly waited for their next encounter. Loved it.

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Honest, refreshing, brave, progressive, insightful, warm, uplifting and, above all, inspirational. A book that has genuinely had a positive impact on my life. LJW is extraordinary.! A must-read.

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‘Our Stop’ by Laura Jane Williams published THURSDAY (13/6) by Avon Books UK

368 Pages

This book is fab! Like the ice lolly, all different bits but altogether is just perfect!!
Nadia and Daniel, Daniel and Nadia, sigh, destined for each other.....but can they ever meet, through an advert Daniel places in ‘Missed Connections’ after he sees Nadia on the tube the book whirls you through a rom com of a story as they write back to each other but because of events keep missing each other....its a new and extremely up to the minute ( 2019 wise ) take on an old theme AND its done so well, really well, I loved them both, their good points, their insecurities, their personalities and was rooting, literally shouting for them to meet....
In parts the book is too funny and I was laughing out loud and re reading some of the lines, on point narrative on todays life and social media, politics ( non boring!!! ) and love, there is opinion and verse on everything about modern life and as said above all done so well
There is a part of the book I really loved, a surprising look at how grief re a loss of a parent can affect adult men, this was moving, poignant and integrated very well into all the humour, I also loved Nadia and her friends views on feminism and how they adapted it to various thoughts and situations
Honestly this book is amazing, I sooooo cant wait for the authors next book and loved every single paragraph
10/10 5 Stars

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Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams a five-star read that will make you stop whatever you are doing to read. I had read some of the reviews for this one and wasn’t sure so put it off and read something else, then had a random convo about a tube station insta story about a meet cute with a friend and this novel popped into my head, it was like a sign and one I am so glad I acted on as I loved this novel so hard!! So many what ifs and missed connections kept me hooked and reading to the point I ignored everyone and everything. This was so sublime I want to take an ad out in the paper telling everyone to buy it!! I plan on buying a bunch of paperbacks just to give out to people waiting on the train tracks because more people need this story in their lives, they need the inspiration and power that the written word brings to life in these pages, more people need to hear the passion is Nadia’s voice as she talks to her boss, and the heart break she feels at different points in the story. There are so many near misses in this story, will they ever get their happily ever after? Go read the book and find out as I can’t tell you as its all part of the bigger story.

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What an absolutely fab book!

If you believe in destiny, then this book is filled with it.

And... who knew the London Underground could be so romantic!

Nadia is a feisty, successful 20-something Londoner, going about her life, ricochetting between bad relationships, wondering when her time will come. She loves sensitive men, who aren't scared to show their emotions.
Daniel is a sensitive, successful 20-something Londoner, recovering from the shock of his father's death, looking for someone to share life, and reality TV with. He loves feisty women, who are clumsy with their coffee.

But how will their paths ever cross?

Cue the Underground and Missing Connections.

Daniel sees Nadia and just knows there is something about her. But, how to approach?

Using a series of messages in the local commuters newspaper, these two slowly get sucked into a will they/won't they situation.

We can see they are perfect for each other. Their friends can sense they are perfect for each other. Why can't they just meet and see if they hit it off?

With a series of twists and turns, we see the story of Nadia and Daniel develop, and I can say, hand on heart, that I finished this book with a gooey smile on my face!

Many thanks to NetGalley and Avon Books UK for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Thank you to Avon Books UK and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

You know when you read a romance and you get all warm and fuzzy and have this goofy sort of smile on your face? Well, Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams is that type of romance. I was just one big ball of swoon while reading and I loved it! Being the hopeless romantic that I am Nadia and Daniel's story and their "meet-cute" is honestly the most adorable thing I have ever read!

Our stop does flow fairly slowly in terms of them actually, finally meeting but every time they were so close to meeting I would get chills and then it would fall through and I would want to cry. Once they did finally meet, let me tell you, tears! Non-stop tears!

Let me just say that these characters were so beautifully written! I absolutely LOVED Daniel and my heart went out to him during all of his embarrassing, sad moments. I even learned to love Lorenzo and adored Romeo. I was rooting for Nadia throughout the entire novel and she had a pair of friends that were absolutely amazing.

All in all I loved Our Stop! Hands-down the perfect summer romance to get you in the happy-go-lucky, lovey dovey mood!! By the end I was smiling and crying happy tears.

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I love the London Underground. I quite enjoy reading well constructed contemporary romances. I like humorous characters. I am a sucker for a slightly convoluted and absolutely awesome dating fiasco. This book delivered in bucket loads and then some.

I was lucky enough to be granted a review copy of this book that I think came largely from my love of the tube and the genre. I have London Underground maps (yes, plural) on my walls at home, a themed pass case, and even used have a London Tube bedspread at uni so was super excited to read a book set around the lives of complete strangers on the tube. The synopsis gave it a feel of Sliding Doors meets Tinder, and I was about that.

The plot surrounds Nadia and Daniel, two strangers who regularly get on the same tube train at the same time, to get to work. Daniel notices Nadia, someone who is described to be very much his type, on the train getting on at her stop. He is regimented in his routine, never misses the train, and so her whirlwind entrance rushing onto the train at the last moment and spilling her coffee down herself caught his eye enough to decide to take action on a longer standing crush and place a message in Missed Connections. (For those of you who are not familiar with this phenomenon – London Tube users can post anonymous messages to other tube users through the column in an attempt to have a chance at making more of a fleeting crush on the commute!).

The book follows their stories from their points of view, and shows how wonderfully different they are, but how amazing they would be together. They proceed to go on with their lives, having near misses and close encounters, all whilst communicating with each other through the Missed Connections column. I like that twitter picks up an #OurStop hashtag and follows their story, and that there are opposites in terms of the public’s view on their story. Is it creepy? Stalkery? Romantic?

Nadia is an absolute firecracker. She has an incredible STEM job working in AI, and she is by all accounts dedicated to her job and the introduction of those from different backgrounds in her work. She is like a whirlwind, a constant ball of energy, emotion, and coffee. Even though I like to be early and she is always running late, I like her dedication to trying to improve herself and her routine, and her constant attempt to make the (relevant) 7:30am train, coffee in hand, in the hope of seeing ‘Train Guy’. Her responses to him via Missed Connections are humorous and don’t pull punches, flirting with the best of them.

She stands up for herself though. When there is an incident midway through the book, she doesn’t hang around and wait for the world to fall into place, she dates and finds people who are nice, and attempts to seek comfort in her (hilarious and amazing) friends. I like that she doesn’t lose sight of who she is throughout, and doesn’t settle or stop looking for what she wants. Her friends genuinely made me snort a couple of times throughout the book and are brilliant. I like the idea of a powerful female trio, made up of personal and work friends that ultimately are brilliant for and to one another. They are an example of what we would all like a gaggle of gal pals to be like.

Daniel, I have to say, sounds like the perfect guy. Smart, funny, tall, attractive, stable career, understanding of punctuality, respect of women, he’s in touch with his feelings and emotions without being controlled by them, and is tidy. He fuels the potential union, he takes a leap, arranges a meeting, and by all accounts is the perfect guy. I love that he is attracted to her physically, obviously, but actually noticed her first when she was giving an impassioned speech on artificial intelligence and lower class involvement in its development,. He clearly notices and respects her as a whole, and not just likes her for how she seems.

He is also pretty great when it comes to those around him. He tolerates his housemate, but is careful to step in and stand up for what he thinks is right to the detriment of their friendship. I don’t want to give away the catalyst that causes the decline in their relationship, but I think we will all agree Daniel is right in taking down Lorenzo. Romeo, on the other hand, is a stark contrast to Lorenzo. He is caring, considerate, and seems to respect and understand Daniel, and their friendship/working relationship is something I ultimately really enjoyed.
In the modern age of online dating and Tinder, there is something really romantic and wistful at the idea of meeting someone by literally encountering them on the way to work. OK, they communicate through an online/journalistic channel, but it is refreshing and funny. The story has a feeling of sliding doors about it, with near misses, and interactions with different players in the story happening all the time, even if we don’t realise it.

The story itself is told cleverly through the points of view of the characters. We learn different things about their lives, their interactions, their friends/relationships, and their lives that are like taking pieces of a jigsaw and putting them together slowly throughout the book. The author had a natural, funny writing style, and captured the different characters with deftness and understanding. She never dampens anyone, or steps on characters to boost others and throughout, she is standing for the morally right course, which is a great thing in what is essentially a romantic comedy.

I absolutely loved this book. I went into it hoping it was good and it surpassed all my expectations. It was funny, thoughtful, witty, charming, and respectful, and was a thoroughly entertaining read that I would really love to see adapted into a film someday!

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Daniel knew there was something about Nadia from the moment he saw her talking to her boss. He couldn’t believe it when he then saw her on the commute to work.

Deciding to put an advert in the paper, Daniel is hoping that it won’t be long until he can talk to Nadia. He is delighted when she replies. Soon, they are writing back to each other through the paper, not realising that fate has its own plan.

I read this book in a day, desperate to know what happened between these two characters. How does Nadia respond to Daniel’s advert, do they meet and what happens next?

Nadia is a strong female character who, although has moments of doubt, knows who she is and that she deserves to be happy. It was good to see a main character act in this way.

Daniel is a lovely compliment to Nadia’s character and is the perfect love interest. He has a Mr Darcy vibe going on (without being the prat Darcy is at the beginning.)

The supporting characters were also wonderful. I especially liked Romeo. I thought he was a nice change in how male friends are portrayed in some novels.

Having the point of view go between Nadia and Daniel gave it such an interesting perspective. It was good to see the relationship unfold from both sides and to see the emotions and thoughts of both.

This book is a feel good love story. In my opinion, it came to a satisfying end and very much appealed to my love of romantic comedies. I could see this as a film actually.

I felt that the characters were well-developed and the plot rolled along nicely. I did find the near misses frustrating but only because I wanted the novel to have a happy ending. Whether this happens is something you will have to find out for yourself.

The cover is great and makes me smile, the story was so lovely and overall, this was a witty, fun, heartwarming read that will be perfect for the months ahead or that summer holiday.

If you’re a fan of Ali McNamara and Beth O’ Leary, or just love to fall in love, you’ll like this book.

A great debut from Laura (great name,) Jane Williams.

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Good. Enjoyed how it showed that men can be just as romantic as women but was also gripped by the near misses and chance meetings that they nearly had. Was rooting for this couple all the way through.

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Nadia and Daniel see each other on the train every morning, he is more proactive in trying to get to know her but despite newspaper entries by them both, which interest the whole of London, their meeting never takes place. - or does it ? A really good read with a new and interesting theme for a romantic novel. I couldn't wait to see what happened!

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"To the cute girl with coffee stains on her dress. I am the guy who always stands at the door. Drink sometime?"
This message in the missed connection column of a daily newspaper sparks the story of Nadia and Daniel. A slow build romance that had me hooked from the first to the last page, always having to read on to know if she reads the message and when their paths will eventually cross again on the 7.30 tube that Nadia is usually running late for.
Daniel is an all-round good guy, a rom-com hero and he doesn't give up on finding his one. As the chapters alternate between Daniel and Nadia, you get to know them both so well and you'll end up feeling like they're both your best friends. Rooting for fate to do it's work so they can finally meet and a happy ever after for the unlucky in love duo!
Our Stop is modern, funny, clever story and totally warms your heart. I found myself to be smiling along reading it but also be ready for all the tension! It's a perfect feel-good, chiclit read and with it out on 8 August and available on kindle now, you should add it to your summer tbr!
Thanks @avonbooks for the early copy and for letting me by the final stop of the blog tour! And huge well done to @laurajaneauthor on writing another awesome book! Would highly recommend her memoir Becoming 💕

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Color me charmed! This story was such a quick read for me once I started. I just couldn't put it down. The pacing was good, and steady. I found the characters to be deep and layered. The ways that Daniel and Nadia kept missing each other, just felt like a case of not-the-right-time. Things will happen when they do. Daniel's father has passed, and the way he grieves is so real, and shows all the mess and reality of it. It is authentic in so many ways.

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A fabulous ‘will they, won’t they?’ full of laughs and longing. I loved Our Stop from the first page and it kept me guessing all the way.

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I really enjoyed this book, great debut novel.

It tells the story of Nadia and Daniel, two commuters who both occasionally take the train together. Daniel spots her but lacks the courage to speak to er so tries contacting through newspaper ads. They correspond for a while then arrange to meet up but circumstances mean that they don’t meet. They both get on with their lives and on several occasions narrowly miss meeting up and it seems they are not destined to meet. Then several things happen and they get to meet.

Charming story where you fund yourself cheering them on to meet! Highly recommended.

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