Lore of the Wild: Folklore and Wisdom from Nature

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Pub Date 21 Sep 2021 | Archive Date 16 Sep 2021

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See nature in a whole new light with this enchantingly illustrated treasury of natural folklore and wild wisdom from around the world.

Did you know that people used to believe that rabbits’ ears would twitch in the direction of a thunderstorm? That lily of the valley flowers were formed from fairies’ drinking cups? And that taking dandelions into the house would make you wet the bed? Traditional nature folklore can help us understand how our ancestors interacted with the world around them and allows us to view nature from a new perspective.

Brought to life with bright, folk art–inspired illustrations, discover the lore of:

An array of different animals, birds, and insects

All types of flowers, plants, and trees

The weather, sun, moon, and stars

Good and bad omens, and lucky charms

Lore of the Wild inspires appreciation of different cultures, as well as an engagement with the beauty of the natural environment.

See nature in a whole new light with this enchantingly illustrated treasury of natural folklore and wild wisdom from around the world.

Did you know that people used to believe that rabbits’ ears...

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Featured Reviews

This book is absolutely beautiful!! I don't think I have seen a book so gorgeous in a long time!
The book is full of the most joyous illustrations. The illustrations are the main point of focus of the book, but you cannot forget about the fantastic information accompanying the drawings. I have learnt so much from reading this book.

I thought this was a book for children, but this book would be perfect for anyone interested in this topic - no matter the age.
I adored this book!!!

I was lucky enough to read an early proof electronic copy - but I have already preordered the hard copy and I cannot wait to read again with the actual book in my hands!

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This is a book that I would have absolutely adored as a child. It looks stunning, every page is illustrated, the stories and folkloristic tidbits are diverse in origin, and it was a good call to include a glossary and index.
After reading a few pages, the font started to irritate me a little bit - I think it would have improved readability if the font was a bit 'cleaner'. But that's all the negatives I can think of for this book!

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This is a beautiful book, and one which I think will really shine if you can hold it in your hands rather than read it on a screen - even the endpapers are gorgeous! It's packed with folklore to do with animals and plants, some of which is told in longer tales and some in smaller tidbits of superstitions and general notes, and it's fully illustrated with vibrant colours. The bird pages in particular are lovely - and arachnophobes beware, there are some detailed spider pages too. Some of the stories included are a little grisly (the book opens with the story of Gelert, which involves the violent death of a dog) so this might be best for older readers. I would perhaps have liked a short introduction, laying out what the book's aim in collecting these stories was, as it's a bit of an abrupt start, but overall, there's a ton of fabulous content here

I do have one minor issue with the book: though it does make a real effort to bring in a diverse range of cultures and there are plenty mentioned, there's sometimes an assumption of familiarity with Christianity that doesn't occur when talking about other religions and cultures (for example, explaining "Anansi is a trickster character in West African tradition", but just talking about things in relation to Jesus without mentioning who he is or what religion he belongs to). Similarly, sometimes superstitions are presented as the norm without explanation, which depends on location ("Seeing a single magpie is considered bad luck according to the common rhyme... However in China seeing a solitary magpie is lucky" - I feel like this should have stated where the rhyme is "common", since it's obviously not everywhere). It's only a minor niggle, but it makes this feel slightly less inclusive and a bit more like it's looking at non-Christian myths and non-Western superstitions as exotic.

Overall, though, this is a beautiful book and one that will delight kids who are interested in myth and legend.

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This is such a beautiful book the illustrations are stunning and the folklore is really interesting. I love folklore anyway so this was an instant attraction to me but it was better than I expected. I loved seeing how nature brought about so many of the folklore tales that exist today as well as learning some new ones. I loved it

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Folklore galore, with beautiful illustrations & timeless tales from around the world to introduce each section. Clear index & glossary make this an ideal blend of Fiction / Non Fiction for the classroom.

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