The Book of Shadows

A Journal of Magick, Spells, & Rituals

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Pub Date 5 Oct 2021 | Archive Date 19 Oct 2021

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Whether you are new to witchcraft or perhaps a more seasoned enchanter, this beautifully illustrated journal contains everything you need to learn, practice, and document your spells in one place.

Are you ready to start casting a spell for some better luck? Or what about attracting that special someone? Author Anastasia Greywolf guides your way in this enchanting journal created as a companion to Witchcraft: A Handbook of Magic Spells and Potions but that also works perfectly as a journal on its own. She starts by teaching the basics of witchcraft, including an in-depth review of the materials, tools, and ingredients needed; then gives detailed explanations on how to create an altar, find and use essential items for spells, and contact your inner witch power.

With this knowledge, you can practice and perfect the 40+ spells and rituals included, from strengthening special friendships to becoming more creative and successful in your life. Each spell is accompanied by a section to record all the details about the spell, followed by reflective journal prompts to give more insight into your intentions, hopes, and wishes for spellcasting.

The Book of Shadows is your all-in-one resource to finding your inner witch and transforming your life.

The Mystical Handbook series from Wellfleet takes you on a magical journey through the wonderful world of spellcraft and spellcasting. Explore a new practice with each volume and learn how to incorporate spells, rituals, blessings, and cleansings into your daily routine. These portable companions feature beautiful foil-detail covers and color-saturated interiors on a premium paper blend.

Also available from the series: Witchcraft, Love Spells, Moon Magic, Moon Magic Journal, Knot Magic, Superstitions, House Magic, Herbal Magic, and Goddess Magic.
Whether you are new to witchcraft or perhaps a more seasoned enchanter, this beautifully illustrated journal contains everything you need to learn, practice, and document your spells in one place.


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The first thing that drew me to this was the beautiful cover. It has a witchy type feel to it that goes along with the content. The pages as well as the illustrations inside the book are eye-catching but yet simple. When you get into the part of the book with the spells, there are journal pages for jotting down the results of your spells, as well as reflection questions. First, the author goes over witchcraft essentials in a simple but thorough way, and then she goes over different spells. I appreciate how the spells seem to be easy to do. Most of the ingredients listed for the spells I already have in my house, however, a few ingredients were ones I have never heard of. I would have preferred if the author had given a list of substitute ingredient(s) for the not so common ingredients. As a person who has recently started learning witchcraft, I appreciated that the spells were basic spells that I can do and understand. I believe that this book will be a good addition to my ever-growing collection. The only areas of concern that I had were the usage of White Sage and Palo Santo in some spells. The author does make a brief mention that you should use an alternative to White sage when possible, but does not go on to tell the reader what the alternatives should be. I would not recommend this book to a seasoned practitioner, but I would recommend this book to a beginner like me.

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I absolutely love that this has sections to journal in - the graphics are amazing. The spells are easy to follow and aren't overly complicated. I will be purchasing this for myself!

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I really enjoyed this book! I have been getting back into my witchy roots and becoming more familiar with my pagan roots as well. I would recommend this book to any witch no matter how long you have been practicing because of the unique prompts throughout the book! After every spell, there are unique prompts that the author has included to guide your thoughts and intentions. I found this extremely helpful because I am the type of person who likes to write stuff down, and the questions were guided in a way that can remind anyone to be conscious of their inner selves. The setup of the book was easy to follow, and each spell had its own sections that they were a part of! The small drawings throughout the book were so cute and I found that to just add to the charm of the whole book! Unlike other books of shadows, I found this book to be a quick read, as well as an easier reference because there was no complicated jargon to sort through.

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would like to thank netgalley and the publisher for letting me read this book a quirky book that has a load of information for budding witches and people who want to have a go at spells and incantations quite a lot of information in this short book well worth a read and a go at some of the spells

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This book is meant to be used. It has spaces for writing your results in it as well as a color code to separate different spells. I liked the simplicity and organization of the material and the way in which the problem or the need is described as well as how to go about fixing it. My favorite exercise was the free from the past spell. It was simple and used things that I could find. This book is a great addition to any magical persons library or those who find positive change doable . Well written and illustrated accordingly. Fun and positive this book is great!

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I am always hesitant when reviewing a book of shadows, holding my breath for the inevitable darker side, even if only a single spell or section. However this book is so full of positivity and lightness that I am thrilled to share this with new practitioners. From a love spell that guides you to think of the qualities you want rather than a single person, to easing anxiety and depression, this makes my heart sing. It has a great set of basics and simple to follow spells to get anyone started along their journey.

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This was a gorgeous "journal" for a beginner witch. It gives enough information to get you started, but leaves you room to make it your own. I would love to have this in print, so that I could actually write in it, rather than reading it as an ebook.

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