Siggy the Soccer Dog

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Pub Date 4 Apr 2022 | Archive Date 26 May 2022

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"Siggy looks so cute as he twitches and turns in his sleep.

But as they watch him, little do the family know that in his dream he is “Siggy Sosidj” the star player for Manchester United. It’s up to Siggy to rescue his team in the biggest game of his life. But can he do it?

Join Siggy and a multi-national cast of doggie players to find out - in a fast-paced, beautifully illustrated tale about overcoming the odds, staying true to your purpose and being kind..."

"Siggy looks so cute as he twitches and turns in his sleep.

But as they watch him, little do the family know that in his dream he is “Siggy Sosidj” the star player for Manchester United. It’s up to...

Advance Praise

"Literary Titan Editorial Review:


Sigmund, the dachshund, lives in Somerset with his family, the Barker’s. Sigmund goes by the name Siggy. One morning he was sleeping and having an amazing dream that he was playing in the FA Cup Final. The crowd sings his praise, they cheer him on, and he makes his way out on the field. Siggy races down the field, ready to score the winning goal when he is hit from the side. The team must regroup and try again to win the game. Injured Siggy still plays and encourages his team and spreads his message of kindness to all.

Siggy the Soccer Dog by author Brian Frederick is a heartwarming picture book about Siggy the dachshund who looks for ways to share his message of kindness in everything he does. This imaginative book teaches children about soccer, going over some of the rules and explaining the gameplay. Siggy focuses on teamwork. There are a lot of mentions of the team working together to try and score a goal. While Siggy is the star of the game in his dream, he never lets that go to his head. He shares the success with his team.

My favorite parts in this entertaining children’s book were the two chants that are sung for Siggy. Using the tune of Chim chim cher-ee and Happy, children can easily identify the rhythm and sing right along with the characters in the book.

When reading through this story, the illustrations by Vivien Sárkány jump off the page with the excitement of the characters playing on the field. The whimsical artwork integrates well with the words on the page. They are not separate entities; instead, they flow together, creating a well-composed image that will captivate and keep young readers engaged.

Siggy the Soccer Dog is a beautifully written picture book that shares the message of kindness with young children. This joyful book is perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and young elementary readers. I can easily see a teacher reading this in front of their class, entertaining and educating students.Early ARC review:

Suzie Almond Review - 

""Ok where do I start? I absolutely love everything about this new Siggy adventure. It is utterly brilliant. It has all the kindness and wonder and beautiful illustrations that we know we will get from a Siggy book whilst this time engaging readers in a story that is a total joy, an absolute romp on the football pitch. I just love everything about this fast -paced, go- getting, crowd -pleasing adventure. All football loving children (and their grown-ups) will adore this book as will lovers of animals and great stories. As an advocate of reading aloud I cannot recommend this book highly enough - the narrative just demands to be read aloud and will be asked for again and again, I am sure. I even found myself reading pages aloud to myself as it is written with so much energy, vitality and enthusiasm. I have no doubt that this new Siggy adventure will soon become a story time favourite."" 


"Literary Titan Editorial Review:


Sigmund, the dachshund, lives in Somerset with his family, the Barker’s. Sigmund goes by the name Siggy. One morning he was sleeping and having an amazing...

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Featured Reviews

Great illustrations for doggy dreams of sports triumph⚽

This author has come up with a cute story and his lovely, stylized artwork. Siggy the Sausage Dog ends up on the soccer field (that's football in England), and gets his chance for fame and glory. Things don't go perfectly but the dachshund stays true to his "Be Kind" motto and exhibits good sportsmanship under pressure.

I've read several of author Brian Frederick's Siggy stories and this one maintains the focus on Siggy but includes other dogs of a variety of breeds as his teammates and opponents. Nice touch to extend Siggy's world to include so many new characters. It's also action packed, right up until Siggy has his Dorothy Gale moment and wakes up!

The pictures are really stellar and unique artwork. Children who get a kick (sorry for the pun!) out of sports stories and love animals will get full doses of both here.

Thanks to BooksGoSocial and NetGalley for sharing a complimentary advance copy of the book; this is my voluntary and honest opinion.

Was this review helpful?

I received this ARC innexchange for my honest opinion.

As a dachshund owner of these crazy, loveable dogs, I couldn't wait to read this book. Siggy is a dachshund who dreams of playing soccer with a fun cast of dogs such as Pedro the Poodle and Jane.

The illustrations are a bit more abstract and the font is curly with fun fonts. Definitely for an established reader for independent reading but fun to read to younger kiddos. Also mentioned being kind, a great lesson!

Was this review helpful?

This is an absolutely beautiful book for the little football fan in your life.
Those of us who have pets often wonder what they are dreaming out when you see their little twitches and this book gives a great possibility of what dogs dream about (alongside bones and chasing the postman)
The illustrations are gorgeous and a bit different to what you see in most children’s books, they are eye catching.
The books feels so wholesome and happy. A great addition to a child’s ever growing book collection.

Was this review helpful?

this is such a good book! perfect for any kids looking for a sweet picture book with dogs playing football. it has a wonderful theme of kindness and good sportsmanship which is great to teach.

thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

I have always wondered what my dog dreams about. Where does she go when she makes those adorable little noises in her sleep?

This book follows Sigmund aka “Siggy” the dachshund on his adventure as a player for Manchester United in his dreams.

The illustrations were beautiful and immersive. I loved Phyllis and her adorable little Bob.

Was this review helpful?

Great childens book about team effort, and above all else kindness. The illustrations were so well done. The font was a favorite as well as it was very artsy and looked really great. Will definely add thisnto the list of books to buy the littles in my life really enjoyed this one

Was this review helpful?

Siggy the Soccer Dog was such a cute book! I loved how the illustrations intertwined with the words. Lots of opportunities for singing songs when reading this book aloud. This would be a great book for any child that loves sports and dogs!!

Was this review helpful?

A cute little story about Siggy the sausage dog who the family watches as he sleeps while twitching and turning in his sleep. But little do they know that he’s really dreaming about playing soccer. Does he manage to rescue his team from losing the game?

This was such an adorable read, and the illustrations fit perfectly with the story. I especially liked how they drew the dog, a sausage dog, with a unusual long dog, which is not possible for a normal dog. So cute!

I recommend it!

Was this review helpful?

This was a cute story about Siggy the soccer dog who is dreaming of winning the FA Cup while his owners watch. To be honest, my 4 year old twin daughters and I know nothing about soccer rules, Machester United, or City. However, they still enjoyed the story, bright pictures, and doggies playing soccer together! I think children who are big soccer fans would love this book. Thank you Netgalley and BooksGoSocial for this digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

This picture book tells the story of Siggy the dog who dreamed of being in a soccer competition. During his dream readers learn about soccer and the importance of being a team player. The story includes some fun soccer chants you might hear at a real football/soccer match. At the end of the book he wakes up and enjoys time with his family. This is a sweet and fun picture book that I could definitely see reading my students as part of a shared reading or read aloud experience. As a teacher, I would recommend this book to teachers and parents of young athletes and dog lovers in the age 4-8 range. Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for giving me the opportunity to read and review this fun book!

Was this review helpful?

Siggy the soccer dog ! Lovely diagrams and illustrations all crazy and swirly round like a sausage dog on every page !
Siggy wants to play football ! Star of the fa cup for Manchester United !
I liked the story and felt it would appeal more to someone who was a big football fan and a man untied fan ! It was a full packed book with lots of writing and pictures to boot ! A fun book for football and dog loving children ! Lovely

Was this review helpful?

Another cute book in the Siggy series. I am not a fan of soccer (football) in real life but Brian Frederick was able to make the game interesting through Siggy's dream. I love that Phyllis is able to understand Siggy. The illustrations are always fun and colorful.

Was this review helpful?

Siggy the Soccer Dog is the second book that myself and my 5 year old son have read starring Siggy and we love him! They are great stories with fantastic illustrations and they really catch my little boy's attention and imagination.

Thank you to NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for my ARC.

Was this review helpful?

My daughter’s two favourite things are football and dogs, so this was a dream book for her!

We especially liked the illustrations at the start which showed the whole team of dogs out on the pitch.

My only concern was that it was quite long considering it is for younger readers.

Was this review helpful?

Super fun and cute story about a Daschund. Great as a bedtime story as well. Beautiful illustrations.

Was this review helpful?

I love the Siggy books and so does my son. They are always well written and illustrated with a lovely story to tell.

This has become one my football crazy son's favourite reads, and we have read it every night for the past week. I love the puns included in the book and the vast selection of characters (breeds) and I really like the fact that Siggy was providing the moral of "be kind" in this story, I feel that they really resonate with children when they read them.

It was such a great little read, and me and my son cannot wait to read more of Siggy's adventures

Was this review helpful?

The eye-catching illustrations definitely make Siggy the FOOTBALL Dog (sorry, I couldn't help myself) stand out terrifically. The beautiful way the stylised fonts blend in around the action does wonders for the layout of the pages.
Footie mad children are going to love this exciting read. The story is short but sweet and thoroughly entertaining. It will keep those children with short attention spans engrossed long enough to finish the book in one sitting.
Although I personally would have chosen a fictitious club rather than a famous one. But I don't suppose it will put Liverpool (or City) supporting kids off from buying the book.
I wonder if there might be a version where the team name can be left out so kids can fill in their own favourites and one where they can colour the book themselves, which would include the team colours of choice. Just a thought.
Siggy the Soccer Dog, is one book I will be recommending that the Library request immediately.
Thank You, NetGalley and BooksGoSocial, for the ARC.

Was this review helpful?

These Illustrations are so different and a lot of fun. This kept the attention of the child who I read this to. I loved how this showed great sportsmanship. Children can need guidance on how to stay kind in competitions. This was a great representation of that.

Was this review helpful?

What a joyful book this is! We thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. My favourite part was the fans singing (because yes I did sing it aloud to the mentioned tune!!!)

As a person who in reality does not care for football and has a crippling fear of dogs there was potential for this book to be somewhat of a disaster. It was however, the complete opposite. I loved every page of it!! There’s something magical about the dreams of an adorable little sausage dog and who doesn’t dream of being famous and winning the day. We can all relate even if we don’t dream about football.

The illustrations really caught my attention - they have such a distinctive style that I have not seen before. Very striking and bold.

Little Bookworm also enjoyed this book. She enjoys watching football with her dad who is a Man United supporter so she was very pleased with the team choices. She was most put out when Siggy got hurt and really got swept up in the excitement of the book.

A book of pure fun that is ideal for little ones and their grown ups alike.

Was this review helpful?

Siggy the Soccer Dog by Brian Frederick. My granddaughter would love the book as she loves dogs and cats. Cannot wait to go to Barnes & Noble to see the book. E books are nice when you are on the go but for children’s books you need to see the real thing.

Was this review helpful?

Such a fast delight reading. I love this book from first sight. The cover and the theme, totally nailed. But even with super gorgeous illustration I am little bit distracted with the letters format and position. It is looks so busy pages. Personally I love how this story gove strong highlight about the balance about archieve dream and family.

Thank you Netgalley for providing me with this cute book.

Was this review helpful?

These books and the stories are so cute. In this book Siggy is dreaming that he is a player for none other than Man Utd.

Well written and a story that any young dog or football lover would appreciate. Beautifully illustrated from cover to cover.

Be kind is the motto throughout the story that Siggy is trying to convey.

Many thanks to Netgalley for my ARC.

Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Was this review helpful?

If your child loves soccer, she will probably also love this embedded narrative about Siggy, a verrrry long dachshund, who is dreaming about being an international soccer star as his little girl watches him sleep. I found the illustrations, in which Siggy is so long his body makes loop-di-loops and wraps around his bowl, his soccer ball, and other players on the team, distracting, but perhaps children will enjoy the extreme silliness of them. The story also includes two songs that we are told to sing to the tune of Pharell's "Happy," and Mary Poppins' "Chim Chim Cheree," which I'm sure would be a big hit with little kids.

I smiled throughout this story and especially when Siggy wakes up and has sausages and realizes, "He was even happier than when he'd scored the winning goal." And I'm sure children will like that the little girl can speak to and understand her dog even though her parents can't.

Thanks to Netgalley and BibaBooks for providing me with a free ARC in exchange for my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

4☆ Another Super Fun Adventure With Siggy Sausage!

Once again you can count on Siggy Sausage to save the day. But this time round he's Siggy Sosidj and he's playing at Wembley Stadium for Man U.
It's up to him to save the game with only a few minutes to spare!

Once again Siggy's story is lots of fun, edge of your seat thrilling as you hold your breath in anticipation on the final whistle. The characters are very cute and well written. The illustrations are brilliant and fun. Oh and the football chants were brilliant.... they will have you humming Chim Chim Cher-ee (mary poppins) and Happy...two great tunes!

But most importantly Siggy spreads the message to always be kind no matter what. He also teaches children to be brave, take chances and that team work is important.
This book is perfect for readers ages 4-8years and I can't wait for Siggy's next Adventure!

Was this review helpful?

This sweet children’s book follows dachshund Sigmund or “Siggy” through a vivid dream about being a football (soccer) star. (That’s possibly the very best dog name we’ve ever stumbled on, by the way.) As children who are especially fond of animal adventures, this story hit all the right notes for my three kids ages 8 and under. While the layout of some of the pages are a bit too wordy for early readers to navigate independently, it was the perfect read for bedtime. The illustrations are particularly immersive and the way that they spread across the pages almost like a mural is engaging and unique. Two thumbs up from all of the kids and their mom who never turns down a protagonist who happens to be a cute dog.

Was this review helpful?

This book is so whimsical and cute. I loved reading about Siggy and love dogs! The musical lyrics were great and so much fun for kids to follow along to.

Was this review helpful?

As I read this story, I was hoping it was part of a series, as otherwise the whole soccer dream sequence could be its own story. I was glad to find out though that it is a series, and a sweet one at that! I loved the songs, and how it gave the tunes to sing them too. The illustrations were beautiful and bright. I look forward to reading more stories staring Siggy!

Was this review helpful?

Have you ever wondered about what your pet dreams? Siggy dreams of being a soccer star.
I’m not sure where to begin with how amazingly cute this book is! I’m in my thirties and singing and cheering for Siggy! I adore dachshunds, and Brian Frederick captures the essence of a doxie perfectly! Although I’m not familiar with soccer, it is the perfect sport for Siggy and his friends. Playing for Manchester United, Siggy and dogs from around the work together and demonstrate that there is no “I” team. This book illustrates teamwork, friendship, and kindness! Every page of this book is absolutely beautiful! Children of all ages will enjoy this adorable dachshund and his adventures.

Was this review helpful?


Thank you to author Brian Frederick and @lovebookstours for my gifted copy.

My thoughts: This was such a fun children’s book and I adored the illustrations & the story. I loved the idea of Siggy dreaming he was a soccer star for Manchester United. I always wonder what my dog is dreaming about while he sleeps and seemingly twitches as well. The songs about Siggy to the tunes of Mary Poppins and Happy by Pharrell Williams were so fun. My daughter loved the whole book and asked me to read it again ands again. So well done! 😍🐶🐾

Blurb —Siggy looks so cute as he twitches and turns in his sleep.
But as they watch him, little do the family know that in his dream he is “Siggy Sosidj” the star player for Manchester United. It’s up to Siggy to rescue his team in the biggest game of his life. But can he do it?

Join Siggy and a multi-national cast of doggie players to find out - in a fast-paced, beautifully illustrated tale about overcoming the odds, staying true to your purpose and being kind…

Was this review helpful?

A great story about acceptance and being kind to others. Great for any classroom library and a lesson many kids need help with.

Was this review helpful?

This lovely picture book, brings whimsy and charm to this story. I love the descriptions and the very curly words.

Was this review helpful?

This is such a cute book for anyone who loves dogs or soccer. The illustrations are bright and eye catching and the story is so sweet. Siggy is dreaming that he is playing in a professional soccer game while sleeping on the floor in his families home. It's exciting for him to pay on the the team and show his skills to his other dog friends. Super cute story!

Was this review helpful?

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