The Rehearsals

The wedding is tomorrow . . . if they can make it through today. An unforgettable romantic comedy

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Pub Date 13 Jul 2021 | Archive Date 22 Jul 2021

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The wedding is tomorrow. If they can only get through today...

Long-time couple Megan Givens and Tom Prescott are preparing for what should be the happiest weekend of their lives. But their plans for a perfect wedding are ruined when a huge fight causes them to call it all off on the night of their rehearsal dinner.

Megan and Tom think the worst is over - until they wake up the next morning and find themselves stuck in a time loop. Somehow they are being forced to relive the worst day of their lives - with its painful secrets, age-old grievances, and family dramas - again and again.

We've all had regrets and what ifs; The Rehearsals imagines what you might do with the chance to finally get it right.

The wedding is tomorrow. If they can only get through today...

Long-time couple Megan Givens and Tom Prescott are preparing for what should be the happiest weekend of their lives. But their plans for...

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A funny take on the Groundhog Day - with a couple stuck in a never ending loop on one of the most annoying days of their entire relationship!

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QOTD: If you could relive any moment of your life, which one would you choose? Tom and Megan have been together for so long, and finally they‘re about to tie the knot. Even though the day leading to their marriage is proving to be a real nightmare. Their families are infuriating, self-absorbed and sabotaging. Everyone has a complaint, pulling the groom- and the bride-to-be in different directions. And Tom and Megan are keeping secrets of their own, too. Tom’s secret is about the future, and Megan’s... Megan’s is about the past, and more accurately, tom’s best friend, who incidentally is the best man. When all secrets come to light during the worst rehearsal dinner that ever happened, Megan and Tom vow to call off the wedding. Except, as they wake up the next day, they’re stuck in a loop, repeating the same day, the same horrible dinner, time and time again. Why is this happening - and can they fix it? I was so intrigued by the wedding-theme with a time-traveling twist, that I requested it on NetGalley as soon as I saw it. And boy, was I in for a treat! This book is absolutely BRILLIANT. The suspense! The twists and turns! The DRAMA! The heart-melting scenes! And Megan and Tom are such realistic, flawed characters, with real issues and who make real mistakes over the course of the book, and never take the expected path. „The Rehearsals“ is a funny, romantic novel, that ask us to imagine what we might do if given a second chance at life —and at love— and what it means to finally get it right.

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To start off, I have always found that any books or movies that center on a repeating day can be an absolute hit or miss, and The Rehearsals was a definite hit! The story centers on Tom and Megan, who have been together forever and are finally getting married. Surrounded by their dysfunctional families and long-buried secrets, their relationship inevitably implodes on the night of their rehearsal dinner. So, the one day they want to forget is the day they relive over and over and over again. Since the story takes place over the same day repeating over, we learn about the character’s relationships and their lives through their recollections of different events. I loved how both Tom and Megan saw the same situation from such different lenses. Each event resonates as we continue to see a different view of events throughout their relationship. The story keeps you hooked from the get-go. I was defiantly worried I would find it repetitive reading the same day again and again. Still, without giving away any spoilers, there is no issue of that happening here! This book is so well written, with particular emphasis on the characters and their relations to each other. By the end of the book, you come to know both Tom and Megan and see them as humans who make mistakes and are not perfect but are real. This book is a definite must-read, and I cannot wait to read more from this author. I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review #TheRehearsals #NetGalley

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The Rehearsals was a clever book from start to finish. I am a big fan of a time loop and this one was well written, I honestly couldn't put it down, finishing it in two sittings. Tom and Meg's destination wedding is set to be interesting - the bride chose the location, but her overbearing in law's have arranged pretty much everything else. Groom Tom has had very little to do with the whole thing as he has been a tad busy trying to figure out how to break some pretty big news to his soon to be wife; and when Meg finally sees Leo, their mutual friend, face to face for the first time in a long time...well, maybe Meg has some stuff on her plate too... I loved the dual points of view from Tom and Megan; it really helped keep the story interesting and fresh. The focus on how their relationship matured and then stagnated was interesting and felt truthful. The family dynamics were well written, especially on the days when Tom and Meg thought 'fuck it!' and did what they wanted, I think, aside from the last day, those were my favorite days to read about. Tom and Meg's interactions with each other were great, in all of the days, I loved seeing how their feelings shone through in small or big ways; in the little things that they noted about each other whether a gripe or something complimentary. I found The Rehearsals a fantastic and original read, and one I'll definitely be recommeding.

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This was lot of fun. It was high conflict right from the off, (at least it was for me, the conflict-shy type,) but then when I realised it was Groundhog Day plot, I got why it needed to be like that. I hadn’t read the blurb, so didn’t know what I was getting, but it really worked. All the respect for plotting it so well - Tom and Meg’s character journeys were brilliant explored, paced and played out.

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I really liked this book, I’ve never read a “sliding doors” kind of book before and I must say I liked it. The main characters are Megan and Tom. Megan lives in NYC with her fiancé Tom who she met at Harvard, she’s an artistic director for GQ, she is quite happy to marry Tom but she has a weight on her heart: she cheated on him 8 years prior. Tom is a lawyer at the family firm, a workaholic, also with a big secret: he accepted a job in Minnesota and needs to relocate, he knew for a while but didn’t tell Megan. The day of the rehearsal dinner arrives and the two lovebirds, each with their own secret, go through it until the inevitable happens and they call off the wedding. Unfortunately, the universe has other plans and puts them in a temporal loop, they are forced to relieve the rehearsal day until they figure out what they want, who they want, and how to go on with their lives. First of all, this is not a typical romance, there isn’t much of the typical rom-com in this book. It’s a very profound novel, not many dialogues, very introspective and descriptive, I like this kind of writing but I get not everyone enjoys it as I do. I don’t know what the people who suggested this book was “fun” have read, this book is not fun at all, this book made me cry many times. Don’t get me wrong, is a beautiful love story, but with a lot of betrayals and a lot of pain, there’s nothing fun about it. Tom and Meg are a big mess and you feel for them while they try to put together the pieces of their relationship, it's not fun, it's touching and hard to watch but it's amazing to read. The characters are well written, I mean, I hated Meg and Tom’s families throughout most of the book, till the end when they actually become decent people. But I guess that was the whole point. Meg and Tom do what anyone would have done in a time loop, they explore different routes, different scenarios, with different people and that makes sense. It also makes sense the way they end things, they talk to each other, they forgive each other, and become a better person for one another. They evolve throughout the book, they face their fears, doubts, and families. I liked it. There's an open ending, you can imagine what the end will be but you'll never actually know...I have my idea and I wish them both the best. Also, I had some trouble with the first chapters which are quite slow, but once you manage to get through those it's pretty much downhill. In the end, I really enjoyed this book, I liked the plot and I connected with the characters. It's a great book but it's not for everyone, I love these kinds of "sad stories" but those expecting the typical romance might get very disappointed. A note to the publisher: The digital version is a mess, there are no chapters and a lot of odd layouts throughout the book. I'm sure you already know, but I think it's worth pointing it out. I will publish a reader-friendly review on GoodReads and Amazon (when the book will be published) with the same rating.

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From the moment I first read the synopsis for this book I was excited, and from beginning to end, this brilliant book had me hooked! Megan and Tom have been together for 12 years and are preparing for what should be the happiest weekend of their lives. They are on the beautiful San Juan Island, a location that has always been special to Megan and therefore the wedding destination of her dreams. However, their plans for a perfect wedding are ruined when a massive fight on the night of their rehearsal dinner causes Tom to call the whole thing off! Thinking that the worst is over, the last thing they expect when they wake up the next morning is to find themselves beginning this day from hell all over again. Somehow they are stuck in a time loop, being forced to repeatedly relive the worst day of their lives! But will this give them the chance to let go of regrets and what ifs and finally get it right? I loved the journeys of discovery Megan and Tom go on in this book as they both desperately try to get out of the loop they find themselves in. They soon realise that they can both remember everything that happens in each variation of the day they are forced to relive, every time they wake up! I thought this was really clever as it meant they were constantly trying to do things differently to change the course of the day. The story was so cleverly plotted and it was great seeing so many different variations of the eve of their wedding, each time thinking, surely this has to be the one that works to let Megan and Tom escape from this constantly repeating day. It was sometimes hilarious to see how varied their behaviour could be and how carefree they were with their choices! The secrets that came tumbling out on the day of the rehearsal dinner were awful, but ultimately, it meant they were both able to learn important truths about each other and also themselves. Annette Christie brought the beautiful setting for Megan and Tom’s never–ending nightmare to life and Roche Harbor was just so picturesque! I also loved the different family dynamics for Megan and Tom respectively and the different struggles they each face as a result. I cared so much about what happened to them both and wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Megan and Tom when the book ended. I was desperate for a few more chapters (even though the ending was a satisfying end to a fantastic book)! I absolutely loved being immersed in Megan and Tom’s world and am so excited to see what Annette Christie writes in the future!

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*Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.* Oh dear! What a wonderful read! I loved author's writing style.Even though this book contains one of my biggest pet peeves it was so much more. I loved it !Real people with real problems. I loved Meg and Tom and I loved their story. I would love to read an epilogue. 5 pull at your heart strings stars

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This is a brilliantly-written & outstanding rom-com that will leave you breathless. It is everything I've ever wanted in a rom-com. It was so fast-paced & eventful that I devoured it in two sittings. This book was an unpredictable whirlwind (I mean this in the best way) & absolutely hilarious. Each day-repetition brought revelation after revelation that was sprinkled with humorous yet meaningful anecdotes & happenings. I absolutely loved how life-like & realistically human the characters were. I found Megan to be extremely relatable in her relationship with her mother. In my life, I don't think I've ever had a relationship more toxic than the one I've had with my own mother. It is a love-hate relationship that veers towards hate more than love & it was so inspiring to see Megan wade through the muddy pieces of her borderline-traumatic childhood & find herself, a better version of the daughter her mother raised. Nothing was more refreshing than seeing Tom break out of the cage his family & his own cowardice have confined him in for decades. The characters were substantial & full of depth & complexity. I was completely invested in their individual inner conflicts & growth. Consequently, I was even more invested in their relationship. The romance was IMPECCABLE. It felt raw, authentic & full of angst. This book is filled with the cutest & most endearing memories of their 12-year relationship & as the book went along, I fell more & more in love with their love. Their love was everything but shallow; it was profound, deep & mature. Something that is rare in rom-coms. Christie's prose was beautiful & emotional. Her writing had me highlighting lines here & there, as there were so many frame-worthy quotes. The book was extremely easy to read & flowed so well. It was easy to connect with the writing & I fell into Megan & Tom's world right away. This book induced in me, a myriad of emotions, mini epiphanies & tugged at all my heartstrings. The ending had my heart swelling to twice its size. I have decided to champion this book as one of the best contemporary romance releases of this year & would highly recommend this everybody. Despite the story sounding a little weighty, it definitely is still considered a light read that is substantial & memorable. It brought me back to my days of my Sophie Kinsella binge-reads & this book was just as superb.

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