Once Upon a Crime

The hilarious, ridiculous first Detective Roger LeCarre 'thriller'

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Pub Date 19 Oct 2021 | Archive Date 19 Oct 2021

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'What's better than a good crime novel? I'll tell you - a spoof crime novel, by the absurdly funny and clever Fergus Craig'

'We all need more laughs like this'

Inspired by the smash hit Twitter videos, Once Upon a Crime is a hilarious, ridiculous, gripping comic crime novel to make every reader's life better.

Exeter: a city in decline, East Devon's capital of crime.

Detective Roger LeCarre: a man on a quest to rid the world of crime (starting with Devon and Cornwall and then working outwards) so he can concentrate on his watercolours.

LeCarre runs 10km a day but probably burns more calories shaking his head at what has become of his city. Now Exeter is set to become the UK Capital of Culture and the ambitious Lord Mayor wants to turn things around. But when a young man's (dead) body is found in the centre of town, things get murky.

Detective Roger LeCarre is a character never seen before in modern fiction - a tough but troubled detective with a drink problem and a marriage in trouble. Can he find out who killed the young man, save the city and change his energy provider before the new more expensive tariff kicks in?

Filled with drama, eroticism and very specific Wikipedia-sourced information on Devon, Once Upon A Crime is a thriller which demands to be read.

'What's better than a good crime novel? I'll tell you - a spoof crime novel, by the absurdly funny and clever Fergus Craig'

'We all need more laughs like this'

Inspired by the...

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Fergus Craig is a genius! Before I start my review of Once Upon a Crime, I would like to reiterate that this book is a spoof. The synopsis clearly states this, yet reviewers are leaving poor feedback based on the storyline, product placement and arrogance of our lead character, Roger. Please, if you are not familiar with the author or the background to this book, please check out Fergus Craig on Twitter or YouTube. I discovered Fergus Craig on Twitter a couple of years ago. His ‘Marcus’ Dad’ character, Martin Fishback, is hilarious and kept us entertained throughout lockdown last year. So…Martin Fishback is a strange man. I won’t go into detail, but recommend viewing the videos to understand his personality as this is the backbone to the story. He wrote the Roger Le Carre character with all the oddities - the very unsexy steamy scenes, the innapropriate product placement, the unnecessary detail about elements within the story and the tantalising specification of his Kia Ceed. Once Upon a Crime is brilliant. I can hear Fergus Craig (Martin Fishback) reading this in my head. So funny, so accurate to the Twitter character videos. I loved it. Roger Le Carre is a legend - a very dated, sexist, annoying, narrow minded, unfunny, unsexy, arrogant misogynist legend!! This is testament to the excellent writing by Fergus Craig. It must have been so challenging to write a book whilst in character. This book does not deserve the low rating received from other reviewers so far who have not familiarised themselves with the background of the book and character. Thank you NetGalley and publisher for my advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review 📚

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This is by far the funniest and most tongue in cheek book I have read in 2021. We’re in Exeter where our protagonist – and would-be crime fighting hero Detective Roger LeCarre – is determined to rid the city and its environs of the bad guys. As the city is to become the UK Capital of Culture, there’s a real need to turn the location from East Devon’s capital of crime into something positive and welcoming. But there’s a small matter of the body of a young man found in the centre of the town. Roger is quick to get involved, but he’s got other issues too. A drink problem, marital issues (as much on his side as his wife’s) and having to deal with the consequences of his often hot headed actions. Also, he has to solve the crime(s) AND find a new energy provider, a bit like a modern day socially responsible Cinderella. I laughed out louds at parts of this book and would urge anyone with a taste for funny crime fiction to dive in.

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