The Regenerative Garden

80 Practical Projects for Creating a Self-sustaining Garden Ecosystem

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Pub Date 15 Mar 2022 | Archive Date 8 Mar 2022

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Discover how to work with nature, instead of against it, by employing permaculture techniques to create a garden that is not just more beautiful and productive, but also more resilient.

While the word permaculture might sound intimidating, the principals behind it are not. The main goal of permaculture is to turn your space into a functioning ecosystem that’s less reliant on external resources and better able to sustain itself through many seasons of growth and change as it resists pests, diseases, and climate extremes. Whatever the size of your space, from a tiny patio garden to a big backyard, and whether you grow food, flowers, shrubs, trees, or a combination of all, The Regenerative Garden is here to help you become a better, more eco-conscious gardener.

Through 80 DIY projects, author Stephanie Rose of the popular website Garden Therapy introduces you to basic backyard permaculture concepts in an easy-to-follow, logical way. Each of the six chapters represents a living element of the garden, capable of playing a valuable role in its constant regeneration, including soil, water, plants, climate, ethics, and community. As you check these projects off your to-do list, you’ll find you’ve reduced your long-term work load, conserved water and other resources, turned your yard into a habitat for wildlife, and learned to grow perennial foods in creative ways.

The 80 featured projects include step-by-step instructions on how to:

Employ intensive planting to reduce weeding and watering choresUse living mulches to amend the soilBuild self-watering planters and wicking beds to reduce water useInstall a rain garden to catch runoffPlant a wildlife hedge to support creatures and create a windbreak and noise bufferCompost projects and systems to repurpose waste on-siteMake a butterfly migration station to support pollinators of all sorts

A healthy, organic, regenerative garden is a perfect example of a self-sustaining ecosystem; everything works in tandem, is intricately connected, and comes full circle to create its own never-ending cycle of life.

Discover how to work with nature, instead of against it, by employing permaculture techniques to create a garden that is not just more beautiful and productive, but also more resilient.

While the word...

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Featured Reviews

This book is amazing!!! It is organized so well and accessibly. The content is so useful, and I cant wait to deploy some of these techniques in my own garden.

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My new go-to garden bible!

This is easily the most helpful gardening book I have ever read. Beginning gardeners often receive extremely general advice such as, "Amend your soil with compost! Use cover crops! Collect rainwater!" But that advice is lacking in specificity and trying to find solid information on the internet can be overwhelming.

This book is exactly the opposite. Every technique and suggestion is clearly explained with detail and is easy to follow. I'm already planning how to incorporate these strategies into my garden both immediately and in the long term. Particularly excited to try some of the watering tricks and the guild pairings for my apple trees!

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A beautiful introduction to permaculture. The plant partner, guild recipes, and garden project ideas are great. The green manure chart is excellent. Looking forward to checking out the other resources listed.

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This book is an absolutely beautiful guide to the basics of regenerative gardening. The format is easy to read and quickly look back to for reference.
There are eight sections (like soil and water) that each has an overview of why they are important and then a selection of projects that improve the garden. Each project has options ranging from a minor to a big effort.
I got a few ideas for my own garden from reading this and I plan to refer back to the how-to guides and charts as I continue to work on my garden. Specifically the pond information and how to make a worm hotel “compost.”
It is a broad book and Rose is upfront that you will have to further research these projects for your climate and own garden. The intended audience seems to be a mid-size home gardener, most projects were suited for a backyard. A few places lacked further details and clarification that would have helped me understand why certain projects were beneficial or where they were best suited for.

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The Regenerative Garden by Stephanie Rose is a garden treasure. It appeals aesthetically and offers great help to the home gardener. What is pleasing to the eye with Stephanie's wonderful photographs is the simple layout. The grid is hexagon which is fitting and Stephanie's creative soul is evident throughout. Stephanie covers everything from soil to community in this inviting garden book.

The Regenerative Garden also includes a Project List which in itself covers a multitude of beneficial projects. She even covers hugelkultur which is fitting for a gardening book covering sustainability. One of my favorites was the Children's Sensory Garden. On the other spectrum, the Seed-Sharing Library was adorable and a nice idea since it followed the model of the Little Free Library but not a great idea since seeds need to be stored from moisture, keep cool, and preferably a dark place. but adorable photos nevertheless of Little Seed Sharing Library neighborhood houses. This is a welcome book, an invigorating motivating book that could spur much motivation to building better soil, understanding plants better, and gaining knowledge about sustainable gardening practices that can start in your own yard creating a beautiful garden, and spreading to your community. It is also a great book for gifting with a gorgeous cover that Stepanie designed and created herself starting with her soil and plants around her own garden. Stephanie is inspiring, creative and creates fantastic books that are timely, needed, and designed well.

Between the layout, great photos, fantastic graphics, a treasure of information, and inviting writing I will use this book in my teaching and highly recommend for anyone wanting to learn about regenerative gardening.

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Thank you to NetGalley for the preview PDF of this book!
I first became familiar with the author through her posts on Pinterest and found many of her blog posts helpful. I live in the Pacific Northwest so her garden advice proved helpful for me here and there. So when I saw her new book was coming soon I was thrilled to be able to preview the digital version. It does not disappoint!
Right from the start you are given a definition of "regenerative" that is approachable and encouraging. You do not need to be an experienced gardener nor a botanist to grasp the concept of regenerative gardening.

Each chapter is full of helpful information teaching the basic ideas behind creating a garden that will in turn reward you with less work and more bounty. The projects are explained well and laid out in gorgeous photos and illustrations that I could easily follow. I am limited to a patio container garden at present but this is a book that I look forward to purchasing in physical form so that maybe one day I can apply so much more of it's practice to a larger garden.

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A great collection of simple, beautiful projects to create a sustainable and user-friendly garden for everyone to enjoy.

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At first glance, this level of gardening was well beyond my own. The chapter on soil was too technical for me, and the chapter on water was a lot for my suburbs plot. But the sixth part of the book was perfection. I wrote down tons of ideas to share with my kids and neighbors this summer! I can't wait to try out some of these community building garden ideas!
A beautiful book to leaf through, a good chunk of the information is for the intermediate gardener, but a final part is perfect for all.

Thank you Netgalley for the chance to review this title!

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