Green Witch Magick

Essential Plants and Crafty Spellwork for a Witch’s Cupboard

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Pub Date 16 Nov 2021 | Archive Date 22 Dec 2021

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Align with the natural cycles of the earth as you explore the 13 essential plants every green witch must know and have in their garden and cupboard for healing, spellwork, and divination.

Plants are a sacred offering from Mother Earth. And witches have always known and understood their healing and magickal powers. Plants hold sustenance, medicine, and wisdom. They gift us with the essentials we need to live and thrive. In return, they ask to be used for the highest good. This is the path of the green witch. With Green Witch Magick, learn how to reconnect with this sacred knowledge.

Noted green witch and herbalist Susan Ilka Tuttle, creator of the beloved Instagram handle @whisper_in_the_wood, shows you how to forage, grow, and work with the plants integral to your green witchcraft practice.

At the core of green witchery is the responsible stewarding of Mother Earth and her precious resources. Learn how to:
  • Ethically forage and harvest needed plants
  • Set up your own green witch garden
  • Work with both wild and cultivated plants in concert with natural cycles
  • Co-create with plant allies to make natural remedies, recipes and elixirs, and supplies for spellwork
In addition to mastering the practical aspects of green witchery, you'll learn the energetic and magickal properties of plants and how to effectively use them in ritual and spellwork. For example, did you know that plants associated with the moon are connected to sleep, intuition, and lucid dreams while plants connected with the element of air are connected with psychic powers, intellect, and wisdom?

Reclaim your inherent relationship with the healing magick of nature with Green Witch Magick.
Align with the natural cycles of the earth as you explore the 13 essential plants every green witch must know and have in their garden and cupboard for healing, spellwork, and divination.

Plants are...

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Featured Reviews

Green Witch Magick by Susan Ilka Tuttle
Essential Plants and Crafty Spellwork for a Witch’s Cupboards

Filled with information, this is a great book for someone interested in witchy things and especially those that are Green/Earth based. Much was covered in a basic way giving just enough information to whet the appetite and allow a novice to dabble or for someone with more skills to pick up a new idea or have their memory tweaked.

Every time I read a book like this with herbs involved…I think about the health impact some may have and was thankful the author cautioned readers to be careful, try minimal amounts of new-to-them herbs and double check/test periodically. That the herbs were limited to thirteen was wise, in my opinion. Also, that at least half are well known by most who will pick up the book.

I found the information to be more than I could fully take in in one evening so will be returning later to read more and read again to see what I might incorporate into my own life.

Did I enjoy this book? Yes
Would I like to have this book in my library or give it as a gift? Yes

Thank you to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group – Fair Winds for the ARC – This is my honest review.

4-5 Stars

Was this review helpful?

This was yet another great book about witchcraft. I have now read a couple of books on green witchcraft specifically and this one is very good. It is laid out very intuitively and covers a lot of information a lot of which I didn't really know. The photos that are included are also beautiful and really make the experience so much better. This is another witchcraft book that is set up a bit like a coffee table book so you can just flip through it and read the sections that you want to at the moment without having to read the whole thing cover to cover. I had a fun time looking at the different sections as each of them had something unique to offer. Green witchcraft may not necessarily be for me but I can see this book being very helpful to others who want to get into the practice.

Was this review helpful?

Beautiful book, with beautiful photography.

This is an area of magick that has always intrigued me, but one that i don't really know much about. This book is perfect for a beginner to this style of magick, like me. It doesn't over complicate things, and the layout and structure of the book is easy to follow, and would be easy to look certain things up as and when you need more info.

I'm not sure if a more knowledgable witch would enjoy this book as much, as it did seem a bit basic - however, i actually adored it! And as I say, the imagery and photographs are stunning.

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I found this book to be inventive and complete. The any common plants used by herbalists and those interested in Green Witchery are covered. Pictures are given as well as directions, cautions, and some back history. Also discussed are the seasonal holidays and ways to implement those plants into your life. As an example I learned some new things about sage. I have always burned sage for cleansing of energy. I had never thought of making a jar of dried sage to open and smell when feeling overstressed or in need of mental clearing. This book is filled with ways to use herbs in your life. The pictures are super accurate and well done and the ideas doable. Excellent addition to anyones herbal library or those actually picking, growing, and learning about the earth and her children.

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Thank you, NetGalley!

I am always going to be obsessed with all things Green Witch Magick! That will never change.
What I love most about these educational books, is that learning and knowledge is the foundation for all things magick.

If you are looking for beginner, intermediate, and advanced herbal remedy, recipes, and magical workings - this is the book for you. I am a newbie when it comes to forging, so this was a little treat. I am extremely looking forward to the upcoming Yule season and all the herbs that can be found and used for magical work.

Once again, this book is for anyone that wants to become more entuned with the earth and all the good that can come. Tons of information.

Would recommend!

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I really loved this book, especially all the illustrations and images as well as the recipes in the third part. Furthermore, I liked that the author chose to focus on a few chosen herbs and go more in-depth with each one, keeping in mind accessibility for witches all across the world. Another plus is that the author points out multiple times that readers should do further research on their own and keep in mind that some herbs might cause skin irritation, issues for pregnant people or that they might interact with medications or health issues.

I highly recommend this book for everyone interested in green witchcraft but I'm convinced that even other practitioners will have great use for this book.

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2021 has been the year I finally embraced paganism after a lifetime of worrying I might be 'doing it wrong', so Susan Ilka Tuttle's Green Witch Magick couldn't have come at a better time! After moving to a cottage in the country this summer and spending my evening walks foraging and looking for really good sticks, it felt like Green Witch Magick was the helpful guide I'd been waiting for all along.

With plenty of information and guidance for both the novice witch and the practised wiccan, I love the way Green Witch Magick takes a handful of a witch's most powerful plant ingredients and focuses on them to really dig deep and uncover the power of plants. I particularly loved the details about ethical harvesting, which I found really helpful as somebody who has only recently begun foraging. It's great to know I can collect just what I need and make sure no damage is being caused to the natural world around me.

Green Witch Magick is a wonderful book and I wholly recommend for those who are not only looking to begin their journey towards healing magic but also anybody who wants to know a bit more about how to live harmoniously with the natural world around them.

Thank you to the publisher for the review copy!

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