What Might Have Been

the stunning new novel from the bestselling author of The Sight of You

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Pub Date 3 Mar 2022 | Archive Date 3 Mar 2022

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Is Lucy's life 'meant to be' . . . or meant to be different?

Lucy's life is at a crossroads. She's just walked out of her unrewarding job and has no idea about her next step: use her savings to pursue her dream of becoming a writer, or move to London to try and revive her career? It almost seems like fate that on that same night she meets Caleb, a stranger in a bar, and runs into Max, the one-time love of her life.

Should Lucy stay in the seaside town she grew up in, and in doing so, get to know Caleb better? Or should she go to London and reconnect with Max again after he broke her heart a decade ago? It's just one decision - but sometimes one decision can change the course of your whole life . . .

WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN is a sweeping and unforgettable novel for anyone who has ever believed in destiny and soulmates - or paused to wonder what your life might look like if you'd made a different choice.

Praise for Holly Miller!

'Unique and breathtaking' - Jodi Picoult
'Clever, poignant and very special' - Woman & Home
'Extraordinary' - Beth O'Leary
'A heartrending, beautifully crafted emotional rollercoaster' Mike Gayle
'A gorgeous, unusual love story' Good Housekeeping


Is Lucy's life 'meant to be' . . . or meant to be different?

Lucy's life is at a crossroads. She's just walked out of her...

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Featured Reviews

This is such a wonderful. joyous story full of love, romance and drama and really strong characters. Loved every minute of it even when I was crying. Fabulous and such a different way of telling a story.

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I have read a LOT of books but I don’t think I’ve read one with such a clever idea of telling two different outcomes of the story, but which is still so clear to follow. It was so interesting seeing how Lucy, Tash. Caleb & Max’s life events played out in different and yet sometimes similar ways depending on whether Lucy had “stayed” or “gone”. It was genuinely so cleverly written and I was absolutely hooked by both storylines and the authentic and realistic characters. Would absolutely recommend!

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A chance meeting in the local pub after walking out of her job leads Lucy to striking up a conversation with Caleb, but the conversation is cut short when she sees her old University boyfriend Max.
The story follows two tales the one where she leaves home and rekindles her romance with Max and the other where she stays and romance starts between her and Caleb.
An engrossing and emotive story.

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This book took many unexpected twists which meant I was unable to put it down. It was heart wrenching, beautiful, funny and the characters were so engaging that I was sad the book ended. It’s not often a book like this surprises you but this one did in the most wonderful way. Thank you netgalley for access to this book. I will be recommending this to all of my friends.

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Absolutely loved What Might Have Been. Lucy is given a choice of whether to stay where she is and follow her dream of writing a book or move to London and get back with her ex love, Max. The book explores what happens whether she decides to stay or go. It is brilliantly written, hard to put down and I found myself loving both of her lives so much that I didn’t know which I wanted her to have done, although it seems ultimately that choice is made for her. Caleb & Max are both such good men which is refreshing to read and all of the characters, perhaps bar Simon, are very likeable. Highly recommend this book! Best I’ve read in a while. 10/10!

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What Might Have Been is one of my very favorite reads! I love stories that have a what if vibe to them and thus one was perfection. I was so curious to see what direction Lucy was going to go, Holly did such a good job building both sides of the coin so it really made it hard for readers to determine which path she was ultimately going to take. A must read! One of my absolute favorites for sure. I will definitely be reading and anticipating Hollys next book.

The Two Lives of Lydia Bird meets This Time Next Year in a sliding-doors style romance and coming-to-self story about fate, chance, and the choices we make.

What if “meant to be” happened twice?

Lucy is at a crossroads. The same night she quits her thankless job she meets Caleb, a local photographer in her seaside town, and has a run-in with Max—the once love of her life. As Lucy decides the right path forward—finally pursue her dream of becoming a writer, or move to London and revive her career—her choice will change her life in unimaginable ways.

Stay. After a decade of trying to run from her dream, Lucy is finally facing her fears and putting pen to page. With her budding romance with handsome, artistic Caleb, she has more inspiration now than ever. But can Lucy and Caleb open themselves up after their past heartbreaks? And will their different paths take them to the same place?

Go. Lucy can’t believe her luck when a room in her best friend’s London house share opens up and she lands a job at the prestigious Supernova. It gives her the courage to face Max, who’s serendipitous encounter still has her reeling, and ask what really happened almost a decade ago? But does she really want to know, when being together feels like fate?

In concurrent storylines that track what would have happened if Lucy chose to Stay or Go, What Might Have Been is a sweeping story that poses the questions: is it destiny or chance that decides who we are meant to be, and who we are meant to love? And is there such a thing as a soul mate?

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I really enjoyed this book & will recommend it to others. Thanks for the opportunity to read & review this book.

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After reading Holly's first book, when I saw her name on Netgalley I simply had to request this. I was thrilled when I got accepted and and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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I adored Holly’s first book, and this didn’t disappoint in the slightest!
The 2 timelines flowed perfectly and it was easy to follow. Holly is definitely one to watch!
I can’t wait to read more from her.

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I absolutely adored Holly Miller's first book 'The Sight of You' and so was delighted to get my hands on an ARC of 'What Might Have Been' thanks to Netgalley.

This story follows the life of Lucy who is destined to meet her soulmate one day after quitting her job. The question is which of the two guys she meets is the one? I love the exploration of the ideas of fate and destiny - whether what's meant to be will always find a way to be or whether the choices we make really do affect the paths of our lives. Even if you're not a believer in the concept of soulmates you'll still be drawn in by the two different roads Lucy's life takes based on the decision she makes on that one particular day. Like her first book, Miller's writing is very emotive and her characters have great depth so have your tissues at hand.

I particularly enjoyed mentions of events and meetings that happened in both timelines and that those characters still ended up happy.

What's meant for you won't pass you by - I'm so glad this book hasn't passed me by and I hope it doesn't pass you by either.

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I didn’t realise I had read the author’s debut, The Sight of You, which was a sweet albeit predictable read. This one is just as cloyingly sweet, but surprisingly I enjoyed it tremendously. I preferred this one more as it was surprising and had some twists. This was the perfect escapist read.
Basically Lucy, our protagonist, reads her horoscope: she’s going to meet her soulmate tonight. And low and behold in one night she flirts with a handsome stranger and bumps into her ex. Who will she choose? In Sliding Door style we follow both narratives.
I like the way the two narratives aligned, touching on the same incidents that occur in both narratives, regardless of Lucy’s choice, but the circumstances are different. I enjoyed reading the different versions of how things could unfold. A tender exploration of our choices, and the many alternatives of our lives, this is a stunning read.

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This is a fantastic book and the first I have read by the author. It draws you into the two parallel worlds and you wonder what will happen. It is nice to find a story with so many great characters that you really care about. I did wonder how it was going to end but even this was well thought out.
A highly recommended book.

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I finished What Might Have Been with tears in my eyes and a big old lump in my throat. It's so moving, so clever and so romantic. Wonderful stuff.

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I’d like to thank NetGalley and Hodder and Stoughton for approving me for an ARC of this brilliant book. I recently read Holly’s debut The Sight Of You and was desperate to get my mitts on this one. Luckily so were a few of my book club friends so we ended up doing a buddy read. After enjoying Holly’s previous book so much we had high expectations.

I love Holly Miller’s ability to take the question we ask ourselves most and explore in in such a beautiful way. Lets be honest there are plenty of moments when we’ve all wondered what could of been had we done things differently and that is very much the case for our main character Lucy.

I loved Lucy and personally think Holly made an excellent name choice for the lead character 😉 . Aside from loving the name I felt I connected with Lucy a lot. She had such a lovely personality and the way she idolised her parent’s marriage was very reminiscent of how I felt about my grandparents marriage.

The ‘sliding doors’ layout of the story was brilliant and I loved how each part left me wanting to know what happened next. There were aspects of each story that I liked and I really struggled to decide which one I preferred. If I had to choose I would say I preferred the story when she left, purely for the emotional value. I was also torn between Max and Caleb, both really lovely people, even if Max was questionable at times. Once again if I had to choose then I would say Caleb won my heart that little bit more.

As with Holly’s debut this one also packs an emotional punch so be sure to get the tissues ready! By the end I was sobbing and was utterly distraught. I did cry some happy tears too though. Holly Miller has a way of drawing you in, connecting you with her beloved characters and pulling the rug out from underneath you with her powerful revelations. She is the master of heart break and I am truly excited to read anything else she writes in the future.

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What Might Have Been has a unique concept, and it's something that immediately caught my attention. The story follows Lucy, who is at a crossroads in life and has to decide her future. The story begins with Lucy quitting her job at an advertising agency where she worked as a planner. She lives in Shoreley, where she grew, and her family is there too. She is drowning her sorrows at the bar when she meets an interesting guy, and they seem to click. A few minutes later, she sees her ex-boyfriend Max from the bar window walking down the street.
One scenario, the go one, is where Lucy decides to go to London and work as a writer at an agency and rekindle her romance with Max. The other timeline is the one, where she stays in Shoreley. She focuses on writing a novel and starts a relationship with Caleb, the guy she met at the bar for a few minutes that day. Both the go and stay timelines run parallel to each other. The way the story is written; keeps some things the same yet different in both timelines had me glued to the book. It is really difficult to pick which timeline is better. The characters and their journeys are portrayed beautifully. Lucy is such a great central character. She is someone who has always believed in destiny, partly because of her parents' fairytale romance. Her reactions to situations in both timelines are so grounded; it isn’t dramatic.
It is beautifully written with great characters; the story keeps you invested from the first chapter itself, and I couldn’t wait to find out what happens next. It is relatable, emotional, and hopeful. I loved it.

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Thank you to Netgalley, Holly Miller and the publisher for a copy of this book in return for an honest review.

What a cleverly written novel. Split between different characters, you see 'what might have been' should something else have happened. It's a sliding doors type romance where Lucy is at a crossroads between her university boyfriend or staying where she is after a chance encounter with Caleb in a pub,

I loved the way this novel was set out and, even though it flits between sections, Holly wrote it in such a way that it was easy to stay engaged.

I would definitely recommend this novel to friends or family.

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I loved the what if premise - whether the choices we make can define our life’s path or if it’s fate.
The characters in What Might Have Been are wonderfully engaging and the short chapters made it a fast, easy read.
I laughed and cried along with Lucy, wondering what happens in each of the lives chosen allowed us to join her at the point of the crossroads in her life. Heartwarming and heartbreaking in equal measures this is another emotional one from Holly Miller.

Was this review helpful?

Another fantastic read from Holly Miller.

I read this with a lovely group of friends having all read The Sight of You together so we all had really high hopes for this one.

Lucy faces a big decision, having walked out on her job - does she move to London & work on her career or stay at home & chase her dream of becoming a writer. What follows is a Sliding Doors-esque tale of what happens after she makes her choice. I liked one storyline a little bit more than the other but both were brilliantly written, I really loved that information revealed in one was pertinent to the other, letting the reader in on secrets that Lucy from that timeline didn't know.

I also love that this doesn't come with a traditional HEA, you'll have to read it to see what I mean.

My only criticism would be that I didn't cry the sobbing great big tears of The Sight of You, but I did have a few tears so tissues are recommended.

Was this review helpful?

I read this for a group buddy read after we all loved reading ‘The Sight Of You’ together, by the same author.​

This one certainly lived up to those high expectations.​

It was so wonderfully woven with two timelines which crossed over so cleverly.

It was highly emotional, especially towards the end but it left me thinking about life and how the choices ​we make have such a profound impact.

A beautiful story (or technically two stories), with an ending which, upon reflection, I actually really loved.

Was this review helpful?

I received a copy of this from Netgalley, and the publisher Hodder and Staughton in return for an honest review.

Ever wondered what your life would be like if one moment had went differently? I loved this book! I laughed, I felt sad, and I cried like an absolute baby. I loved the way the book was set out, each chapter with a ‘go’ part, and a ‘stay’ part. I kept changing my mind all the way through whether I wanted the book to end on ‘go’ or ‘stay’, and both lives had amazing things happen. Lucy is lush and deserves so much happiness. Max is amazing… but so is Caleb… see my problem lol? There were a few great characters in the story, and I really liked the story behind Lucy’s mam and dad, a proper love story.

If you like romantic tear jerkers this is definitely one for you. Thanks again to Netgalley and the publisher Hodder and Staughton for my e-arc.

Was this review helpful?

I absolutely loved this one!! I can assure you I would have picked this one up if I'd seen it in a bookstore, because it is very intriguing! Lucy has two choices and both choices have it's own adventures, possibilities and consequences. I love how the author has written the book! This is the first time I'm reading a book that explores both possibilities in the main character's life.

Lucy has grown up seeing her parents who have forever been in love. I love how Lucy grows to be a confident woman who believes in herself and how she becomes more stronger over the course of the book.

Sometimes I found it a little confusing because the book is elaborate and I forgot what happens where, but in the end I loved how it all turned out. It was a bittersweet yet beautiful ending.

Recommended to everyone who wants to try something new and awesome and are in for a sweet romantic story. 5/5 read for me!!

Was this review helpful?

This is such a well written story, all about how 1 decision can completely alter your life. Our heroine has to choose between 2 men; 1 new and one old, and which she chooses sends her down different paths. It was nice to be able to see both stories side by side so you could follow the time line, and it was also interesting to see how her initial decision about which man, also had a butterfly affect on decisions in her family's lives. This was a heartbreaking story but so well told that you just didn't want it to end

Was this review helpful?

This is a book that will stay with me for a long time. It’s such a great read and so though provoking.

Was this review helpful?

WHAT IF.......
What if, when Lucy walks away from her job she moves to London?
What if, when Lucy walks away from her job she stays, gets a part time job and starts to write a novel?
Will she be happy? Will she meet the one?
Real life is full of decisions and roads not taken. This novel takes both roads and allows Lucy to find out what if.
Sometimes with novels like this it is difficult to remember which character is on which path in which timeline. 'What Might Have Been' was very easy to follow and emotionally uplifting.
Certainly a book for discussion.

Was this review helpful?

That was unexpected. Of course, I have read the description on the cover before started but still... that was something far more different from what I expected here.

At first, I did not feel it at all, but then, page by page, I was so focused on it and lost in the story, that I finished it without even realizing that I spend the last few hours doing nothing but reading.

I like to idea. Two ways of telling the stories. One decision and then life after that. There is a proof that life is never just black and white and every step, even the smallest one, matters. I needed that very, very much.

This book makes me thing about me, my life, how does it look and what I would like to have from it. What I can change, what matters to me most. So it is not only a nice (ok, GREAT!) story to spend some time with but also kinda lesson to stop and take a deep breath.

I'm looking forward to read next book of the author ;)

Was this review helpful?

Stay in Shorely and see what happens with Caleb or move to London and try again with Max? Who is the soulmate her horoscope said she is about to meet? That's the question facing 20-something Lucy who has been living in her sister's house and nursing the aftereffects of both a broken love affair with Max and something bad that happened while she was traveling in Australia. So why not look at it both ways? Weaving back and forth between Stay chapters with Caleb where Lucy starts a novel and works in a gift shop and GO where she moves to London to flatshare with her friend Jools, work at the ad agency Supernova, and love Max. But Max has a secret which impacts a lot of lives. I liked that Miller has included Lucy's friends and family in the stay/go continuum- her parents, her sister, Jools- and that their lives changed depending on her choices. Everyone's paths cross more than once and the two options are both similar and different enough that the reader will be kept guessing. Lucy occasionally annoyed me (she gets a bit dramatic in spots) but on balance, she's an engaging character you'll root for. Thanks to netgalley for the ARC. It's a good read.

Was this review helpful?

I absolutely loved What Might Have Been by Holly Miller. It was such a beautiful and sweeping romance. It was full of warmth and heart, but also devastating heartbreak. This is a romance that will make you smile wide but also shed a fair few tears.

What Might Have Been is a fantastic sliding doors romance. Our protagonist Lucy finds herself at a crossroads. She’s just quit her job and has no idea what to do next. Does she try to write the novel she’s always wanted to write or move to London to re-start her career? On the same day she quits, she meets Caleb, a handsome stranger in a bar, but also runs into Max, the one time love of her life. What follows
are the two paths that Lucy’s life could have taken, whether she chose Caleb and staying home or moving to London and Max.

I loved the way that Miller told Lucy’s story. After meeting Celeb and seeing Max, each chapter that follows focuses on either stay or go. The alternating chapters follow the same timeline throughout the novel. For the most part Lucy’s choice takes her down very different paths, yet there are inevitable crossovers between them. Never once do you feel as though you are reading the same story, however, instead these crossovers show just how differently things can turn out, raising those what if questions. These ripple effects changes also have an impact beyond Lucy, onto her family and friends as well. It made for such a great read and was so cleverly done.

I really liked Lucy as the main character, I was rooting for her throughout. There were issues from her past that Lucy had to work through throughout her stories, and I enjoyed reading about the different ways she did so. I also loved her friend Jools, she was so supportive and such a great friend throughout. As for Lucy’s love interests, I enjoyed reading about both of them, though I preferred Caleb for her over Max. That said the chemistry was very believable in each case, and you could really feel how much Lucy deeply cared for each of them.

There is a twist towards the end of the book. I would never wish to give anything away, but all I’ll say is be prepared with tissues.

This was such a brilliant and unique love story. It’s amazing to think about how much your life could change following one moment, one choice, whether to stay or go. This is a story of choices, love, soulmates, joy and heartbreak. It was brilliant.

Was this review helpful?

Wow this book is really special, I am new to Holly Miller and I loved this so much.
It is set in 2 different timelines based on the life of Lucy. In the beginning, Lucy has walked out on her job and is at a crossroads in her life. Should she move to London, take a job with another agency, with the chance that she maybe able to rekindle her old romance with Max or should she stay in her hometown and write the novel she has always wanted to. This story gives us both options, whether she stays or goes.
I loved this style of writing, so different to what I have recently read and so interesting to see how Lucy's life evolves over the two timelines. The stories were similar in parts with similar events and interesting to see the outcomes in both stories. It makes you think about destiny and if your life really is mapped out. Is it a case that your life may follow a different path through different choices you make but in the end you end up where you belong, it may just take you longer to get there.
Its a roller coaster of a book, be prepared with tissues, its made me laugh and cry and I was not expecting the ending at all. Again, all I can say is what a story

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The book starts with Lucy having quit her job. That night she’s in the local pub and meets a handsome stranger, Caleb, and whilst talking to him spots her ex, the ‘one that got away’ a decade earlier, outside and runs out to see him. Then follows two scenarios – in a ‘sliding doors’ esque style – one where she goes to London to a fancy new job and the prospect of hooking back up with Max, and the other where she stays in her seaside hometown of Shorely to try her hand at writing a novel and getting to know Caleb better.

So far so romantic comedy style book. But it is so much more than that.

As with ‘The Sight of You’ Holly Miller’s writing is exquisite and, despite the modern setting, feels like ‘proper’ literature again.

The storylines run concurrently – shifting between ‘Stay’ and ‘Go’ each chapter. I really enjoyed both storylines – and couldn’t pick a favourite. Neither are plain sailing – but both have a fabulous story arc. There are some very clever crossovers where either the same event happens in both storylines – or very different things happen depending on character’s decisions. It was done flawlessly and shows how clever the author – and editor – have been it making it seamless. (I appreciate I am a geek for admiring such things – but it’s a badge I’m very prepared to wear!)

It also wasn’t predictable at all – and Max and Caleb made very different, but both lovely, leading men.

I also LOVED the final chapter – it left you wondering about soulmates and fate and destiny and what ifs – perfect!

This is not a ‘difficult second album’ book – it’s fabulous again. Holly Miller is definitely going to be a ‘go to’ author for me in the future.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my ARC – and the book’s out in March 2022, so not too long to wait.

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I loved The Sight Of You by Holly already, one of my favourite books ever, and now she's done it again. The parallel timeline in What Might Have Been is beautiful, it's characters unique and lovable. Holly has the power to make me cry with words on paper, as if I'm in the room with the characters.
Don't we all ever try to imagine what might have been? In a parallel universe, where love and hurt are close together? That whatever you do, whatever choice you make, not everything can all ever be perfect? This book is such a beautiful reflexion on life, I can highly recommend it!

Was this review helpful?

Two words best describe this book. PURE BLISS. I loved everything about What Might Have Been from the premise, to the execution of the plot and the characters whose lives I became so utterly engrossed in. This is the crème de la crème of romantic fiction, a page turning delight from start to finish and one that I could happily read again and again and again. Why does this novel stand out from all the other romantic titles out there? I’ll
tell you my thoughts and in doing so hopefully convince you that Holly Miller’s latest novel is a must read in the run up to Valentines Day.

Let me begin by giving you a brief synopsis. Living in the coastal setting of Shoreley with sister Tash and her family, single, wannabe novelist Lucy quits her advertising agency job, a decision that’s long overdue. Decamping to her local pub The Smugglers she meets Caleb, a photographer. It’s while she’s chatting to this handsome stranger that she spies ex boyfriend and love of her life Max Gardner passing by. Serendipitous or what? Ten years have elapsed since their abrupt parting which left Lucy devastated and heartbroken. She truly believed he was The One. Reading her daily horoscope which suggests today is the day she’ll meet her soulmate, Lucy cannot miss the opportunity to say hello, rudely abandoning her conversation with Caleb mid flow. This is Lucy’s fork in the road moment, a life changing decision hanging in the balance. Should she turn left or right? Take a chance on Caleb or pick up where she left off with Max? Should she GO or should she STAY? What would you do?

First things first. I’ll admit the premise is far from original. Sliding door moments, right guy/wrong time scenarios, the search for your soulmate, the concept of fate and destiny have all been explored a million times over. In that respect Lucy’s story is no different from that of any other fictional female character you’ve ever come across. We’ve all been at crossroads in our lives, left to wonder later on “what might have been” which is why the storyline will have immediate, widespread appeal. One of the biggest selling points of this novel is its simplistic but oh so engaging format with Holly Miller having chosen to write two versions of Lucy’s love story under the headings I’ve already referred to; GO and STAY. This style suits the themes of the novel superbly with the added benefit that the reader is treated to two stories for the price of one! It doesn’t matter what you believe in when it comes to life,love and romance. It could be you put your faith in love at first sight, the existence of soulmates or that you’re convinced your fate is written in the stars. Even if you take a more measured, pragmatic approach to love and life, Holly Miller has it all covered!

Both versions are equally compelling and wildly romantic. Details of Lucy’s backstory are slowly drip fed to the reader so that your curiosity to understand the moments that have shaped her into the woman she is today is aroused. Holly Miller’s writing gives you that butterflies in the stomach feeling every incurable romantic yearns for but you can’t dodge a reality check or two from time to time. I think it’s important Lucy’s life mirrors reality with all its share of downs as well as ups otherwise we wouldn’t be able to relate to her so well but let’s face it the narrative is what dreams (and movies) are made of. I loved the fact that neither version is right or wrong and that the hiccups she experiences along the way definitely test her firmly held theories about love, romance and happy ever afters. That’s a good thing! These scenarios are necessary in order for the author to capture all the messiness and unpredictability of life and love in general. I constantly asked myself what would I do in Lucy’s shoes but I failed to answer my own question! GO or STAY, STAY or GO? In a novel where it’s all about the choices we make, not just in relation to love but to the careers and dreams we pursue also, I was so indecisive!

There are so many appealing aspects to this novel but I particularly loved the clever way certain details from one version overlap with the other right through to the very end. In addition the author tweaks and twists these finer points so that many of the supporting cast also end up with lives that take alternative paths, not just our Lucy! Each version flows so well, segueing seamlessly from one to the other and back again so that I found myself completely lost in all the drama, oblivious to everything else around me. Time stood still. All I cared about was Lucy and Caleb and Lucy and Max. I couldn’t have picked a favourite version if I tried.

What is so refreshing about these two love stories is that there’s no good or bad guy, not really. Neither are in direct competition with each other since we can never know which direction Lucy ultimately takes and that’s the beauty of this novel. Caleb and Max are polar opposites but they are both fantastic romantic heroes. I’d be happy to settle for either of them quite frankly! Thinking about characterisation I reckon the reader verdict will be unanimous when it comes to our lovestruck heroine. Everyone will love Lucy!! In truth there isn’t really a bad character amongst the whole cast except for one. I liked them all. Their individual stories compliment Lucy’s perfectly, each person as flawed and human as the next one. They all have the ability to make you smile, laugh, swoon, hope and leave you pondering your own life choices. Do you need tissues at the ready? Maybe!

Clever, beautifully constructed, joyous, uplifting, and yes at times, heartbreaking this could be my romantic read of the year but we have a long way to go yet. Holly Miller has set the bar incredibly high. This is a novel I can and will happily recommend.

My thanks as always to the publisher and Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read in exchange for an honest review.

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After loving Hollys first book ‘The Sight of You’, I was absolutely delighted to be approved for this one.

Here we meet Lucy who is destined to meet her soulmate. The big question is who is her true soulmate abs ‘The One’.

We are told the story in dual timelines and see what would have happened if Lucy had chosen each of the men. I really enjoyed this take of the story and it was still very easy to follow.

A lovely, moving story and one I’d definitely recommend.

Was this review helpful?

Wow. This book was BRILLIANT! This was entirely my cup of tea. What Might Have Been gives the reader two stories in a sliding doors type of novel. Lucy finds herself in a café chatting to a handsome stranger named Caleb at a bar when she sees her ex Max through the window. Lucy read her horoscope and she knows she’s going to meet her soulmate that day. Is it Max or Caleb though?

After the brief encounter with both men there’s one timeline where she stays in Shoreley, finds a different job locally and sees Caleb again. In the other she goes to London and hopes to get the job she really wants at a big advertising agency. She also meets Max again, the guy she thought was her soul mate in the past already.

Both relationships were interesting to follow and there are some struggles to overcome in each of them. Caleb’s ex makes Lucy feel insecure and Max has never told her the entire truth why he broke things off with her and when he does it won’t make her feel very happy for a while.

Even though it maybe wasn’t the intention to create a personal preference for one man over the other, I did like Caleb most at the start. Maybe it was because he came with a clean slate and hadn’t broken her heart already, maybe because he was the most adventurous, or maybe because with him she didn’t go for the big money and professional acclaim but found her love for writing for herself again. In the end though I knew Max loved her very much too and I felt such turmoil that I wondered if it would be possible to have two happy endings and that you can meet two soul mates in your life. Which person would make her happiest? Or would they both be able to make her happy in different ways so that it didn’t really matter? I couldn’t stop turning those pages…

Lucy believes in signs and soulmates and she read that she was going to meet her soulmate that day when she was sitting at the bar alone. I don’t want to spoil anything but it’s true, she does meet her soul mate that day. My heart was sad and happy at the same time! I was very happy with the way both plotlines in this story ended and it’s certainly a novel I’d love to reread one day.

If you enjoyed Holly Miller’s previous novel, you’ll certainly enjoy What Might Have Been Too. I love stories with moral dilemma’s, forbidden love etc. and she was able to create this divine and almost impossible choice in this novel too that gives heartbreak and joy in equal measures.

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I loved this book, I was hooked by the story straight away. I’m a fan of sliding doors type scenarios and I was delighted to receive an ARC via Netgalley.

We follow Lucy as she comes to a point in her life where she is unsure whether to follow Max and move to London or stay in her hometown of Shorley.

The 2 paths we follow lead to very different outcomes. I adored Lucy, she seemed like such a lovely person.

I’m not sure which scenario I preferred as I liked both Max and Caleb.

Now I am going to read the sight of you after hearing so many great things about it.

Thank you to Netgalley and Hodder & Staughton for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.

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As with most reviews I write, I will not describe the plot here as I believe that the blurb writers do a better job of it without giving anything away. Just to say that this book is written about one girl, Lucy, and a point at which her life is at a crossroads and she has to make a decision in a moment about what she does next. What follows is a story split into two parts depicting each choice. This is important for you to know before you start reading and you need to keep your wits about you as you read but it does become easy to know which part you are reading.
It's such a good idea and really well written. Overall it is a beautiful love story (or two really!) and the way Holly Miller brings it to an end, is dealt with so well which made me sigh in contentment of a wonderful conclusion.
Read it if you like love stories!

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This is a delightful book with two different outcomes very cleverly written.
Loved how it followed Lucy as she decides whether to choose Max who broke her heart when in university, or choose Caleb who she meets in a pub. The story flowed brilliantly between the two scenes with unexpected twists along the way.
Can't wait for the next book by Holly Miller a clever writer.

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Lovely story with humour and emotion in equal measure.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for letting me access an advance copy of this book in exchange for my feedback.

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