Wolf Girl

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Pub Date 4 Jan 2022 | Archive Date 15 Feb 2022

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Allow yourself to be enchanted in this magical story of Sophy, the young girl whose extraordinary adventure with a real wolf helps her discover her inner confidence.

Sophy is a shy girl who struggles to fit in in the outside world. She is happiest at home, playing in her wolf suit in her den. It makes her feel strong like a wolf, fierce like a wolf, and maybe even a little bit brave like a wolf.

She loves her suit so much she decides to wear it to school one day, but it doesn't go well. She tries to talk at school but the words get stuck in her throat and everyone laughs and whispers behind her back. But one day, an extraordinary thing happens…

Sophy is whisked away to a magical snowy land where she meets a wolf and her cub. The unlikely trio roll, run and howl together, playing happily in the snow. Sophy has found friends and nothing can ruin her day… until a big, angry bear appears.

But Sophyfinally finds her voiceand finds the courage she's been looking for all along.

This beautifully told and enchantingly illustrated story carries important themes of overcoming the isolating feeling of being shy, finding friends and most importantly, finding your voice, and will delight readers young and old.

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Allow yourself to be enchanted in this magical story of Sophy, the young girl whose extraordinary adventure with a real wolf helps her discover her inner confidence.

Sophy is a shy girl who...

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Beautiful and inspiring childrens book

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The illustrations are very detailed and colorful, and invite the reader to dream. The story of Sophy who eventually overcomes her fears and makes a friend is inspiring. What a lovely book.

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This is a beat and lovely story. The illustrations are really lovely to. I think young children will love reading this magical story with their parents.
Thank you NetGalley for letting me read this book.

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We thoroughly enjoyed Jo Loring-Fisher's Taking Time so was excited to read her latest book Wolf Girl from #QuartoKids. I was always a shy child, well I still am very shy and so is my daughter so this was a book that really resonated with me. It can be very hard when you are shy to get that brave feeling inside that helps you make steps towards making friends when you are shy. This book illustrates this situation in such a kind, delicate way. I loved the analogy of the cosy protective cave that mimicked Sophy's safe space, her den.

The vocabulary is sublime and the way Jo uses words to form her sentences is nothing short of magical. It would be an ideal book to use as a class text when exploring descriptive language - '...hot, salty tears streamed down her cheeks.' I want spoil the opening paragraph but it was totally spellbinding and had me hooked from the begging.

Just like Jo's words her illustrations are equally dreamy and totally encapsulate you in Sophy's world. Such a clever palette of colour is used that subtly changes depending upon how Sophy is feeling. It's a real treat of a book and the perfect book for any shy little ones out there.

Thank you #QuartoKids and #NetGalley for eARC #WolfGirl.

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This is a lovely children's book about a girl called Sophy who is a bit of a loner and doesn’t know how to fit in. She tries to talk to the other children at school but she finds it too hard and everyone laughs at her. One day she is transported to a snowy land where there is a wolf and her cub. She becomes friends with them as well as a bear and they all have fun together. She feels strong and courageous when she is with them. When she comes back to her own world, she goes to school and feels more confident and is then able to make friends more easily. This is a good book for a shy child to read and perhaps it would help them to feel more confident.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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This picture book had many elements that I really loved: cute art style, with a nice message. It includes a dream sequence that takes the reader somewhere else and adds a poetic layer to the story! I enjoyed how it was about standing up for yourself, being yourself, welcoming others and celebrating what makes each one of us unique.
I loved it!!

Thank you so much for the eARC.

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A rather enchanting and meaningful read about friendship, courage and finding your own voice. I love the contrast between the wintry setting and the heartwarming story. The illustrations are beautiful and Sophy is a protagonist that many will be able to relate to.

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Finding inner bravery.

Sophy has a 'worrying tummy', she's scared to talk to other children, and only wearing her wolf costume in her den makes her feel brave.

One experience helps her feel that she can cope with life outside of her outfit, as she imagines making friends with a real wolf and cub and standing up to danger, that itself isn't what it seems.

It's a much-trodden path, but sweetly told, in a child-like narration, with lots of references to nature and animals, making it very relatable.

Good for discussion at school and at home.

For ages 3-7.

With thanks to Netgalley for providing a sample reading copy.

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An absolutely magical story with beautiful illustrations. A story about finding inner confidence and bravery, it weaves together Sophy's imaginary and real worlds and in both, she finds her voice. Through her kindness and confidence, she finds ways to make friends and helps others find their voice. A lovely story to explore friendship, and stepping out of your comfort zone. A gentle, thoughtful way to discuss shyness and social anxiety with little ones.

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