Mrs March

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Pub Date 5 Aug 2021 | Archive Date 31 Dec 2021


‘Nastily good fun’ Metro


Shirley Jackson meets Ottessa Moshfegh meets My Sister the Serial Killer in a brilliantly unsettling and darkly funny debut novel full of suspense and paranoia

George March’s latest novel is a smash hit. None could be prouder than Mrs. March, his dutiful wife, who revels in his accolades and relishes the lifestyle and status his success brings.

A creature of routine and decorum, Mrs. March lives an exquisitely controlled existence on the Upper East Side. Every morning begins the same way, with a visit to her favourite patisserie to buy a loaf of
olive bread, but her latest trip proves to be her last when she suffers an indignity from which she may never recover: an assumption by the shopkeeper that the protagonist in George March’s new book –
a pathetic sex worker, more a figure of derision than desire – is based on Mrs. March.

One casual remark robs Mrs. March not only of her beloved olive bread but of the belief that she knew everything about her husband – and herself – sending her on an increasingly paranoid journey, one
that starts within the pages of a book but may very well uncover both a killer and the long-buried secrets of Mrs. March’s past.

A razor-sharp exploration of the fragility of identity and the smothering weight of expectations, Mrs. March heralds the arrival of a wicked and wonderful new voice.

‘Nastily good fun’ Metro


Shirley Jackson meets Ottessa Moshfegh meets My Sister the Serial Killer in a...

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A thoroughly good read, Mrs March (will we ever learn her name?) is a fine invention. Already a character of fiction in George March´s (her writer husband) successful latest novel, we follow her relentless descent into madness (or is she being gaslighted? or both?) as she goes about her rather aimless Upper-East Side bourgeois life (large apartment, daily housekeeper, fur coat, single child, rigid code of conduct). She is only 42 but she could be 60. She is living in 2020s Manhattan, but this could be the 60s. The outside trappings of her life are somehow of negligible importance, it is her inner conflict, relentlessly pursued by the narrator with single-minded thrust, through looking at her actions and thoughts, what sustains the story, a tragicomic, deadpan narration (a march!) of Mrs March´s (echoes of Mrs Dalloway) inner dialogue with the world and herself. The reasons for her disintegration (rich girl neglect, societal conformity etc) punctuate the linear, forward-moving present story. A psychological thriller of sorts, totally focused on Mrs March´s mind, it is also a wonderfully witty and humorous commentary on writing and the fictional life of characters. I particularly enjoyed the verisimilitude of certain elements (snippets of dialogue, a shop perfectly conjured, the staging of a sofa... ) with the extreme fictionality of others (a sudden narrator´s emphasis, the cinematic-dreamlike quality of the whole). Lots of intelligent fun in this novel. Recommended! Thank you to Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this novel.

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This book is outstanding and in my opinion, it deserves to win a literary award. Virginia Feito's writing is so good that I felt like I was inside Mrs March's head, yet, like Flaubert's 'Madame Bovary', it is actualy written in the third person. The protagonist, Mrs March (The reader does in fact discover her first name right at the end.) is a woman with a predisposition to paranoia whose total unravelling occurs when her favourite patissier makes a passing comment about Mrs March having inspired an unflattering character in Mr March's latest novel. The reader witnesses Mrs March's subsequent descent into a type of psychosis and observes her increasingly questionable behaviour as well as her suspicions about Mr March. We accompany Mrs March on her 'journey' and begin to doubt her judgement, assuming it's not going to end well but without knowing exactly which direction it will take. Once you start reading 'Mrs March'., you won't want to put it down. At times it is uncomfortable but you will be desperate to know how the story unfolds. Other Netgalley reviewers have described the novel's dark humour and Mrs March's obsession with social status, class and etiquette is indeed funny (we have no doubt all encountered people like that) but she is a character with depth, who has a troubled backstory. Being aware of her vulnerability and emotional instability made me regard Mrs March as a figure who merited sympathy. The novel is set in the USA and I'm guessing that it takes place somewhere between the 1970's and 1980's on account of the occasional cultural references mentioned. I live in the UK and had not previously been aware of the book and had no preconceptions before I started reading; I simply liked the synopsis and requested an ARC. I'm so pleased that I did because it has been a privilege to read. I can't recommend 'Mrs March' highly enough and shall be buying it for friends and family as gifts. Thank-you to 4th Estate and William Collins.

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Mrs .March a glorious dark funny haunting novel.I picked it up sat down to read it and was plunged into a wild ride from the first pages.Mrs?March married to a well known author Mrs.March who goes to a bakery every morning to purchase her olive bread till one morning the woman who serves her everyday tells her she read her husbands novel and is sure the heroine is based on her,She storms out of the store after yelling at the salesperson no ,it’s not based on me your wrong,She rushes home to read the novel she really doesn’t read her husbands books and we are brought vintio her world with all the people who are around herb her husband her housekeeper sit back enjoy this so entertaining novel.I will be recommending and gifting it #netgalley#4thestate,

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Mrs March, what a fantastic trip it has been!!! Mrs March put me through the wringer. I started reading it at 5pm. I finished it at 10pm, speechless. Unable to sleep and unable to stop thinking about her, I got up very early, went for a long walk and started reading it again upon my return. Even after a second and much slower reading I'm still left speechless... Virginia Feito's unbelievable journey into Mrs March's inner world is beyond brilliant, almost beyond comprehension. An emotionally charged portrait of a woman on the verge of implosion, a visceral descent into self destruction. Is she a victim? Is she going totally bonkers? Is she a conniving vixen?....Questions I would rather leave unanswered because I would be too afraid to spill the beans..... Furthermore I would be unable to give other readers one honest answer because I'm still trying to come to terms with Mrs March's fictional being/beings and it might prove a bit too difficult to resolve the issue without a third or fourth reading... Reading this powerful and unforgettable novel I had the feeling at one point that Evan Connell's Mrs Bridge was inviting Isabelle Huppert to step out of "Elle" and the "Piano teacher" in order to drop acid and read Kafka's Metamorphosis aloud👍👍 Please don't miss this fantastic novel. Please🙏 Many many thanks to Netgalley and 4th Estate/William Collins for the ARC and the mind-blowing reading experience it gave me

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I received an advanced reader’s copy in exchange for an honest review I have no idea what this book is and I was genuinely baffled where it was going throughout, but I just loved the heck out of it. Run, don’t walk, to read this book. Easy 5

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