Daughter of Darkness

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Pub Date 4 Aug 2022 | Archive Date 4 Aug 2022
Bonnier Books UK, Hot Key Books

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The first book in a new epic and irresistible duology from the authors of A THRONE OF SWANS and A CROWN OF TALONS

The first book in a new epic and irresistible duology from the authors of A THRONE OF SWANS and A CROWN OF TALONS

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ISBN 9781471410918
PRICE £8.99 (GBP)

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Featured Reviews

As always Katherine and Elizabeth smash it. Anything they write is sure to be a winner in my eyes . I could not stop reading this I was and still am obsessed with this and as usual their beautiful writing !!

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As not only a lover of Greek mythology, but also a lover of the works of Katherine & Elizabeth Core, I pounced on this opportunity to read this book via NetGalley.

Deina is a Soul Severer in the employe of Hades. Deina is determined to reduce her indentured, however during her last ceremony she was distracted by a face that she had seen during he recent ceremonies. The face she did not know. 

One day, the voice of His Majesty, Lord Orpheus, Aristaeus visits the home in search of volunteers. Should the volunteers be successful in their mission,  they are granted a life of freedom, no more indentured. This alone is enough to make Deina decide to offer her services.

She along with a mere handful of others, arch nemesis Theron and Aster are to be tested by scorpions in a box. The effectiveness of these scorpions is that their poison give the illusion of pain. Of the six that undertake the scorpion test only four survive,  Aster (the warrior), Drex (the thinker), Theron (the bard) and of course Deina herself (the thief).

It is only now that Lord Orpheus reveals the nature of their mission, for they are to work as a team. He wishes them to travel to the Underworld and return his beloved wife Eurydice to him.

The four Severersset sail,  accompanied by Deina's friend, Chryse who is bound for Thebes at the request of Lord Orpheus. However when Chryse refuses to join Lord Orpheus in his bed, he decides that she should join the other four Soul Severers on their mission to retrieve Eurydice's soul from the Underworld.

There are twists and turns during the journey through the Underworld.  The Soul Severers are tried and tested throughout their mission. 

Without giving too much away, thereis betrayal,  love, anger, despair and a whole gamut of deep emotions.

Deina makes a sacrifice believing that she has successfully saved her fellow Severers, but the Gods can be tricky,  and nothing is ever straightforward. 

I'm am eagerly awaiting the second book is this duology as I can't wait to see where the Corr sisters take us. This is definitely a book you need to read!

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I love anything to do with myth from any country/culture so I was so excited to be accepted for this. This is the first book I have read by these authors and I will definitely be reading more by them. I couldn't put it down, I loved it and the cover is absolutely stunning

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‘Deep-rooted guardians of the Threshold, I call on thee. Deathless, lifeless, keep this accursed villain in your tender embrace, and subject his soul to everlasting chastisement.’

This is my favourite book from Katharine & Elizabeth Corr! I just absolutely loved every second of it. It consumed me! I love when that happens with a book…. You don’t want to do anything except read to the very last page.

The mythology was fascinating.

Each of the main character’s were likeable.

The ending was perfect and I cannot wait for book 2 - Queen Of Gods.

If you like reading Fantasy/YA and mythology then this is a book to pre-order.

It is out on the 4th of august 2022!

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What a whirlwind! Wow. How to begin reviewing this…! There’s just so much to cover. The story, the plot, the characters, the set up, the world it encompassed, the mythology, the writing, just everything. I loved it all.

From the beginning I could tell this was going to be a great one. I’ve read a few other books by these authors and they’ve never let me down. They’ve been so entertaining, with seriously outstanding storylines and a world to really throw yourself into and get invested in. And boy can I say I was invested in this one. I needed to know what was going to happen and how it was going to end. I had no idea what was coming and I was so not prepared for the twists and turns that blew my mind!

Deina was such a fab main character too. I really warmed to her as well as to the others in the motley crew tasked to bring Euradice back to the living. The idea of the soul severers was inspired and honestly, the whole book was just great. I can’t find fault. Especially towards the end, my eyeballs were nearly on fire at how quickly I was tearing through the pages as I was so on edge and eager to find out how it was going to conclude.

Ooof. And that ending. I need the next one and I can’t wait to read it. I don’t think I’ll rest until I do! Seriously amazing book !!

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I am a big fan of Katherine and Elizabeth Corr so I was very much looking forward to reading Daughter of Darkness and it did not disappoint!

What a story!! This grasped my attention right from page one and once i got my head round all of the characters I was absolutely hooked.

I loved every one of these characters which made this just an absolute rollercoaster to read!

I honestly cannot wait to see what Book 2 will bring!

Highly recommend this!

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★★★★★ 4.5/5

Deina is a Soul Severer, someone who serves Hades on Earth in aiding the dying and the people deemed guilty from the mortal world. She prides herself on being the best, but she yearns to earn or steal enough to run away away and be free of her duties with her best friend, Chryse.

Seeing her chance to earn her freedom when the Tyrant Orpheus arrives, Deina immediately presents herself for the task of journeying to the Underworld with a team of other Soul Severers. Except what should be a near enough straightforward task is anything but. Stuck with a team mainly consisting of people she’d rather be without, Deina is determined to complete the task set out for them and claim the rewards for herself, but betrayal is rife, and the team she’s with are out for themselves too.

I loved this. Absolutely loved it. I’ve been a fan of both authors since their first book The Witch’s Kiss, and like that series and their other books, I’ve enjoyed them immensely. I’m honestly so excited for more people to read this when it comes out in August, it needs to be in as many hands as possible.

I’m a huge lover of Greek mythology and knew of the Orpheus and Eurydice myth already, which this book is loosely based off, and despite this I found it was easy to follow along even if you had no prior knowledge of the Greek myth. Due to this, I’d definitely recommend the book to anyone looking for a new fantasy read with world-building and lore that is easy to understand and not overly complicated. It’s a book you can dive straight into without having to flip back to the start and reacquaint yourself with how things work every so often as you read.

As for the characters, you get a real feel for them through Deina’s well written POV. Each character stands out and you get to learn about them as well as Deina as the story progresses. But be warned, none of the characters as as black and white as they first seem, and on multiple occasions I was surprised to discover something about them I hadn’t already guessed. It’s not a predictable book and I really liked that, anything where I can see some plot twist coming from the beginning of the book often leaves me bored unless it’s done well, I like to be surprised.

As this is the first in a duology, it’s safe to say I am also excited to read the next book as the ending left me well and truly shocked. As soon as I was finished I was eager for more, and I’ll be sure to pick up the next book as soon as it’s available.

Did I like the book? Yes

Did I love it? Yes! It’s easily one of my favourite reads of this year.

Would I recommend it? Definitely. For anyone who has a love or a like for Greek mythology, or anyone looking for a new fantasy read to get stuck into, this is definitely a worthy read.

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Deina is trapped. As a Soul Severer serving the god Hades on earth, her life is destined for servitude. Until Orpheus, the tyrant ruler, offers Deina and some of her fellow Severer’s a chance of freedom by retrieving his wife, Eurydice, from the Underworld. As their quest gets underway the fellowship must work together and put aside their rivalry of they’ll never get out alive.

Firstly, I am a massive fan of @katharinecorrwrites and @lizcorrwrites – I’ve read all of their books so far and I have loved every single one and Daughter of Darkness did not break the cycle. I’ve never read a fantasy novel based on Greek mythology before, despite there being so many out there right now, so with this being my first experience I’ve got to say I’m definitely going to invest in more. The story of Deina is gripping from the beginning and I love her tenacity – her desperation to be free makes her a driving force in this book and keeps the reader gripped from start to finish.

The imagery used to describe the Underworld is flawless, I cannot get those images out of my head! And is it wrong to think I might actually want to go there? Ha!

My favourite characters were definitely Deina, Theron and Nat – I foresee a love triangle happening there and I cannot wait! I think the three of them were absolutely brilliant characters but the Corr ladies always know how to make me fall in love with their creations!

Easy 5 star read and I cannot wait for the next instalment!

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Daughter of Darkness is the first installment in the gripping House of Shadows series and follows Deina, a Soul Severer, who, taken as a child, now serves Hades on earth by severing and guiding souls from this mortal world. Deina is desperate for her freedom and when Orpheus the Tyrant offers a group of severers the chance to win their freedom, Deina jumps at the chance to volunteer – they just have to travel to the Underworld and bring back his dead wife Eurydice.

This is a busy book, so much happens but it’s easy to follow, don’t worry. The star of this book is the world building, the underworld is so richly described, the characters and creatures the group encounter so delicious on the page and you can really picture the uneasy, sometimes beautiful, always threatening, landscape the group walk through and the challenges they must encounter. There is a lot of action on the page in terms of challenges and threats encountered walking through the Underworld, a lot of character development (literally you start the book hating half the alliance and loving them by the end) and the concept itself, Ancient Greece with a twist, is really fascinating.
The writing style also is easy to get on with and I appreciated that while the violence isn’t gratuitous, it doesn’t hold back – the threats are real, the bloodshed in the name of victory and ‘power’ is real, and the cost is real. I’ve read a few books that are set in dangerous settings and you don’t feel at all uncomfortable because it doesn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable – but it should, you should worry for characters, you should find actions unfair or cruel, and this book allows you to see that.

In terms of criticisms, I don’t have any. Yes there are quite a few characters introduced, and their names or names of places etc, may get a little confusing – but that’s the Ancient Greeks for you! I personally enjoyed how the authors put a fresh spin on what we already know and if you don’t already know it then it’s no big deal, it’s still an enjoyable, easy book without the context of any familiarity.

Deina is an interesting character, she isn’t nice but she is essentially good, and you get to see her open throughout the book and through the alliance with the rest of the severers, all who start the journey competing with each other for freedom. I enjoyed these different dynamics work off of each other although while I saw one twist coming, I so wish it wasn’t true!!!!!

I’m glad I read this book and I’m looking forward to where it goes. Nat, in particular, is someone I am looking forward to reading more about. Thank you NetGalley for the copy in exchange for my honest review

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The Corr Sisters return with a riveting journey through the perils of an Underworld over-run with spirits, monsters and selfish Gods.
A perfectly weaved tale that would make even the Fates jealous.

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Oh damn. Oh damn! OH DAMN!
(Yes I am channeling my inner Raymond Holt)

I have read every book @katharinecorrwrites and @lizcorrwrites have written, so believe me when I say THIS IS THE BEST YET.

Playing with history and legend, What if Bronze Age Mycenae had never fallen? What if Orpheus had succeeded? What if actually that tale was way more messed up? This story packs punches, death, betrayals, revelations and heartbreak that Homer and Euripides would be proud of.

But they'd hate the fantastic feminist undercutting of basically all of Greek mythology (CAN YOU TELL WHY I've BEEN AND AM SO EXCITED? GREEK MYTHOLOGY, FEMALE AGENCY? Give me all of it.)

Deina our protagonist is indentured to the service of the God Hades. Scarred by smallpox she doesn't have the one advantage a Greek woman could have, beauty. But she's fast, clever and conniving. And driven to prove she's better than the boys particularly the treacherous Theron. So when King Orpheus arrives with a heroic quest she wastes zero seconds or thoughts about leaving her only friend to complete this task and win the freedom she craves. Even if it means going to the Underworld.

Playing with much more than just the myth of Orpheus but also much deeper levels of the very foundations of the Hellenic pantheons this book is an absolute thriller that kept me so hooked I couldn't put it down.

Liz, Kate I will happily beta book 2 or alpha, which ever, because the ending has me hanging off the proverbial cliff by the ragged remains of my fingernails.

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I am an avid reader of all things related to Greek mythology, fiction and non-fiction alike. Orpheus and Eurydice is a well-known story but Katharine an Elizabeth Corr have turned the story on its head and given it so much more depth and intrigue than ever before. Even if you are familiar with the myths, the twists and turns of this book will surprise you and you will not be able to guess the ending.

What impressed me most was the world-building from the start. The concept of the Soul-Severers is not an easy one, nor the quest that Deina, the protagonist volunteers to undertake. Yet it is introduced in such a clever way that it comes across as believable. You are able to understand this world from the start and get stuck in to the story.

The characters who accompany us on the adventure into the Underworld are flawed and yet I still rooted for them and wanted them to succeed and find redemption. A tense sensation of mistrust is felt from the very start, and we as readers are waiting for a betrayal from one of them, but unsure where it will come from.

The adventurous aspect of the journey into the Underworld takes up much of the novel and the incredible descriptions and situations that take place keep the story alive and exciting.

A must-read for lovers of the fantasy genre and Greek mythology. I cannot wait to read the sequel!

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Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for granting me an arc of Daughter of Darkness.

Deina is what's known as a soul severer. She literally severs souls and in exchange a year is taken from her indenture. Her hope is to earn the freedom of both herself and best friend, Chryse and finally be free.

She gets the chance, along with three others, all boys. All believing she shouldn't be there. All with their eyes on the prize Orpheus offers. Freedom. All they have to do is work together to perform the impossible. He wishes for them to go to the Underworld and bring his dead wife back to life.

What follows is a journey of self discovery, rekindled friendships and love and betrayal of the worst kind.

Deina has many questions along the way, but the most important is why does the god of the underworld show such an interest in Deina? And who is the mysterious figure she sees everytime she performs a soul severance?

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Stunning cover with an even better story! I would highly recommend this book, I have been talking about this non-stop. Do not miss out!

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Such a great rewrite of a Greek classic myth. Strong female lead and the world building bordering on brilliant. An excellent read.

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