When We Went Wild

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Pub Date 2 Mar 2021 | Archive Date 25 Feb 2021

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From the bestselling author and rewilding pioneer Isabella Tree, When We Went Wild is a heartwarming, sustainably printed picture book about the benefits of letting nature take the lead, inspired by real-life rewilding projects.

Nancy and Jake are farmers. They raise their cows and pigs, and grow their crops. They use a lot of big machines to help them, and spray a lot of chemicals to get rid of the weeds and the pests. That's what all good farmers do, isn't it? And yet, there is no wildlife living on their farm. The animals look sad. Even the trees look sad! One day, Nancy has an idea... what if they stopped using all the machines, and all the chemicals, and instead they went wild? 

The author’s own experience of rewilding her estate at Knepp has influenced conservation techniques around the world that are bringing nature back to the countryside and bringing threatened species back from the brink.

Ivy Kids brings you beautiful, sustainably printed books to rewild your child. They are hopeful, joyful stories and nonfiction about nature and the environment that are charmingly illustrated and printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, locally in the UK, and using renewable energy. 

Praise for Wilding, the author’s bestselling memoir: 

‘This must be the most inspirational nature book of the year…a narrative of conservation, courage, vision and miracles… The story of what happened is thrilling… the Knepp Conservation Project is world-famous: a beacon of hope… Read this book and marvel.’ – Bel Mooney, ‘The Year’s Best Books on Nature’, Daily Mail

From the bestselling author and rewilding pioneer Isabella Tree, When We Went Wild is a heartwarming, sustainably printed picture book about the benefits of letting nature take the lead, inspired by...

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A great story that explains to younger children about the environment and about how our actions affect the world around us - i.e the use of chemicals. Cute illustrations alongside which makes the book easy to understand for younger kids as well.

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This is one of the best children's books I read in a long time. It is the most important thing to teach about the environment to children from very early ages. And they need to know how the food we eat produced and how it affects the environment. The story is enjoyable, and the illustrations are well-made. We need more books like this. Great book!

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This book made me really think about all the things we do to harm the environment. It has such a good message and made me want to improve.

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Can we talk about how magical this cover is? The illustrations are breathtaking! I remember when I was a child, I used to love books illustrated with a lot of flowers, trees, plants, and nature in general. It all seemed so enchanting to me, and I could stare at the images for days. Now, into this lovely book. We get a closer look at farm life from Nancy and Jake's point of view - their everyday activities, the animals they take care of, the equipment they use, etc. But then we also get a glimpse of how farming today looks and how it has changed. Technology, chemicals, developments in the industry has led to everything looking far less natural than we expect it to be. Both humans and animals seemed sad by the way farming looks today. I love that the idea that was introduced - animals weren't happy. Animals feel too. And just as Nancy and Jake and their animals changed their lives, and nature was starting to grow back again, here come the nosy neighbors who don't like it one bit. Wild flowers, and no chemicals, and animals just running around? They don't like it one bit! This little book isn't so little after all. It deals with some current, burning issues. It's sad how we love nature and want to take care of it, because we depend on it, but also how we always want everything to be according to our standards, and our ways. In the end, the neighbors learn their lesson, and it illustrates exactly how things should be, as well as the lessons we all still need to learn. I am certain that today's youth will very much want to hear about nature and animals, and about the concept of 'rewilding'. This is a must-read and I am so glad that someone has come out for a book with kids on this topic! Whether for the theme itself, or the pure beauty of the illustrations, this is definitely a book of importance.

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'Through the joyful story of farmers Nancy and Jake, this delightful picture book presents the principles and many delights of rewilding to young readers, celebrating nature’s own ways of making things flourish.' I love Isabella Tree so much, this is a subject very close to my heart, I deeply believe that we need to find other for of sustainability, to find a book to be able to talk about this with my children really meant a lot to me, as I am sure it will most ethically conscious parents. Beautifully written and illustrated, easy to read and explain to younger children. Thank you Isabella Tree

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Such a lovely story about valuing the Earth and farming naturally. Instilling care for the environment in children early is so important, and this will definitely contribute to that: I love the message of persevering even if other people think what you're doing is ridiculous, and that they'll eventually come to realise the value in what you're doing! Plus the illustrations are just beautiful.

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