Rescuing Titanic

A true story of quiet bravery in the North Atlantic

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Pub Date 7 Sep 2021 | Archive Date 14 Sep 2021

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This exquisitely illustrated story of quiet bravery tells in rich detail how the little ship Carpathia saved 705 passengers of the Titanic from the icy waters of the North Atlantic.

With the approaching 110-year anniversary of the ship’s sinking, Rescuing Titanic shares a unique connection with the story of the ship; having been written and illustrated by debut Northern Irish artist, Flora Delargy, whose grandfather and great grandfather both worked in the Belfast Shipyards where the Titanic was built. 

In the middle of the night, the Carpathia received a distress call from the sinking Titanic. The intrepid little ship heroically changed course and headed straight into the frozen sea to help save as many people as it could. Follow the Carpathia as it risks everything to navigate remote, treacherous ice fields in the dark and come to the rescue of passengers on the world-famous ocean liner.

Along the journey, you will learn all about Morse code, navigation tools, the different roles of the crew, how the ships found each other, and by-the-minute details of exactly what happened on this cold and fateful night.

The illustrations set the scene and take the reader into the frozen eerie night in the North Atlantic. Beautiful full-bleed illustration and vignettes give great detail about how everyone on the ship made their own contribution and showed true bravery.

Rescuing Titanic shows that a glimmer of hope can be found even in great tragedy and that heroes are not always big and mighty, but can also be small and unassuming.

This is the debut book in the Hidden Histories series, which explores with beautiful illustrations and vivid details the untold parts of stories we thought we knew.
This exquisitely illustrated story of quiet bravery tells in rich detail how the little ship Carpathia saved 705 passengers of the Titanic from the icy waters of the North Atlantic.

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So much is known about the sinking of the Titanic, but little space is ever given to the other ships involved that night – Rescuing Titanic is a beautifully illustrated book that summarises the role Carpathia played in the rescue of the Titanic survivors. We can feel the jolt of the Captain upon receiving the news “are you absolutely sure?” and the bravery of the crew who also travelled through iceberg strewn waters at night to get to the sinking Titanic as quickly as possible. From the engine crew who were pushing the engines to their limit to the stewards & medical crew who were setting up the dining rooms to act as makeshift hospital wards to the young communications officer who worked for two and a half days without sleep to maintain communication with the White Star line and transmit the names of the survivors. It is wonderful to see the crew named, and their roles described in detail.
The crew, and passengers, of the Carpathia deserve to be remembered for their part in the tragedy – they were 1/3 of the way into their voyage across the Atlantic when they went to the aid of Titanic & then took the survivors back to America (a 3 day journey) before they could continue their voyage across the Atlantic again.
The little inclusions of Morse Code and details on how they would have navigated in 1912 add to the charm & appeal and the simple language combined with the illustrations mean that this is ideal for children. It would be a great addition to any bookshelf but I can see it being particularly popular in school libraries/classrooms.

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This non-fiction book is gorgeous, every single image and full page spread (of which there are many) are coloured in such intricate detail. On my phone, the only thing I had an issue with was occasionally with the black text against darker skies - however that could easily be something that in print isn't an issue. It didn't affect my enjoyment, understanding or the care obviously given to this collation of details from that week, almost 110 years ago.

As much as this is a story about the Titanic, it is wonderful to finally see the Carpathia and her crew getting the recognition that they deserve for the lives that they managed to save. Every time I've read or watched something else, Carpathia is always just a blip at the end of the story, noone ever seems to give them credit for turning away from their original route, for exceeding their speed limits, working all night, navigating the ice fields or for spending hours in the cold rescuing anyone that they could.

This is a gorgeous book, that concisely explains the differences in the two ships, those on board, how they navigated 100 years ago, and what they had to do to carry out the rescue - Seeing morse code was also a beautiful addition. I haven't seen that properly since I was in the Brownies - around the same time as the movie came out.

Fully recommend this to any one who loves nautical history.

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Finally the Carpathia gets the heroic tribute that it deserves! With the horror of the Titanic we often forget the ship that put itself at risk to come to the rescue. This children's book provided a different perspective of the tragedy and shined a light on the heroic efforts of the RMS Carpathia. While this is about a disaster, the tone is not too adult for children. The illustrations were excellent and did a great job capturing the frantic energy on the Carpathia as they raced to the rescue. The captions were good, not too complicated but also not too simplistic that an adult reading this would roll their eyes at. Perhaps it was just my adult eyes but the captions were a bit too small. The black text was also especially difficult to read on the pages that featured a dark background. Rescuing the Titanic is a great children’s book that adults will be happy to read to their children.

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This book is a beautiful, refreshing take on the history of the Titanic as viewed from the Carpathia, its crew, and its passengers. I learned so much about a topic I thought I already knew a lot about! The pictures bring the story to life; they are beautiful, detailed, and informative. I would recommend this book to any young reader who is interested in maritime history or the Titanic itself.

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I received an advance copy of, Rescuing Titanic, by Flora Delargy. This is a great book for kids to learn about the Titanic. The illustrations were great and the story was very educational.

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This graphic novel provides a quick yet beautiful and informative insight to how the Carpathia saved 705 passengers from the sinking Titanic ship, and from a certain tragic death in the icy waters of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Each page was stunningly illustrated with full-page artwork that fully brought this infamous and tragic maritime event to vivid life. The text that accompanied each sketch managed to be brief and yet also provided all of the necessary details.

I have read a handful of non-fiction books and watched a number of documentaries relating to this event, and yet have never seen a graphic guide to it before. The format, along with the purely fact-based accompanying text, makes learning about this historical event accessible to many.

I also thought the focus on the Carpathia, rather than solely on the Titanic, provided some information that many other sources do not also feature. I appreciated how its lens remained there and also revealed far more than just the tragic facts. Its initial focus was on a variety of related knowledge, such as the morse code used to communicate, an overview of the crew on-board the Carpathia, and how they navigated the vessel. I enjoyed learning about these areas before the harrowing tale of the Titanic sinking and the bravery shown by the Captain, Arthur Rostron, and the crew of the Carpathia was revealed.

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This beautifully illustrated non-fiction book gives a different angel on the rescuing of Titanic by including the perspective of The Carpathia and her crew and passengers.
Including details of Titanics story but also informing us about The Carpathia and her journey and story on the lead up and following on from the fateful events of that night.
The illustrations are so beautiful, it was interesting to read about the crew of The Carpathia and others, like 18 year old Bernice Palmer, a Passenger on The Carpathia who documented the nights events with her brownie box camera.
It was wonderful to hear how hard The Carpathia Captain and crew worked and what heroes they were and the medals they were awarded and so richly deserved.
My son's of 8 and 11 yrs old found this book so informative and as an adult I did too, this book would appeal to a wide audience.

Thank you to Netgalley and Flora Delargy for an ARC copy of this book

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Wonderfully illustrated, and full of facts I had never known, this is a great book for all ages!

My daughter and I both found this story so interesting and even though it’s told from a different point of view it’s still so heartbreaking to think about the fate of those in the titanic.

Thank you Netgalley and Quarto Publishing Group for the digital ARC!

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"I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own."
Real well put together and age appropriate. I liked the way the information was organized and presented. It was factual and still entertaining/engaging.

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Gorgeous illustrations re-telling the dramatic events of the sinking of the Titanic. Accesible for a wide range of children to include facts and the people involved come to life.

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nonfiction, illustrated, shipping, Morse-code, stewardesses, danger, bravery, crew*****

Impressive! And riveting! And moving! Why have we been celebrating the wealthy victims instead of the smaller, braver Carpathia? This book celebrates the heroes of that day while giving modern readers the opportunity to understand what overseas travel/technology was like in 1912. The artwork is wonderfully clear and impressive and the text explains the relevance of what is depicted in a way that gives painless insight into a time some cannot comprehend.
The language of the text is suitable for reading by people of most ages and yet not too difficult for ESL.
Should this be denoted as the *flagship* of the new Hidden Histories series? (Teeheehee)
I requested and received a free temporary ebook from Quarto Publishing Group – Wide Eyed Editions/ Wide Eyed Editions via NetGalley. Thank you!

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A little secret about me: I was obsessed with the Titanic as a child. It was my gateway drug into a wider history addiction and I am HERE for more books to lure a new generation of children down the same path.

I feel like most people know at least the basics of the Titanic story, but fewer people know about the role of the RMS Carpathia, which sped across the Atlantic, through the ice field, to pick up the survivors.

Rescuing Titanic tells that story, with a perfect combination of beautiful art and text that is detailed without being being overwhelming (because if you've ever gone looking for information about the Titanic you will know how easy it is to become swamped with information). The use of maps and cross-sections keeps the information interesting, and there is even some puzzle-solving to be done translating Morse code messages. While the story of the sinking has been simplified, the language is quite sophisticated and will be appreciated by stronger readers.

The sinking is obviously a tragedy and some reference to the loss of life is unavoidable, but most of the attention and focus is given to the selfless and heroic efforts of the crew and passengers of the Carpathia. This is a quality retelling of a lesser-known aspect of the Titanic story that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike

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I loved Rescuing Titanic! Rescuing Titanic tells the story of Carpathia’s role in Titanic’s story. I love anything that has to do with the Titanic and when I came across Rescuing Titanic, I couldn’t wait to read it! I liked how it focused on what Carpathia did for Titanic, because a lot of times that gets glossed over in the Titanic story. In the book, it went in depth on how Carpathia raced out of their way to get to Titanic and how they prepared for the survivors. I think other Titanic buffs-young and old-will love this book. I highly recommend this book! Thank you to NetGalley and the Publisher for the opportunity to read this book! (This review is also on GoodReads.)

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I read this ARC via NetGalley, with my 11 year old. This is our review.

This book tells the story of the Titanic tragic fate, from the Carpathia's point of view, which is very original.
The text is engaging, beautifully laid-out around its many illustrations and managed to keep us in suspense despite knowing what would eventually happen!
The illustrations are stunning; many of which would do wonderful on a poster.

A beautiful debut for a writer/artist. We will definitely follow her work.

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This is a really nice short graphic novel telling a lot about the rescue of the Titanic, by the ship Carpathia. It's beautifully, meaningfully illustrated.....the colors seem to illuminate a night time event... The drawings are easy to understand....really a nice book. It's geared toward younger people, but adults will enjoy this too. A lot is explained in an easy manner.....navigation, morse code, crew members & responsibilities. I'd recommend it to anyone, young or older! It's a good quick read!
I received a complimentary e-copy of this book for review purposes from the Quarto Publishing Group-Wide Eyed Editions via NetGalley. The opinions are my own.

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Books on the Titanic are always in demand, so it's exciting when a new one comes along.

This book is a large format, highly illustrated, and it's not just about the Titanic. As the title suggests it's about the attempted rescue of the Titanic, by the ship the Carpathian.

For the visual reader this book is amazing. I love that at the very start of the book there's an illustration showing the key crew and passengers aboard the Carpathian, they were real people and this simple image reminds readers if that. There's information about the ship, the crew, a map of the route, how they navigate, and a great cross section of the ship showing what life is like aboard the Carpathian. The illustrations are the main feature of this book, and the minimal text gives us the details.

There's a very subtle element to the illustrations starting when Night Falls on the Carpathian...and that's a clock. From 11pm there's a clock that appears on each page. This clock shows the time from when the Titanic hits the iceberg 11.40pm to the time it sunk completely at 2.20am. This gives a great perspective to how quickly everything happened on this night.

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Great illustrations and layout. Full of information and history. A wonderful addition to any library.

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This was so interesting yet simple to read. The art is gorgeous and tells the story alongside the small amounts of text. The story of the titanic is legendary yet I didn’t know about the Carpathia’s role in the story until now.

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This cover is so eye catching. The illustrations are perfect. This book tells you all about the Carpathia, the little ship whose brave journey saved 706 lives from the Titanic disaster. I love how this book is easy to read and full of such fantastic information. Thank you for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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I thought this was an interesting take on the well told titanic story. The illustrations were beautiful and the book was full of information. I thought it was like a hybrid between a picture book and a graphic novel. I'll be getting this one for my library.

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