True Crime Stories You Won't Believe

A Cavalcade of Chaotic Justice

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Pub Date 4 Apr 2022 | Archive Date 25 May 2022

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Here is a collection of true crime stories from different countries and time periods that defy simple description. They include:

* The strange tale of a psychotic geisha who severed her lover’s genitals to carry as a token of her love and who inspired a cult following

* How a small-town murderer helped inspire the movie Psycho and left his hometown with a reputation they never lived down

* A father who sacrificed his daughter to prove his faith in God and his followers who fully expected her to be raised on the third day (she wasn’t)

* A Sorbonne graduate student who killed and cannibalized the woman he loved and went on to become a bizarre media celebrity

* A 19th century serial killer who earned the title of “the worst women in the world” by killing a series of husbands for profit

* The assassination attempt on John F. Kennedy you never heard about but which very nearly succeeded.

* George Stinney, the fourteen-year-old child who died in the electric chair for a crime he didn’t commit.

* Joseph Vacher, the “French Ripper” whose crimes shocked France but tried to blame it all on the rabid dog that bit him.

* How mob boss Vincent Gigante earned himself the nickname of “the Oddfather”

* Leonarda Cianciulli, the Corregio “Soapmaker” who killed three women as a sacrifice to protect her own children.

*These stories, and more, are all featured here making this book a must for any connoisseur of true crime and bizarre justice.

Here is a collection of true crime stories from different countries and time periods that defy simple description. They include:

* The strange tale of a psychotic geisha who severed her lover’s...

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Featured Reviews

This was a pretty interesting book, and I hadn't heard about most of the stories. A lot of the stories were disturbing, so I wouldn't recommend this book if you get easily unsettled or scared.

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This was a look at several fascinating and perplexing crimes committed by people all over the world at various periods of time. I had read about some of these crimes previously, but many of the crimes I didn't know about. I highly recommend this book to other true crime readers.

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True Crime Stories You Won’t Believe by Romeo Vatellie is a great book for any true crime fans library. In a world of true crime books were copy and paste is the usual. It was so refreshing to not only read stories I hadn’t heard, but to say proof in every story that that was great research done and an effort to make this book worth reading. They have so many different stories with follow up on the aftermath of the victims in the accused. It is a rare day that you get a true crime book written with such care for detail and I can’t say how much I recommend this to other true crime fans. From a Cornell professor who resorting to violence to try and stop America joining World War I, to a 16-year-old African-American put to death in the electric chair in South Carolina for a crime that was barely investigated and a trial that was over much too soon. They have so many stories in this book and I could give little quotes about each, but I want anyone who read this book to be as pleasantly surprised as I was. I love historical true crime and this book has it all from cannibals to husband killers and as I said it’s a book I highly recommend. I was given this book by Net Gally and I am leaving this review voluntarily. Please forgive any grammar or punctuation errors as I am blind and dictate my review but all opinions are definitely my own.

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This is a perfect book for true crime readers. It has a nice mix of well known to not so well known cases. They seem well researched though I did not look all of them up.
Overall a very solid well written book!

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This is an interesting and well researched collection of true crime stories.
It is set apart from others like it because many of the stories featured are much older, and therefore there’s a good chance you haven’t heard them before!
It was great to read so many new stories, and Once this book has been properly proof-read, I believe it will be a huge success.
A 4 star rating from me - and I read a lot of true crime!

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ell written, interesting look at some true crime stories. Most are a bit obscure and less well known. A few are more common to true crime fans. I read quite a few stories here that I saw for the first time. But a couple of the more ‘rare’ ones I had already read about as well. Worth a read if the subject interests you. I received a review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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Years ago there was an app on google that everyday would give a different story about a crime, serial killer or of the sorts, and there were different narrators, some more embezzled, some more scientific etc., and the way the stories were told were the right way for me, like a talk with a friend or in late night, this book had just enough about the stories, if there was rape, only rape was mentioned, nothing of the sick details, so it was kind of easy to read through, each story was only a couple of pages short, and as the author tells us, the stories in this book are mostly old ones, the details here are the ones that survived in journals, it was like a compilation of blog news stories.

I read mostly sci-fi, but sometimes I get tired and one way of relax of it, is reading something that has nothing to do with it, and true crime kind of fits the bill, but I must confess sometimes reality is weirder than fiction, while mostly of the stories were unknown for me, I did know a couple of these, I highly recommend this book it reminded me as well of the book lady killers, but in here you have stories from women, men, children, trans people etc., a bit of everything, and the author is promising to continue in other volumes I must say I want to read more of this tales…

Thank you NetGalley for the free ARC and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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True Crime Stories You Won’t Believe is the first book in a series of planned short story collections. This book contains a collection of 32 short true crime stories dating back to the late 1800’s. Most of the stories are pretty obscure and the only one that was familiar to me was the story of Ed Gein.

While I enjoyed most of the stories in the book, I would have preferred more stories from modern times. But it still was an interesting read, nonetheless.

Some readers may find the stories disturbing. I didn’t think they were and I actually wanted more graphic details. In comparison to other true crime novels, True Crime Stories is not at all gruesome and in my opinion, very mild in grisly elements.

Overall, True Crime Stories is a noteworthy read for true crime aficionados. Four stars.

I received a digital copy of the book from Books Go Social. The review herein is completely my own and contains my honest thoughts and opinions.

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I received a arc of this book from net galley. Interesting true stories some I have read before others I had not. Book didn’t go into a lot of details and told short stories of the events. Author kept readers attention. Reminded me of watching a investigation show

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For readers who enjoy true crime, this is a great book. There is a nice balance between well-known and less-known cases. I haven't checked them all out but it appears they are well researched. Overall, I enjoyed this read and would definitely recommend it.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with this arc in exchange for an honest review.

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This is a disturbing read that features many brutal crimes that wouldn't be a book that everyone would love, but as I am fascinated with true crime and the dark side of humanity I loved it. There were many crimes in here that I hadn't heard off so that made it even more interesting for me.

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What a fascinating book. Some of the stories were hard reading and gruesome, but credit to the author he stated that at the start of the book. I like that it details some lesser-known cases instead of focusing on cases that are well known, as I felt it added more depth to the book. For anyone interested in crime and why people commit some horrible crimes I honestly think you will enjoy this book. Can wait for more volumes of the book to be published.

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A mesmerizing collection of true crimes, bizarre to brutal to unimaginable. From countries all over the world , from geishas to the murder inspiring the movie Psycho! Well worth the read.

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