Foul Lady Fortune

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Pub Date 27 Sep 2022 | Archive Date 30 Sep 2022

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Assassin. Immortal. Spy.

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of These Violent Delights comes the first book in a captivating new duology following an ill-matched pair of spies posing as a married couple to investigate a series of brutal murders in 1930s Shanghai.

It's 1931 in Shanghai, and the stage is set for a new decade of intrigue.

Four years ago, Rosalind Lang was brought back from the brink of death, but the strange experiment that saved her also stopped her from sleeping and aging - and allows her to heal from any wound. In short, Rosalind cannot die. Now, desperate for redemption for her traitorous past, she uses her abilities as an assassin for her country.

Code name: Fortune.

But when the Japanese Imperial Army begins its invasion march, Rosalind's mission pivots. A series of murders is causing unrest in Shanghai, and the Japanese are under suspicion. Rosalind's new orders are to infiltrate foreign society and identify the culprits behind the terror plot before more of her people are killed.

To reduce suspicion, she must pose as the wife of another Nationalist spy, Orion Hong. Although Rosalind finds Orion's cavalier attitude and playboy demeanour infuriating, she is willing to work with him for the greater good. But Orion has an agenda of his own, and Rosalind has secrets that she wants to keep buried. As they both attempt to unravel the conspiracy, the two spies soon find that there are deeper and more horrifying layers to this mystery than they ever imagined.


'An electrifying, swashbuckling tale of intrigue and assassins, romance and betrayal' CASSANDRA CLARE

'Amazing, show-stopping, spectacular' XIRAN JAY ZHAO

'A dark delight' RENEE AHDIEH

'Foul Lady Fortune had my heart pounding from the first chapter' ELIZABETH LIM

'Chloe Gong has outdone herself' JOAN HE

Assassin. Immortal. Spy.

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of These Violent Delights comes the first book in a captivating new duology following an ill-matched pair of spies posing as a...

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The spin-off series to Gong’s highly successful debut duology, ‘Foul Lady Fortune’ takes place 5 years following the conclusion of ‘Our Violent Ends’. Gang rule has gone - Shanghai is now engaged in Civil War, this is a far different city to the one Juliette and Roma once ruled.

Rosalind is a nationalist Spy operating under the code name ‘Fortune’. It is a name synonymous with fear in every corner of the city - a ruthless, flawless assassin; trained by the best to every inch of perfection but, most importantly, an immortal. She cannot be killed, she does not age. Her role differs when she enters into a marriage under false pretences with Orion - a charismatic batchelor whose last name a carries a reputation - in order to solve a series of killings that are ravaging the city.


This was utterly phenomenal. It did take a little while to get going, but I was hooked the entire time - the mix of political tensions to evoke the historical narrative, alongside the inner monologue of Rosalind, a character baring both mental and physical scars as well as the developing love story ensured for a fascinating read.

I once described ‘These Violent Delights’ as a love-letter to Shanghai, and FLF is very much the same. The attention to detail to 1930s Shanghai is nothing short of a marvel to read, you can tell the love and care paid to ensuring this city is portrayed as accurately (obviously, sans the fantasy elements) as possible. I am someone of a Chinese heritage and, though I do not speak the language, reading lines about linguistic / cultural differences that only those native to the country would understand meant the world.

As the case with her previous writing, the best came with the rise in action. Both the end of the book itself and the epilogue made me gasp out loud, Chloe is a master of the subtly obvious plot twist - the layers are there, but you barely suspect until it is spelled out for you.

Publication date is 27 September 2022. If you fancy historical fiction / slow burn / fantasy that is set in a world that feels very real, you better run.

I will say - I do not think this works as a standalone. Not necessarily a criticism , but I do think you would struggle to read this had you not read TVD / OVE beforehand.

Thank you to NetGalley for an advanced readers copy in exchange for my unbiased review :) xo

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I read this book through my pain and tears, and high anxiety— because yes it was a spy mission. I just finished FOUL LADY FORTUNE about 2 minutes ago, so I will not write an in-depth review as of now. What I will say is Chloe Gong creates an intricate atmosphere of 1930's Shanghai, where she explores a multitude of perspectives and uprisings. The reader is introduced to new characters, but I was glad to see some familiar faces too. The plot twists? They were mind blowing— I never expected them, and I'm usually good at predicting the plot. Rosalind Lang has had the best redemption ARC, and her romance with Orion was spectacular. I will not know peace until I read book 2, thank you for destroying me again miss Chloe. :')

Thank you so much to the publisher for an ARC!

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Always keeping the readers shocked until the end, eh?

Foul Lady Fortune is the first of a new duology set four years after the end of the TVD duology. This time, we follow the prickly, untrusting Rosalind Lang, aka Janie Mead/Fortune, who is now an assassin and has to work with Orion Hong, a spy, on a mission to uncover who's behind the chemical killings across Shanghai while the Japanese are on the horizon, eager to invade China.

I admit that when I heard that Rosalind was leading the series, I was hesitant. I was incredibly eager to return to this world, but, having just stepped off the OVE train and was still screaming from its epilogue, I was left not feeling pleased with Rosalind. However, curiosity was gnawing at me, and I took a chance. I'm happy to report that I'm now a Rosalind fan. The girl is an assassin trying to piece together the broken vase pieces of Shanghai to make up for her past, for she believes she is the cause of the death blow strike that made the city shatter.

Now, devilishly charming characters have a spot in my heart, and Orion very proudly took command of my attention. But as always, all that suaveness hides the pain characters like him hide under their masks. In his case, it's his strained relationship with his older brother and his father that causes him grief.

I love the development of their relationship, how it all began with fake marriage, and how in the process, they help each other take care of past wounds. Of course, there was tons of bickering and bantering and teasing (which I'm a sucker for) which led to a soft glance here and a heartfelt comment there which THEN led to feelings of "wait WHEN DID I FALL FOR XX?"

As usual, great attention was paid to the details of 1930s Shanghai: the multiculturalism that breathes with its citizens and visitors, the imperialist atmosphere that makes some pull at their collar and others puff up with pride and weigh down the shoulders of others, the constant battle of wit and timing between political factions for power and control. Just like the TVD duology, real-life events were carefully integrated into the story, enhancing the themes/topics that the TVD world focuses on but never fully taking one's attention away from the characters or the main plot of the story. And once again, just like the previous duology, the rising action/climax of the book made my heart race. Just... well done!

Quick-fire notes:
- I enjoy following the cast of FLF but... I'm currently the most interested in Celia, Oliver and Alisa. Celia and Oliver certainly have an interesting relationship. I'm quite curious to see where it goes, considering each of their reservations and goals. Will their commitment to their beliefs get in the way of their feelings developing beyond friendship? As for Alisa, I'm sure her role will only get bigger. Phoebe and Silas on the other hand are cute as hell.
-I'M VERY HAPPY FOR BENEDIKT AND MARSHALL! (They were only mentioned once lol).

Thanks to Netgalley and Hodder and Stoughton for providing me with the e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Omg Chloe Gong never disappoints, this book might be one of my favorites of 2022. The plot is amazing, all the new characters are so much fun, I'm so excited for book 2!!

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Thank you so much to Hodder & Stoughton and Netgalley for sending me an advanced copy of Foul Lady Fortune.

I have actually been counting down the days until this book came out. And it certainly did not disappoint. I got so caught up in it, I missed my bus stop TWICE. It really, really is incredible.

This book is a spin-off of her first series, These Violent Delights. While there are definitely nods to it, this thriller/spy mystery/romance works perfectly by itself. I love how grounded it is while having these fantastical elements.

Rosalind is a nationalist Spy operating under the code name ‘Fortune' living in a much different Shanghai than the one we grew to know in the first duology. The city is at war with itself once more.

Chloe Gong is masterful when it comes to plot twists that we should have seen coming but there is absolutely no way with the way she writes these novels.

Come on book two!

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4.5 Stars, the rest is chloe gong tearing me apart.

Anyway thanks Netgalley for the e-arc in exchange for an honest review! This book really consumes me and once i woke up i fr instantly remember the ending????? hello it was SICKKKKKKK.
Foul lady fortune IS ALL ABOUT ROSALIND and i can't change my mind, and yeah hong liwen you are GOD I CANT DESCRIBE HOW MUCH I WANT TO TELL EVERYONE ABOUT YOU. Idk if i need a therapy or a proper sleep after reading this. Chloe Gong this is maADDDD you are absolutely insane, i'm sorry for who i have become once flf2 coming to town.

Im going to edit this review once i clear my mind of this gang

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I was beyond excited to be granted an arc of this, it’s one of my most anticipated reads this year.

The start of the book took a little while for me to get used to the setting but if you’re familiar with Chloe Gong and the way she writes you won’t be disappointed.

This book is full of delicious twists and it always kept me guessing, I found myself growing very fond of the relationship between orion and Rosalind, their dynamics are entertaining and after finishing the book I felt at a loss… I wanted more. But that’s what a second book is for. I cannot wait for this book to be released, this is definitely something I will buy (I’ve already preordered in fact) and I cannot wait to read a physical final copy. Absolutely in love.

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Coming back to this world felt like coming home.
I loved getting to know Rosalind more and how Chloe Gong depicted her as a complex character that is still loveable (especially after the ending of the previous duology). It can be difficult to enjoy a new cast of characters in a spin-off series but the new people were very interesting and believable. The relationships developping between all of them were entracing and entertaining for sure - the "who did this to you scene" KILLED ME.
As for the fantasy aspect. C. Gong always impresses me with her plot choices and the way she includes political commentary in a YA fantasy series.
The cliffhanger though.... Dying over there.

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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC of this book.

I had such high hopes and expectations for Foul Lady Fortune after I wholeheartedly loved the These Violent Delights duology, and I am happy to report that I was not let down.

It literally feels as if Chloe Gong just decided to write books that are filled with everything I love. Political intrigues and schemes, cutthroat FMCs, MMCs that complement the DMC while admittedly being a little bit less vicious and dangerous, a perfectly paced story filled with plot twists and revelations, and a writing style that feels almost lyrical and poetic at times.

I am just in awe of this world that the author has created, a flawless mix of historically accurate facts, Shakespearean characters and fantasy elements that just work so well together.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Rosalind in the original duology, but now I love her. Orion is great as well, as are his two siblings. I also loved that we got more Celia and Alisa in this book.

Foul Lady Fortune is an amazing continuation of Our Violent Ends, while also being its own story. I cannot wait until this masterpiece is out in the world so that I can scream about the plot twists with my friends.

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Where do I even begin with this one. Earlier this year I bought These Violent Delights Duology, little did I know it would go on to be two of my favorite books for the year. So when I saw the approval for Foul Lady Fortune I can't even begin to describe my excitement. Chloe Gong is simply spectacular. She is a literary monster at such a young age. She set the bar so high with her first book and the fact that every book after is just consistently better blows my mind.

Foul Lady Fortune was beyond anything I could ever perceive. It was one of those books that made me completely forget I was reading. The perfect form of escapism. The world of Shanghai is so well built from the previous novels but here we have a different view point, at a different age. It's refreshing to see how Shanghai has moved on (whether good or bad) from the outcome of Our Violent Delights. Gong really builds up this world that seems so fortifying yet harrowing at the same time. The political unrest continues to evolve. The social climate hostile. It sets the perfect stage for our characters.

Speaking of characters. Rosalind was absolutely fantastic. I loved the appearance of the older characters, the different povs. Being able to see what each was up to. Miss Lady Fortune had so much depth as a main protagonist. She's not good, nor bad, she's just herself. And that is something I love about Gong's characters. They're not perfect, they all have flaws and within those flaws you feel a sense of connectedness. I did not expect to fall as hard as I did for Orion Hong. He was just the right amount of comedic relief to offset Rosalind's seriousness. Everytime he called her Beloved, I swooned a little. I really loved their dynamic and I'm a huge sucker for slow burns.

The complexity of the plot blew me away. Chloe Gong has some of the most all rounded plots I've ever come across. She has the type of plots I wish never end because it constantly keeps me on my toes. Just when I think I have things figured out she sweeps the rug from underneath and throws in another plot twist. I actually considered sitting down before a board and mapping out the plot because of this. The last ten chapters in particular had me by the throat.

Overall, I loved this book so much and absolutely cannot wait to have a physical copy in my hands. I could only put half of my thoughts into words for this review when reality this book was so much more.

Thank you Netgalley as well as Hodder and Stoughton for this e-arc in exchange for my honest review.

(This review will also be posted to my goodreads, as well as a version to my IG (@krisreadstt) as soon as I can take a picture to do it even slight justice within the next few days).

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FOUL LADY FORTUNE. Wow. What the fuck. Chloe Gong has once again left me with a heartwrenching, breathtaking, suspenseful ending that makes me think "I NEED MORE". Please, Chloe Gong, inject this into my bloodstream because I have now found my two new chaos bestie gremlins - Oliver and Phoebe Hong, who are just...marvellous, hilarious, monster babies that made me fall in love with them (Alisa deserves a special mention here).

I think booktwt knows that Chloe is known for her special wit and breakneck murder in her books, and I can promise you that this lives up to THESE VIOLENT DELIGHTS., if not exceeding my expectations -- action, murder, sexy hair, it's got it all.

I can't wait for book two!

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If I could give a book 10 stars, it would be this one. Thank you so much to Hodder & Stoughton for the gifted arc and a huge thank you to Chloe Gong for this book.

The book takes place in 1931 Shanghai, and Rosalind works as Fortune (or Lady Fortune), a Nationalist assassin who is effectively immortal, and cannot die by any means other than poison. She goes undercover with fellow Nationalist agent, Orion, and together they are tasked with solving a serial murder case haunting the streets of the city. Pitched as a speculative historical noir, the thriller aspects stood out, and the Shakespearean inspiration was clear and enjoyable. I’m personally a massive Shakespeare fan, and seeing the elements of As You Like It come to life in a historical thriller was fascinating. While you don’t need any knowledge of the play to enjoy FLF, it’s definitely an added element of enjoyment.

One of my favourite things about Gong’s books are the politics – they’re fleshed out and messy (and historically accurate), and it was very interesting to examine how the politics fit in with the characters’ individual motivations. The book was also tightly plotted, and the character development and plot development fitted seamlessly with each other. Pacing was good, and I enjoyed the variety of characters we got to meet.

And speaking of characters, the main cast was wonderful! I may be biased because I’ve adored Rosalind’s character since TVD, but she’s definitely the star of the show. In mourning from the events of TVD, we see a vastly different Rosalind than in the previous duology, but her development (both from TVD and throughout FLF) was really well done. The other characters are also fantastic and have such a special place in my heart, but Rosalind was my favourite. In saying that, I do have a huge soft spot for Phoebe.

The representation was another thing that made this book so special. While I can’t speak to the portrayal of Chinese characters, or other queer characters, and will leave those aspects to be reviewed by Ownvoice readers, the aspec (on the asexual/aromantic spectrums) representation was fantastic. It’s small, but there are two characters who are undeniably on the page aspec. While the terms aren’t used, because it’s historical fiction, the characters are demisexual and aroace, and it was really refreshing to see these two rarely-shown identities in fiction.

I would highly recommend this book to fans of These Violent Delights, but also to fans of historical thrillers, or Shakespearean retellings.

Thank you so much to Hodder & Stoughton, Netgalley, and Chloe Gong for the advanced copy, received in exchange for an honest review!

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Wow, just wow!
Foul Lady Fortune was one of my most anticipated reads this year with its gorgeous cover and attention-grabbing blurb and I was not left disappointed.
From the first line, I was immediately captivated. This book had everything I love from fake marriage to grumpy/sunshine to who hurt you. The plot flowed at a comfortable pace and at times left me stunned with its unexpected twists, and the characters (to me) were perfect with their flaws and at times ineptitude.
Although Foul Lady Fortune is a spin-off from the These Violent Delights duology I don't feel that it is essential to read them first to understand the story.

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Chloe Gong’s writing is so incredibly immersive that the minute you open this book, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into 1930s Shanghai.

I loved the These Violent Delights duology and wasn’t sure how this would measure up. There’s always a risk that a spin-off will be too similar or too different but Foul Lady Fortune falls perfectly in the middle.

The overall vibe was very similar. Chloe Gong’s books read very like action movies with lots of intricate world-building and a vast political system. Everything was really well explained but never info-dumped. Because there is so much detail, there is a risk for the book to feel slow but almost every chapter ended on a cliffhanger that drew you into the next one.

I really loved the returning characters. Rosalind, Celia, and Alisa were some of my favorite characters in TVD and I loved seeing how they were adjusting to life after the events of Our Violent Ends. Our new characters were great too. Orion was really well fleshed out, and I loved Phoebe, Silas, and Oliver. The dynamic between Rosalind and Orion was spot on and I liked seeing their different skills and personalities play off each other. I really loved the queer representation. Orion and Phoebe are bi-sexual, Rosalind is demi-sexual, Celia is trans, Alissa is aro/ace, and I believe Silas is also queer. The rep is brought in in a way that, although it’s not a big deal to our characters, you can tell it’s still considered something dangerous in the wider world.

The assassin/spy dynamic was a lot of fun and I loved the new supernatural twist, with Rosalind’s immortality. It felt very X-Men-ish. The plot, while reminiscent of TVD, was really twisty and kept me on the edge of my seat.

I will say, although you can technically read this without having read the TVD duology, I wouldn’t recommend it. You would miss so much of the backstory for half of the characters and the world itself.

This is another new favorite from Chloe Gong and puts her firmly on my favorite authors list. I can’t wait for the sequel.

Content warnings (as noted by the author): blood, violence, murder, weapon use, needles, description of human experimentation, descriptions of war, descriptions of head injury.

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This was one of my most anticipated books of 2022, and I am still in awe that I got an arc, and devoured the book in less than a day. The subtle nods to tvd and ove were obvious, but it isn't necessary to remember everything, as the major plot points were explained, and so I thought flf worked well as a standalone.

Whilst I loved tvd and ove, I definitely think flf was my favourite so far. There was so much growth, and emotional depth in the story, especially with Rosalind, but also dealing with grief and finding your place without your loved ones and everything you're familiar with, that made me even more involved in the story.

I was so drawn by the way every character was written and the atmosphere was slowly built up, that I didn't want the book to end. The chemistry and tension between Rosalind and Orion was perfect. I loved how they bounced off of each other in every interaction, the same for Celia and Oliver.

It was nice to see old character's making a return, but also be introduced to new ones, Alisa was one of my favourite characters in tvd / ove and it was great to see more of her and her growth.

The beginning takes a while to pick up, but once it does, there is a lot of action, with plot twists everywhere. Some of the plot twists were easy to figure out, as there were subtle hints planted in the story, but some genuinely had me screaming. I am excited to see how the story develops and everything ties up, but also know my heart will probably be broken again in the sequel.

Was this review helpful?

Foul Lady Fortune was one of my most anticipated reads of the year, so my expectations were high and it is safe to say that those expectations were met and surpassed.

The story is set a few years after the events of Our Violent Ends and we follow Rosalind Lang— who is now immortal and seeking redemption by working as an assassin for the Nationalists under the codename “Fortune”. We also meet Orion Hong— a fellow Nationalist spy whose fame as a playboy and constant jokes annoy Rosalind to no end. The two are coerced into a fake marriage for the sake of a mission that will uncover the truth behind mysterious deaths. This time spent together will uncover secrets that the both of them have been hiding from each other.

I was hooked on this book from the first page. It is physically impossible to put down as the story just keeps drawing you in with every page turn, especially the last one hundred pages or so when the plot twists and answers just keep coming and coming. After turning the final page I had to sit for a minute and process everything that had just happened. Chloe Gong is a master at leaving subtle clues and letting you guess what will happen in the end, but even if you guess correctly, there is always a twist meant to keep you entertained and on your toes.

Although this book is not historical, it plays with the history of Shanghai beautifully. So much was happening in the city and the way bits and pieces of information were spread as the story developed made the historical elements easier to comprehend and digest. There is so much history in Shanghai and I hope Chloe Gong continues as its storyteller. She writes Shanghaiwith so much love and care that I always find myself researching the events mentioned in her books, desperate to know more.

Immediately after finishing Our Violent Ends in November of last year, I was a bit sad with the conclusion of Rosalind’s story because it felt incomplete. Everything was explained beautifully in the book and it had a nice conclusion, but there was a missing puzzle piece and Foul Lady Fortune is that missing piece. It brings closure to the character of Rosalind in These Violent Delights while not letting it go completely because trauma stays with us forever, to a lesser extent, but it stays.

I literally have no words to describe Orion. He instantly became one of my favorite characters and I believe his story is one of the best that Chloe has written. I can’t say much about him but trust me, Orion Hong will steal your heart.

Alisa was another character I was greatly surprised with. In These Violent Delights she was only known as Roma’s sister and played a very minor role but I loved her regardless, so you can imagine my excitement when I heard that she was going to be one of the main characters featured in Foul Lady Fortune. She did not disappoint. The growth from These Violent Delights Alisa to Foul Lady Fortune Alisa is big, she is a completely different person while keeping the essence of the character we knew and this growth went with the story naturally.

As for the rest of the characters, I must say that I was amazed by how easily they blended in with the characters we knew and loved from These Violent Delights, I found myself caring equally about them all, which oftentimes is hard to do since we have more of an attachment to characters we knew previously. I can’t wait to see more of them in Foul Lady Fortune 2.

While I do not think it is necessary to read These Violent Delights and Our Violent Ends to understand the story (given that most of the events in those books are summarized into short paragraphs to give context in certain situations), I would strongly recommend reading them beforehand as it adds depth to the story.

Foul Lady Fortune will be released on September 27th in the UK, United States and Canada, and on October 1st in Australia and New Zealand.

Thank you Netgalley and Hodder & Stoughton for a Digital Advanced Reader’s Copy in exchange for an honest review.

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This book was amazing, easily 5/5

But first of all, thank you so much Hodder and Stoughton and NetGalley for providing me with an e-ARC in exchange for a review!

This book follows Rosalind and Orion as they pose as a married couple in their new spying operation for the Nationalists, along with some other characters [known to us from TVD as well as manny new ones].

My perception of Rosalind changed a lot comparing to what I thought of her in OVE - she is my second or third FLF character now, after Alisa ofc. I absolutely loved the a-spec representation in this book)

The romance was so good, and with the amazing plot this book was a masterpiece. There were so many plot twists that I absolutely didn’t see coming, I just sat open-mouthed multiple times, having no idea where any of it is going. All this was well balanced with comedy, so I laughed a lot while reading it)
THAT ENDING THOUGH… how are we supposed to wait for the second book with THIS?!

Anyway, FLF was one of my two most anticipated releases of the year, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. EVERYONE GO PREORDER IT RN IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY

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After loving These Violent Delights duology with all my heart, I was hesitant about this book. But I shouldn't have worried. Once again Chloe delivers an incredible, complex story with a fantastic set of characters and plot twists around every corner. To be honest, I wasn't sure I was going to love Rosalind after the events of Our Violent Ends, but this book totally changed my mind. You can see how she blames herself for what happened and wants to make amends.

“More than anything in the world, Rosalind Lang wanted redemption, and if this was how she got it, then so be it.”

So, chapter after chapter I came to understand her and grew fond of her. Besides, her slow-burn relationship with Orion was so beautifully developed that I loved them from the beginning. Trust me, these two are going to give you lots of feels.

“Your life is mine as mine is yours.”

I also loved the other characters, their personality and interactions. But I don't want to spoil too much. Last but not least, the historical background and the whole plot were masterfully developed, with intrigues and twists that will leave you open-mouthed. Not to mention the ending. I just need the sequel now.

So yes, Foul Lady Fortune meets every expectations and confirms how talented Chloe is.

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Everything that Chloe Gong writes is exceptional. Foul Lady Fortune has exceeded expectations- Rosalind Lang is a fierce character that has been written so well. The plot is so well put together you can’t help but feel immersed in the storyline, impatiently waiting for the second book in the duology now

Was this review helpful?

An absolutely wild, gorgeous rush of adrenalin. It took me a little while to get into this one, and to unravel the various factions (although this is the start of a new duology, you definitely need to read Gong’s other book first and preferably have it all clear in your mind!) Once I was in though I was utterly hooked.

I absolutely loved Rosalind’s character, and the romantic tension between her and Orion was spectacular. In fact, all of the characters in this book are fantastically drawn and I ended up having so much affection for them. The plotting was pacy and there were so many twists and turns it left me breathless - the action sequences felt cinematic, the whole book reads incredibly visually, and that’s a testament to Gong’s richly imagined, luxurious world building. I just loved it and now I am quite stressed out that I have to wait for the next book!

Was this review helpful?

I cannot help but love anything that Chloe Gong writes, she hooks you in and makes you want to keep reading. Foul Lady Fortune is no different, I don't want to spoil anything but WOW. Rosalind Lang IS BACK. It is fantastic to get to see what happened next to her. I cannot express how much I enjoyed this book and cannot wait for the second in the duology!

Was this review helpful?

Thank you for the ARC!

This book was just wow. I am absolutely speechless and I just know that I would be thinking about this book for a long long time.

In the beginning of the book, I was a little bit slow on trying to grasp the plot and I did get confused from time to time. I am not sure if the fact that I haven’t read the these violent delights duology affected that, but once I did undesirable everything I could not stop reading. I just had to know what happens next.

The characters were easy to love and I got attached to them immediately. I cannot pick a favorite character because all of them had their own unique charms that really made my reading experience.The found family trope is my weakness, and I adored the relationship of the characters to one another. I do hope in the next book we get more of Oliver and Celia with them.

Now, let’s talk about the romance in this book. This book definitely delivered on romance. There were three different love stories followed and all of them were equally interesting. First is Celia and Oliver, they were lovely together. We did not really see much of them in this book, but every moment they did had me smiling like a maniac. Next is Phoebe and Silas, I ADORE THEM! They’re dynamics are the best. I do have a soft spot for Silas, he’s been inlove with her ever since and would do anything for her. He’s also very awkward and I think it’s so cute. And last but definitely not the least, ROSALIND AND ORION. Chloe Gong put all the best tropes and expected me to be okay? FAKE MARRIAGE TROPE? check! REVERSE GRUMPY SUNSHINE? check! WHO DID THIS TO YOU? check! DO NOT TOUCH MY WIFE? check! They gave me so much butterflies and made me giggle like a schoolgirl with all their scenes.

And now let’s move on to the plot of the book. I was trying to solve the mystery with them as I go and I definitely did not expect that. I found the mystery of who is killer and why they were doing it so captivating. Towards the end of the book it was just plot twist after plot twist and none of them I saw coming.

“Foul Lady Fortune” has everything I want in a boom and more. It had the perfect amount of action, mystery and romance that had me excited for every next page. I will not be able to move on from this book for a while and I can’t wait for the next book already.

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A phenomenally thrilling tale of espionage, mystery and bravery set against the heady backdrop of 1930's Shanghai. Fast paced and well written, this tale is a must read. Its unique setting and strong female protagonists were captivating, and I will definitely be reading more of Chloe Gong's works. I loved the writing style and found myself desperate to keep reading to find out what happened next! Overall, absolutely recommend.

Thank you to Net Galley and Hodder & Stoughton for providing an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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I don't know what magical powers Chloe Gong was born with but every book she has published this far in her career has left me absolutely speechless. The These Violent Delights duology is one of my favourite duologies out there, although the Romeo and Juliette retelling left me with a gaping hole in my chest. As soon as this upcoming 'sequel' duology was announced, I knew I needed my hands on it as soon as possible.
Chloe Gong did not dissapoint one bit with Rosalind's story. I was drawn in from the first chapter as I dived into Chloe's 1931 Shanghai to be reacquainted with Rosalind and met a new cast of characters I quickly fell in love with. Tell me where I can find my very own Orion who can play my fake beloved and I'll give you all the stars in the world.
Now I somehow need to wait patiently for another year to read the conclusion to this incredible duology. If the sequel is anything like this first book, I have no doubt in my mind that it will be incredible.

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Miss Chloe is clearly doing the gods work here. Thus book is a MASTERPIECE. THE ROMANCE, THE BANTER, THR PLOT TWISTS UGH IM IN LOVE!! Could not recommend enough 😩🤚

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a free eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review!


I got the email that I was approved for the eARC of this on my birthday and it has been the best birthday present ever because reading it now, a couple of weeks later, it feels like the gift that just keeps on giving! One of my most anticipated releases of the year DID NOT DISAPPOINT!!!

I mean, it's no surprise I was going to love this book. I was nervous going in, in case I didn't end up loving it as much as I hoped. But let me tell you, it surpassed my expectations. I love everything about this book, but especially, ESPECIALLY, the characters. We've got some new, fantastic faces in Orion, Phoebe, Oliver and Silas, and the best familiar faces in Rosalind, Celia and Alisa. They all shine, and they all completely take over your heart. Chloe Gong just writes the best characters.

The tropes in here, are IMMACULATE. I don't even know where to begin. We've got fake marriage trope, forced proximity trope, grumpy x sunshine trope, "Who did this to you?" trope, cute nicknames trope (Orion calling Rosalind "beloved" is imprinted on my brain). You like it, it's in here.

The pacing is great in this book. You've got loads of really great action sequences, along with some quieter moments to give you a bit of a breather, and it was just so much fun to read. You never knew where you were going to end up chapter after chapter - especially with the plot twist after plot twist at the end of the book! This one really keeps you on your toes, as you would expect with a historical spy mystery, and it's executed perfectly.

You could read this without having read the These Violent Delights duology, but I would heavily recommend reading those two first just so that you fully comprehend the backstory to this book, and you can properly take note of all the nods back to that duology!

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CHLOE GONG - you never stop writing in the future, please!!!!!
I beg you!
This is another winner, another banger from the author of These Violent Delights duology.
Loved every bits and pieces of this one <3

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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this in advance of publication. A full review will be posted on my Instagram in the coming days. Foul Lady Fortune exceeded all expectations and late-game twists and turns absolutely blew me away. It's been several days since I finished reading and I find myself missing the characters and setting. I am already on tenterhooks waiting for the next installment!

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"A dancer, an agent."

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (If I could rate it higher I would)

❗This is a spoiler-free ARC review from NetGalley❗

I finally got out of my reading slump. AT LAST. I knew this book would do it for me. COVID came at me hard and put me in a reading slump for over a week, then I have to prepare for my graduation right after, and then I went on vacation with my friends. I hadn't touched a book the entire time and it was KILLING ME. But Chloe Gong has delivered again. This was a masterpiece.

I can't tell you how blessed I feel to have been accepted for this ARC. I loved These Violent Delights and Our Violent Ends so much and I was so happy that the series didn't just end there. Mostly because that ending obliterated me. But what would one expect from a Romeo and Juliet retelling. I could say that this series has more chances of letting my poor heart be, but it has already wrecked me, so I guess hope's for dopes. Just the mere mention of Roma and Juliette, and Benedict and Marshal had me weeping like a little baby. There was no conceivable possibility for me not to fall head over heels in love with this masterpiece. Chloe Gong's power over me is strong and eternal. I don't think I've read a spy book before but I enjoyed this so much I might actually give more books like this a try. Not that any of them will live up to this one, of course. The plot twists alone were enough to completely destroy whatever was left of my sanity. The plot itself was fast-paced, well-developed, fun, and complex in the way that didn't allow a single moment of pause. The very first chapter grabbed hold of my senses and did not let go. I was hooked.

I wasn't too interested in Rosalind's character while reading TVD and OVE to be perfectly honest. Sure, I felt bad for her and what she had been through but that was it. Now, I can safely safe that I love her almost as much as Orion loves her. And that's A WHOLE LOT. She is an incredible character and her development from the girl we knew in TVD and OVE to this skilled, immortal, and badass assassin was astounding. I was mind-blown. And she kept on developing in this book from a person broken by love and sworn off it to one that has learned to accept love and trust again. Rosalind's character arc made me so emotional.

As for Orion, he definitely found his place in my fictional male crushes. His aloofness and playboy personality were a delight on the page. I just felt pure joy whenever he was around. Yet, he was more than capable of showing gravitas whenever it was called for and cared deeply for the people in his life. Especially Rosalind 😉😉 He said 'my wife' so many times my heart almost gave away. He had and still has his own demons to deal with, making his backstory just as compelling as Rosalind's and his life incredibly complicated. That boy needs some serious help.

I loved every moment between Rosalind and Orion. Their chemistry was off the chart, the dynamic between them was *chef's kiss*. Every moment spent with them was a blessing. I couldn't get enough of them. Their banter was immediate, not even a few minutes after they met. The romance was so slow-burn that I was literally pulling at my hair reading about it. It was more than worth it though because their love for each other is so deep and so intense it made me hate the lame reality I live in. Even more so than I did before 😅😅 Men should read this book and learn from Orion. Seriously, he has a lot to teach them. The pet names were my favourite, though. Orion sure has a range of them 😍😍

Moreover, same as in TVD and OVE, there were multiple POVs other than Orion's and Rosalind's, even some secret ones too. Some of them we already knew like Celia (formerly known as Kathleen) Rosalind's triplet sister turned Communist spy, and Roma's little sister Alisa Montagova, who is now 17 years old and a pretty awesome (and hilarious) spy herself. There are also some newcomers as well. Namely Oliver and Phoebe, Orion's siblings, who are quite the delight themselves and have their own little romances that I am heavily invested in and can't wait to hear more about. Seriously...Chloe Gong needs to write fast because I only finished the book a few hours ago and I'm already feeling impatient.

I think it's safe to say that there was absolutely nothing in this book that I hated or disliked. Everything was amazing. Even that ending. 😵😵 Hopefully it'll be here soon. Like maybe in the next few days or something. 🙏🏻🤞🏻

If you need me to say it I'll say it. I highly recommend this book.

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If you loved These Violent Delights and Our Violent Ends, I promise that you'll love Foul Lady Fortune just as much or even more. Chloe Gong has really developed her writing from the first two books and it really shows in this book. Rosalind and Orion were developed so well, as well as the other side characters! The storyline was gripping and the plot twists were totally unpredictable, and I actually understood the complicated politics that was built around around the story. This book is a solid 5/5 -- it was executed way better than These Violent Delights and its sequel, and I can't wait for the sequel!!

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Okay, Miss Chloe had one job after I was thoroughly disappointed with Our Violent Ends, and that was to win me back. I was not even that excited to read this book and you might be thinking "why did you request an arc then?" and my answer to that is simply, I didn't think I would be excited to read this book when it comes out, and I didn't feel like dropping everything to go read this book. So I thought, well I'll just read the advanced reader's copy and see if it sparks my interest or if I'll just drop it.

Long story short: it sparked my interest.

Actually, I was so captivated by this book that I was expecting to kinda reach a moment where I would be bored or annoyed and that I would feel like dropping it, but it never happened. That being said, I'm still finding it difficult to rate this one, although it does seem to fit well within the five-star reads, for some reason, there is a little nagging sense that I should lower it, but four-star doesn't feel quite right, and then when I stop to analyze two things I come to the conclusion that: 1) there was nothing I disliked about this book. I can't think of one thing negative to point out on my review, or something negative that would impact my rating of the novel. 2) I had a great time reading this. Nowadays I take this a lot into consideration when rating/reviewing books, because I feel like the whole of the reading experience should be considered, and in the case of Foul Lady Fortune, well, I did have a blast. I will say that this arc was a bit different from other because for reasons unknown to me, it was only available to read on PC (or NetGalley shelf app on the phone but ugh reading on phones suck) and not on kindle which is my go-to reading device for anything, especially arcs. That being said it REALLY goes to say about the power of a book when you literally don't feel like you're forcing it, because you literally want to keep reading ON A NOTEBOOK. I mean seriously, a 500 hundred page book and I read it all on my PC. This book is really good.

No one is more delighted and surprised by the fact that Foul Lady Fortune worked for me. I am really happy about that. And here comes a probably very polemic opinion: I actually think Foul Lady Fortune is better than TVD+OVE. There, I said it. I can really feel it first and foremost with the writing. I feel like Chloe's writing has evolved so much from those two books to here. First, because it was so much more pleasant to read. I remember when I read These Violent Delights hou impassable that book was. How dense I felt the writing was and that I actually had to push through even though I was loving the book and it even ended up becoming a favorite. Our Violent Ends was a whole mess for me in multiple fronts and for multiple reasons, so the writing didn't work wonders there was well, plus it was a book that just... Kinda wasn't necessary idk, let's not get into that right now. The point is, I felt that Foul Lady Fortune just went by so smoothly I was actually really impressed by that. Whenever I would pick this up to read I felt like I wasn't reading, and that the pages just went by, with whole sprints of reading that 70/80 pages just went by super fast. It was a delight. Another thing that I can say about the writing, is that I feel like the characterization works even better than the first book, and I feel like the characters are kind of taking more of a voice and personality of their own, meaning: with the TVD+OVE duology the book was rooted <s>well at least the first</s> in being a retelling of Romeo and Juliet, and I feel like because of that (and bear in mind that I didn't reread those books so I'm saying this from what I remember in a retrospect kind of analysis) the characters had their original tones created by the author, but in a way, there was so much of a concept of what they <i>should be like</i> or <i>should behave like </i> that they became sort of just that. A bunch of expectations put together. And that worked, I mean this might seem like a rant review of the duology, but I'm just saying that because in Foul Lady Fortune (which is a very much character-driven novel by the way) I felt like the characters were much more original and had much more of the author's voice in them than being a retelling of others. And I know that FLF is pitched as a retelling of As You Like It, and yes yes I didn't read the original play BUT I read adaptations and I read the story summary while I was reading FLF, and yeah I can see where the whole thing comes from, but it just feels like that type of retelling that just takes a life of it's own which is something that I adore immensely. Plus, with the whole thing of the political aspect of the book, which is SO MUCH more palatable than the TVD+OVE duology by the way, things just got in my head quickly and I didn't feel dumb I actually understood them. Mix in with that the marvel movie aspect (I'm taking this from the author's own review here on goodreads so don't @ me) then we have a whole original thing. And I KNOW that TVD+OVE has the whole gangs thing, the political system as well, but although the original work doesn't have gangs per se, we do have a lot of Romeo and Juliet retellings that actually feature gangs (Hi 90's Leo Dicaprio movie) so what I mean to say with this whole ramble and jumble of thoughts is just that I feel like a lot of things that I HAD enjoyed in TVD (not so much in OVE) were done even better in FLF and that the reader can clearly see an evolution from the part of the author and that is always a good thing, and also a very exciting one, especially thinking about future releases and were things we'll go from here.

Rosalind was a spectacular character to read. I really enjoyed her point of view, and although I was kind of meh when this book was first announced because I didn't see the point of it and much less about Rosalind being the narrator... Well, I see it now. Chloe really sold me on her narration, and on the whole spy business as well. This book had multiple points of view, but at its core it is a book about Rosalind and you can clearly see that as you notice how much attention and time the author has placed on her chapters. Plus, she is demisexual! And her internal monologue goes over this aspect (albeit without naming it because this word didn't exist back in the 1930s) a lot!! So yay for that awesome representation.

Then we reach the icing on the cake. Yes, I am talking about you, Orion Hong. I mean, who even is Roma Montagov when Orion Hong exists? Damn, I have really been completely snatched by this book, it has me on its leash. But seriously, Orion is the most perfect character. I was so enthralled by him, his personality, his mannerisms, the way he TALKS!!! HE LITERALLY CALLS ROSALIND IRONICALLY "BELOVED"BECAUSE THEY ARE IN A FAKE MARRIAGE AND THEN ONE TIME IT IS NOT IRONICALLY ANYMORE!! I AM NOT OKAY.


I really really loved him. I have no words. And also, this whole plot of fake marriage? I am not sorry to say that this slayed the whole lovers to enemies to lovers on TVD+OVE AND I SAID WHAT I SAID. Seriously, the slow burn ffs, it was SO GOOD. This whole trope of we are in a fake marriage but oh this doesn't feel fake to me, yeah???? Give me more of that. And from the way this book ended I literally have no words, no thoughts, just a lot of suffering inside of me, and I need to know HOW Chloe is going to work with this stuff on book two. I need the answers now.

What else can I say, I am so deep in my feelings about this book that right now while I write this I'm starting to feel like I want to fave this, that this has been a favorite all along. God help me, I love this book. Maybe I'll come back to this review to write more <s>haven't I written enough.</s> But for now I think this is it. Yes I do recommend this book 100%, and yes if you like me, had problems with the ending of the previous duology but still loved the first book, then I strongly recommend you pick this one up.

A friend of mine said that if I liked TVD I might like this because they're both the first book in the series and maybe I only like the beginnings Chloe writings but not the endings. He did prove me right with that, but I don't wanna dwell on what it might mean, considering I have a LOT of expectations for the sequel of FLF right now, alas I had zero expectations for FLF itself <s>maybe that's why I liked it so much?</s>

Whatever is the case, and for whatever reason it is, I love this book. I cannot stop saying it, Chloe Gong has indeed outdone herself with this one, and I can't wait for people to read it.

Oh, I just thought of one thing I don't like about this book.
It's this HIDEOUS COVER. I will never get over how ugly it is. Okay, now I'm done.

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Thank you Netgalley and Hodder & Stoughton for the arc of this book in exchange of an honest review.

I am familiar with Chloe Gong’s work, I know what she’s capable of, so of course I had some kind of expectations but boy I was not prepared for this in any way. Miss Gong, you outdone yourself, I am truly out of words and feel sorry for anyone reading this review, I’m just babling and I don’t think words will ever define the experience that was to read this.

The ambientation is A-MA-ZING, I felt not only transported to the 1930s but also to China itself, you can just know how much Chloe loves Shanghai and how she expresses this love through her characters. I was like Yes, please tell me all about these streets, and these buildings, the people, tell me everything that makes you love this place so much because I want to love it too.

I didn’t care much for Rosalind in the These Violent Delights duology, but in this book I truly fell in love with her. Her internal monologue is great, all the struggles she went through felt real. She’s a woman that saw herself in the middle of a revolution years ago and after was somehow made immortal, she feels stuck in time, not only her physical body is in a state of not aging, but her past actions keep her in 1926, no matter how many people she kills as an Nationalist agent, the things she did and what she lost still haunt her.

And Orion, he cares about his country, of course, but his ulterior motive is to protect his family, so he works to the Nationalists after his father is accused of imperialist conspiracy with the japanese. All he wants is to prove himself worth, protect Phoebe and somehow go back to the time when his family was trusted, before his brother Oliver defected to the Communists and his mother left their home. As he starts working with Rosalind, he realises that maybe his life with her can be classified as distinct happy time, separate from the before times he longs so much.

They’re two agents working thowards a common goal, trying to stop a bigger force that haunts Shanghai, the city once again threatened. In conclusion, they’re my babies and my everything. And then there’s all the political intrigues, characters you love from all sides, alliances and loyalities are all blurry and mysteries that will somehow make everyone work for the same thing: save Shanghai and the entire country.

I CAN’T WAIT for book two, the last 20% of this book left me with heart racing and I couldn’t sleep. And the EPILOGUE, once again, I was not ready for that.

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A HUGE thank you to Hodder & Stoughton for providing me the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I don’t know where to start.
Chloe Gong is one of my favorite authors and with Foul lady fortune she catapulted herself even higher on my list.

What is this Book about?
Foul lady fortune follows a pair of spies posing as a married couple to investigate a series of brutal murders in 1930 Shanghai.
Rosalind lang is immortal. After she fell Ill four years ago, she was injected with a medicine that saved her life. It
stopped her from aging and sleeping and allows her to heal from any wound
With her abilities she chooses to work as an assassin for her country.
When the Japanese Army starts it's invasion and a series of murders happen though, Rosalinds new mission is to find the culprits and stop them before more of her people die.
To not attract attention she's forced to pose as the wife of another spy: Orion Hong. Together they attempt to unravel this conspiracy while also finding out, that there's more to everything than they thought.

*internal scream*
This book was everything I wanted it to be. Gong already impressed me with her previous two books but with Foul Lady fortune she showed me how truly amazing books can be.
I loved this book so much.
The plot was intriguing. How Gong achieved to keep everything a mystery and only slowly gave us more and more answers kept me on my toes. On one hand she perfected the task of making the plot as interesting and clever as it could be while providing us with the best characters there could be. Rosalind is by far the loveliest and most interesting protagonist of Chloe Gong so far. I absolutely LOVED how smart she was. Everything she did was based on logic and not just sheer feelings. The way that her first priority is to protect the people she loves made me her #1 fan. She deserves all the happiness in the world.
I have a similar opinion on Orion Hong. Who doesn’t like a guy that’s taking care of his family? His mysterious demeanor and SELFLESS personality made me SCREAM. How he doesn’t allow himself to show his feelings almost made me cry for him. Chloe Gong PERFECTED these characters and I loved every sentence about them. THEIR DEVELOPMENT was everything. These two were made for each other and both of them being spies in a fake marriage? FANTASTIC. This book made me laugh more times than I can remember and fully had me in a chokehold. While writing this review, i have the urge to reread this masterpiece again. Chloe Gong isn’t Chloe Gong without the dramatic endings in her books though and OH BOY was the ending something. I genuinely can’t wait for the sequel. My soul is aching for it.

This book was absolutely phenomenal and a highlight of my year. Foul lady fortune will make you feel all kinds of feelings. You’ll laugh, smile, scream and cry while reading this book and every second will be worth it. Gong outdid herself with this one. A HUGE thank you to Hodder & Stoughton for providing me the ARC again. Y’all did my year with this one.

Chloe Gong just keeps getting better so whatever you might think about her previous series, give Foul lady fortune a try. It’s story is different, and who wouldn’t like to read a book about a spy couple in a fake marriage ?

Foul Lady fortune will be available on 27th September 2022. You can preorder it on Amazon.
#Netgalley #FoulLadyFortune

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Foul Lady Fortune review

Overall rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

Thank you sooo much to netgalley for giving me an arc in exchange for an honest review.

This was one of my most anticipated reads this year and when I tell you I squealed with delight in the middle of work when I found out I got an arc!!

Foul Lady Fortune follows the story of Rosalind and Celia Lang after the events of These Violent Delights and I have to say I loved this one as much as I loved TVD! All the characters are fleshed out so well, the plot was engaging and exciting throughout and the setting is so cool I loved every minute of it!

The whole enemies to lovers, forced proximity tropes were done so well and had me frantically reading to find out how the characters relationships were going to go and even the side characters stories were interesting!

I’ve said it many times but if you he not read Chloe Gongs works you are so missing out because her writing and her ideas are so wonderful please go and read her works!

Overall I’m sooo happy I got an arc and it lived up to my expectations, now the problem is I need the second on immediately but this one hasn’t even released yet…

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Four years ago, Rosalind Lang was brought back from the brink of death, but the strange experiment that saved her also stopped her from sleeping and aging - and allows her to heal from any wound. In short, Rosalind cannot die. Now, desperate for redemption for her traitorous past, she uses her abilities as an assassin for her country.

I could not put this novel down. The premise was amazing, and I was drawn into Rosalind’s beautiful and Technicolor world. The writer has done some stunning work in creating this amazing place. The characters were phenomenal, the plot writing on point and the level of detail superb.

It has been one of my fav books to read this year. It had everything I could ever want in a book.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the advanced copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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Foul Lady Fortune by Chloe Gong is another incredible start to a tale of spies, assassins, communists and nationalists in Shanghai. Set 5 years after These Violent Delights duology that utterly broke me, this book focuses on a character we've previously read about and even more familiar characters throughout.

I am so excited to be back in the world of Chloe Gong, this time as an undercover agent with the code name Fortune. In the previous duology, Rosalind didn't give me a lot of impact as a character and it's great to see her as the main character as she poison through the city, just being herself and kicking ass.

Marriage of convenience. Yes, it is my absolute favourite trope. Rosalind and Orion is cute at times but they're really more invested with the mission more than anything. It is only towards the end of the book when their feelings start to spark and that's basically it. This book is more of the buildup to the villain's motive and the overall story. Which makes me desperate to read the sequel because that ending? Holy hell.

I thought I was already super excited with this book but the continuation of what is to come in the next book takes me on a whole other level. Because someone or two someone we are very friendly with makes a comeback, enough to repair my heart that was already broken.

It is impossible to hate a Chloe Gong book and this one too has managed to take my breath away. I highly recommend you to read this book just so you could also read the sequel and I know will be thoroughly epic.

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First of all i want to say THANK YOU NetGalley and Hodder & Stoughton for providing me the ARC for Foul Lady Fortune!

It was one of my most anticipated books in 2022 and what can I say, I absolutely loved it; it was everything I wanted it to be!

Coming back to this world felt like a warm and needed hug and Rosalind Lang is just such a well written protagonist, I was really happy to learn more about her after TVD.
She is so smart and in some ways super relatable and I loved to read about her feelings for Orion becoming more present and strong. It felt really realistic.
I really liked the pacing of this book, since it was not too slow paced but I still had enough time to get to know all the new characters properly and catch up with what happened in the years after TVD.
Speaking of new characters, Phoebe, Orion, Silas and all the others were the perfect addition to this universe, I could not love them more!
The plot kept me on my toes and I was really surprised by some of the plottwists, I didn’t see them coming at all.
The fake marriage trope was *chefs kiss* aswell!!!!!!
What I also really liked was that it has multiple POVs and especially meeting Alisa again made me insanely happy and I cannot wait to learn even more about her I LOVE HER!
Overall i would say that this has easily become one if my favorite books that I have read this year and I need to know what happens in the 2nd book immediately. Especially after that epilogue! Chloe Gong really knows how to write insanely good epilogues that change everything. (all i’m saying is OVE). Speaking of OVE I have a tiny tiny hope that (SPOILER!!!!) JM might mean Juliette Montagova.

This book now owns a place in my heart right next to TVD & OVE and won’t be leaving anytime soon since i can’t stop thinking about it!

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Thank you Net Galley and Hodder & Stoughton for the ARC in exchange of an honest review. Foul lady fortune was a very solid story entry into this duopoly. It is also a very welcome reunion with some familiar characters. FLF is different from These violent delights, but succeed in creating its unique ambiance and tension. Chloe Gong's writing is as strong as ever, filled with precise descriptions giving this historical noir spy thriller a delicious (poisonous?) atmosphere. Rosalind is a wonderful main character trying to redeem herself after the decisions she made in Our Violent Ends. Her internal monologues were so great. Orion is a delight to discover throughout the book and the slow burn romance a pleasure to read. Those two last chapters... BOOK 2 WHEN !

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BIG spoilers ahead

1. Every time Orion says “my beloved” take a shot
2. “who did this to you” moment oh my GOD. I'm going absolutely feral for this.
3. Is it strange that finding out Orion is bi makes me love him more?
4. Ok, take a shot every time Rosalind is jealous and says “philandering”
5. This is the best car chase scene ever.““ORION”
YOU’RE GOING TO GIVE ME A HERNIA” I love that he doesn't break character even while crashing a car down an impossibly thin alley.
6. When Rosalind faints and asks Orion to stay with her. Orion’s SPEECH. THIS. MAN. MY HEART.
7. Lmao her biggest secret revealed because her picture was in a *magazine obituary.*
8. When Orion wakes up tied to a chair and the first things he asks is “are you okay?” 😭😭😭😭
9. Pg-473 “He had gone beyond getting attached to her. She was his guiding saint, The Polaris of his heart.” 😭
10. Orion has turned into the winter soldier help
11. 500 pages and you END HERE?!??!?
12. “Nation over everything. But not you, sweetheart. Never your life in exchange.”

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Thank you Hodder and Stoughton for allowing me to read an ARC of this book from Netgalley


I was afraid that I wouldn't like this book as I wasn't particularly fond of Rosalind in These Violent Delights. However, I adored her so much in this book. Obviously she has her flaws like most characters do but she is just a girl trying her best.

I loved all of the POVs as each character had their own personality as well as goals and obstacles to overcome. Even though there was a lot of plot, I would say the characters drove a lot of it so I was glad that all of the characters were interesting and kept my attention.

The storyline was intense as you had all of the Communists, nationalists, Japanese imperialists, on top of killings from an unknown drug, so there was always something happening in the backdrop. The characters also took an active role within this mixture of struggle and fight, whether it was through their own volition or not.

The writing was beautiful and detailed, and the story all came together perfectly and I just overall enjoyed reading Foul Lady Fortune and would highly recommend to anyone if you love high intensity storylines, spys, romance, well developed characters, and plot twists.

I cannot wait to get my hands on the second book as the cliffhanger has me hanging!

The one thing I would say that could be improved would be to have a little more foreshadowing because I felt some things just came out of nowhere (unless that was just me not picking up on the hints, if so I apologise!) such as *SPOILER* the involvement of Orion's mother, I felt like she just appeared so suddenly when all we knew of her came from the Hong's backstory.

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Thank you Hodder & Stoughton and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for honest review!

Foul Lady Fortune is the first Chloe Gong’s book I had chance of reading, even though These Violent Delights are sitting on my TBR for quite a long time now. And if I’m being honest, I’m glad I started with this one. Romeo and Julia is story well known, and I was missing the interest to begin reading, as the ending was- expectable, however, I had no idea what to expect with FLF. And I was amazed by it. Brief throwback to the events of TVD eased coming into the world and meeting the characters, as well as the relationships. It was well written, enough to explain the consequences, yet still leaving me interested for first duology. I absolutely loved writing and the sense of historical setting without heavy wording which was great for YA and made the book great to read. As English isn’t my first language, that I very important point for me. I will not describe what the book is about, because you can find the synopsis very easily, and I’m very afraid of accidentally spoiling anything, but the most important question is: would I recommend it? Yes, no hesitation. This book single-handy broke my reader’s block, and I’m so excited for more. Also, I will be buying physical copy just to have this gold on my shelf.

What I loved:
• Orion and Rosalind’s relationship? I would give ANYTHING for them. I would read a book on two of them just living day by day. All my favourite tropes stacked in one pairing.
• The ending of the book, incredible. The first part didn’t even come out yet, and I’m already looking out for second!! I did have my suspicions and they worked out 50/50 but it still punched me right in the gut as everything revealed itself.
• Number of characters was perfect to keep up the pace, reveal enough to the reader yet keep the good amount of information in the shadows. Plus, third narrative following different POV’s worked great.

What I didn’t loved:
• Orion’s and Oliver’s names. I suppose there was a reason for this but having two characters with similar-looking names was very confusing at times. I’d say similar with the amount of names all characters had, but I know there is a good reason for it, and I absolutely loved the use of them!! This whole point is purely due to the fact that I have no name-memory and am dyslexic! Please, do not make your mind on this book based on this point:)
• Celia’s backstory. I know that not starting with TVD I missed out a lot of story, but FLF was supposed to be explanatory enough. For me, Celia needed a bit more light because the short description of what happened to her before got me only more confused. I’m sure there was better way to word it.
• It kind of seemed- rushed? With the amount of tricky plot and worldbuilding it feels like characters got a bit lost, I would like to know more about them!!
• Random flashbacks even though the change of tense was quite clear, it did take me by surprise, throwing out of the rhythm.

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It's hard to review this book because even though I finished it a few days ago I still don't feel ready to talk about it but here goes nothing! I'm fairly certain this is the first spy thriller I have ever read and Chloe has unlocked a new favourite genre for me! The back drop being 1930's Shanghai and including so much historical context worried me a little bit at first; I thought the plot might become clunky including so much in a relatively short book (as well as squeezing a little romance in) but I really should have had more faith after reading (and LOVING) the These Violent Delights duet! Chloe has such a magical way with weaving stories that are so detailed and heavy on information yet they don't feel like a trek and I come away feeling like I've learned so much! She's just such a beautiful writer.
After These Violent Delights I knew she could write a strong and complex female character well but Rosalind really blew me away; such a strong, smart woman, capable of so many things that others actively shy away from in this story, and yet the doubts and fears that she keeps to herself? The hatred she feels for what she is? Yeah, she's my new favourite!
Everything about this book was a 5 ⭐️ from me and I can't wait to but the physical copy when it's released!
Really not looking forward to the wait for the sequel but so grateful we get more Chloe in the next couple of years!

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Thank you netgalley for providing me with an arc in exchange for an honest review. I loved These Violent Delights and Our Violent Ends, so I was really excited for this book, and it didn’t disappoint. I loved everything about it from the characters to the plot and how they developed, and I didn’t wanna put it down. An easy 5/5 stars, I can’t wait to see what she produces next!

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rating : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

fake married spies, in 1930s shanghai, investigating a series of murders !! flf is now my second favourite book after our violent ends:)

i'd like to say a huge thank you to netgalley and hodderscape for providing me with an e-arc of foul lady fortune - i truly appreciate it with all my heart as i'm a huge fan of chloe + her past works (these violent delights, our violent ends)

foul lady fortune is undeniably another masterpiece written by chloe - although i went in with impossibly high expectations, i found myself feeling rather impressed and satisfied. in fact, there were many aspects of the book i enjoyed more than her past duology, which are my all time favourite books. it's clear that her writing is improving progressively, and she never disappoints. i really love how chloe incorporates east asian history into her books as i feel like i'm being educated in the most immersive way out there !

onto the review :

1. characterisation
one of my favourite things about chloe's books is the way she crafts her characters - every single person introduced left a mark on me, and even though my memory is terrible, i could still remember them after finishing. after reading our violent ends, i wasn't a huge fan of rosalind, the main protagonist, and yet by the end of foul lady fortune i was OBSESSED with her. orion, who is introduced for the first time in foul lady fortune, is such an endearing male protagonist who will most definitely have you screaming on the floor. i absolutely loved seeing their relationship develop throughout the book - nothing felt unnatural or too sudden, which i often see in books with the fake dating / marriage trope.

2. plot
the way i threw my phone 5 times while reading this... there were so many plot twists that weaved together perfectly, and yet none of them felt predictable in the slightest. the pacing was also much better than her past duology, and made me feel as if i were watching a drama the entire time. it wasn't just reading for me, it was a whole EXPERIENCE !!

this might sound cliche, but the only bad thing about this book was that it ended (and that i have to wait over a year for the sequel). i can GUARANTEE you guys will enjoy it ☹️

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First, let me say that I loved being back in this world. Sure, you can read Foul Lady Fortune without reading the original duology (These Violent Delights & Our Violent Ends) but I highly recommend that because it would spoiler the duology´s ending for you and it makes so much more sense to read it because of the events and characters.

Foul Lady Fortune focuses on Rosalind. In the beginning, you get to know what´s happening in her life four years after the events of Our Violent Ends. It’s 1931 and Shanghai is unrest once again. Japanese Imperial Army is getting closer, while the city has to deal with a civil war between the Nationalists and Communists. As if the city hasn't been through enough already. It´s a golden age of espionage - with double and even triple agents roaming the streets - and that´s how Rosalind meets with her fake husband Orion Hong. Together, they depart on a mission to uncover the culprits behind the gruesome murders terrorizing Shanghai.

“Across the city and outside of it, Friday arrived to the sound of war drums.”

Heartbroken and atoning Rosalind is prepared to do anything to glue the broken city back together - to heal it, to make it whole again. You may originally hate her for what she´s done but in the end, cannot help to root for her. She´s not a perfect human, she has her flaws, but that´s what makes her a perfect character. By the way, Rosalind is demisexual and while it is not directly stated (through this modern term), it is discussed in the text.

Speaking about romance, Rosalind and Orion Hong are a great couple and a power duo, in public and in private as well. I loved how Orion calls her “beloved” or “ my wife” even when they are alone or with people who know. They both have their own secrets which undeniably adds to the ever-present tension between them. Their interactions are amazing and I live, ache, and breathe for this pairing.

Besides meeting and getting to know a bunch of new characters - (previously mentioned) Orion, his brother Oliver and sister Phoebe - we get to be reunited with now seventeen-year-old Alisa Montagova as well as Rosalind´s sister Celia. Together they become entangled in the political machinations and despite being on different sides of the conflict, end up cooperating and saving each other's butts. I loved this group (every one of them) and their dynamics.

Around ¾ of the book felt kind of “peaceful” to me or how to describe it. Of yours, there is a lot of spying to uncover all the dangerous secrets, occasionally some gunshots or poisoning happening, but overall, it is very political - which is still amazing because I love this kind of books - until the whole situation escalates, making you sit at the edge of your seat holding your breath and praying that everyone survives the inevitable storm coming their way. As the tension rises and the stakes get higher, it is very hard to put the book down. It is INTENSE. I could not stop reading till the ending, well… it broke me.

At last, I want to say that I´ve genuinely missed Chloe Gong´s writing. She never disappoints. Foul Lady Fortune is beautifully written and well thought through from the first word to its very last. Overall, it is very cleverly done. Now I have no idea how I am going to survive the wait for the second book of this incredible spin-off to These Violent Delights.

Special thanks to NetGalley and Hodder & Stoughton for sending me an electronic reading copy in exchange my honest review.

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Foul Lady Fortune is the first book in Chloe Gong's latest duology, set in the same world as These Violent Delights. The book follows Rosalind Lang, traitor turned immortal assassin, and her desperate attempts at solving a series of murders causing unrest in Shanghai.

In summary: This book is frickin perfect, amazing and just all round 😭😭😭. There's angst, there's sexual tension, there's *who did this to you? I'll kill them🗡*. There are so many twists and turns and literally gobsmacking reveals. I had to put my kindle down at one point just to process what the f had just happened. There's secrets upon secrets upon even more frickin secrets. This book is just incredible. Chloe Gong has weaved such an intricate story, it is impossible to put down. The romance is slow burn but let me tell you it is not flat or boring at all. The chemistry between Rosalind and Orion is electric. I loved the re-introduction of already familiar characters and the new ones you'll be sure to love instantly. Basically, you need to read this book and I need the sequel like now please, thank you.

PS. Please can JM be who I want it to be so bad 😭🤞

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This book made me feel so many things, I still didn’t recover from all the plot twists 😭
Foul Lady Fortune was a pleasure to read from beginning to end, I absolutely loved all the characters (despite not being fond of Rosalind in TVD), and I am once again LOVING the way Chloe Gong weaves intricate historical elements into her worldbuilding. If you like the fake marriage trope, spies, and historical fantasy, this book is for you!
Now I really need the sequel to make up for the emotional damage
Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the eARC!

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Thank you to Hodder and NetGalley for this eARC of 'Foul Lady Fortune' by Chloe Gong.

I dont know if I can convey my emotions into words. I love Chloe Gong and I would probably do anything she asked of me. 2% in, I knew this would be a 5 star and I'm happy to announce that it remained that way.

'Foul Lady Fortune' ties perfectly into 'These Violent Delights' - to the extent some people might get confused as to why I am a massive lover of certain characters - but Chloe added much more detail and love into these characters. Our main character Rosalind - my favourite - is so well developed, I was attached to her and her actions throughout the book. The plot twists were so unexpected for me to the extent where I had to pause and just mentally applaude Gong for her brain.

However, I want to talk about the ending. Of course, this is only the first book for Rosalind and Orion but oh my goodness. I definitely didn't expect that ending and I will be awaiting the sequel where I can find out more.

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I was given an e-book ARC of this book, courtesy of NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

Foul Lady Fortune is a spy novel, with a new spin. We follow Rosalind, Code name: FORTUNE. Rosalind also has some unique skills... for her latest task she joins Orion Hong, the son of a Chinese General accused of treason and spy. They work together to solve the murders happening across the city.

Great concept, loved this book.

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I was so happy to receive an early copy of this book.
I absolutely adore Chole Gong’s writing and this book did not disappoint.

It was so fast paced and well written, I couldn’t put it down.
I absolutely adored Rosalind and genuinely felt like she was someone I could be friends with.

The descriptions really made me feel like I’d been transported in to the locations.

I can’t wait to see what comes next!

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Chloe Gong is fast becoming one of my favourite authors! I was thrilled to have the opportunity to read an ARC of her newest book!

This was brilliant. I don’t even have the words to explain how much I enjoyed this! The characters stole my heart from the very first page and refused to give it back. The connections and interactions they had with one another were so real and beautiful and just pure magic.

The setting, once again, was a character itself. That’s how real it felt. I wanted to climb within the pages and live there. The descriptions immersed me in the world and took my breath away.

Thank you to Netgalley, the publisher and author, for a chance to read and review this masterpiece.

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After a series of suspicious murders starts to terrorize Shanghai, Rosalind, a Nationalist agent and an assassin known as Fortune, had for mission for infiltrate the Japanese society and find the responsible for these murders. But to avoid suspicion Rosalind has to be the pretend wife of an other Nationalist agent and spy, Orion Hong. Both have secrets that they don’t want the other to know, but they’ll realize that these murders are way more complicated than what it first seemed.
This book was just amazing. I was 10 pages in and I already was in love with Rosalind. I also adored Orion since his first meeting with Rosalind. I adored Rosalind and Orion’s relationship and how it slowly developed from not liking each other to fully trusting each other. This book was even better than These Violent Delights and Our Violent ends and I absolutely adored these books, Chloe Gong totally outdid herself. I really missed this world and it was amazing to be back in it.

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An assassin, a spy, a fake marriage, and a dysfunctional family.

Action packed heavy with political disturbances, killings and laced with slow burn romance.

Lots of aliases and code names. Betrayal, twist, and mystery. Super page turning.

IT WAS SOOOO GOOOOD😭👌 It gets better as you near the end where the knot started to unravel.

THE CHARACTERS' DYNAMIC IS TO DIE FOR. Siblings trope is strong.

THE ROMANCE got me screaming.

For me personally, the political stance waa easier to follow. No gore during the action, much investigation and disguise.


One more, the Hong family members need therapy.

Thank you Hodder Books and Hodder Publicity for the Arc through netgalley!!!💕

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Thank you Chloe Gong, Hodder & Stoughton, and NetGalley for the eARC!

This is a spoiler-free review.

The spy thriller I never knew I wanted - but most certainly needed!

I loved the insight into characters I recognised from These Violent Delights. I may or may not have sobbed like a baby whenever Roma and Juliette were mentioned, because their story wrecked me in the most incredible of ways, but I was so thankful and relieved that the story didnt end there.

I enjoy a good espionage based plot, but haven't really read one I enjoy as much as the storylines in C-dramas and K-dramas. That has finally changed. Chloe Gong brings all the best part of those stories to life, while still maintaining and delivering her trademark narrative and writing style, which makes for the most incredible reading experience ever.

Rosalind was a character I wished we had gotten to know more about in TVD, but now that we have a whole story about her, I think I might rival Orion in my love for her.

This book has fantastic representation of the LGBTQ community, without feeling forced or shoehorned in, and the story was as thrilling as I wanted it to be. The fake marriage trope was written to perfection, and there is not single thing in this book I would alter or change, other than wanting it to never end!

If I could rate this book higher than 5 stars, I really would, but since I can't, I'm going to spend the next few months shouting about the brilliance and perfection that is Foul Lady Fortune.

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Thank you to Simon & Schuster and Netgalley for sending me and eARC in exchange for an honest review.

I loved how all the main characters in These Violent Delights and Our Violent Ends were mentioned in some capacity. Foul lady fortune could easily be read as a duopoly independent to TVD since all the main plot points are covered throughout FLF anyway. However, it would be important to note that there are spoilers for the previous duology.

I liked how Rosalind and Alisa's relationship was explored a little more- both were previously on opposite side of Shanghai's gang wars but have not been left in a very similar position. The both of them are mainly alone, with hardly any communication with their families and both lost a loved one. I'd love to see them both get closer and find a sense of companionship in each other. Orion is an absolute darling- he and Rosalind are a perfect pair in every sense of the word. The last few chapters were a whole whirlwind- so many plot twists, it made my ancestors dizzy. I absolutely need the next book to come out ASAP!

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I did not read Gongs' previous duology before reading Foul Lady Fortune nor do I have any intention of doing so as I don't like Romeo and Juliet as a story in any form - in spite of that I found that you don't have to have read the duology to read this book as the duology is briefly recapped. Not reading the duology also meant that I had no expectations going into Foul Lady Fortune, except for what others had said about the books. Granted according to a few reviews it felt like a full-on sequel but I think I agree with Gong in that Foul Lady Fortune is its own series.

The two main protagonists are Rosalind Lang, an immortal assassin, and Orion Hong, a spy. The two are connected together by a joint mission and have to fake marry. So if that is a romance trope you like then you'll like this, kinda like SPY X FAMILY, there's also the "Who did this to you?!", "I'll love you from far away" and in my opinion, the guy falls first. I liked their romance - it was a slow burn and I liked the interactions they had with each other. They just work together. The secondary group of main characters are Oliver Hong, also a spy and Orions' brother, and Celia, also a spy and Rosalind's sister... and they're also together and then there's Phoebe Hong, the sister, and Silas, the friend who I think are in a will-they-wont-they situation? The Pet Names! Please someone call me sweetheart.

The characters are wonderfully diverse (I think there's a tweet confirming but this is what I could find). "Rosalind is demisexual, Orion is bisexual, Celia is a trans woman, Alisa is aromantic and asexual, Phoebe is bisexual", and it's accepted by all the characters which was lovely to see as it didn't become something that defined who that character is, just a part of them.

Onto the plot: Foul Lady Fortune per Gong is a "speculative historical thriller inspired by Shakespeare’s As You Like It". I liked it I thought it was well-paced, and I enjoyed the multiple third-person POVs. I liked that the main antagonist wasn't predictable, personally, I had two or three people pegged from the beginning and so I liked that it play out like a spy thriller where you kinda don't know who's really behind what. There are also code names, fake identities, and double and triple agents. Trying not to give too much away right now but Gong pulled me in quickly.

There really wasn't much to dislike, I think my only issue was that they kept saying out loud to themselves that they were good spies or an agent and that could not be me, risking my cover to give myself a pep talk ???

I recommend this, I really want to read the next book because what was the epilogue - Chole Gong really did that! I will also be keeping my pre-order of this book via Waterstones and the copy I ordered from Fairyloot.

Thanks to Netgalley and Hodder & Stoughton, as I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Book 167 of 2022

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chloe gong has me in a chokehold. i didn't think i could love her any more than i did after reading our violent ends, BUT WOW WAS I WRONG.

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(Thank you to Netgalley and Hodder & Stoughton for an eARC in exchange for an honest review)

I’m convinced Chloe Gong can’t write a bad book, it's just impossible.

I absolutely loved this book with my entire heart! The first chapter starts straight into the action and I was hooked right from the beginning. The plot is so intricate, detailed and has so many layers (Chloe Gong is a genius). There’s mystery and politics and spies and assassins and it was just amazing.

I liked Rosalind in These Violent Delights but I can’t say I was super attached to her but in this book I loved her. We see a completely different side of her and how much of a badass she is. There were a few other familiar characters that returned (including Alisa who will always be my fave) as well as some new ones that I loved (Orion was just fantastic).

As with all of Chloe Gong’s books, the writing was beautiful. It flows well and is easy to read but also has a touch of flare that results in some amazing quotes. I cannot wait to read the sequel, especially after that ending!!! If you liked These Violent Delights, you are just going to love Foul Lady Fortune.

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OMG! This was amazing! I knew going into this I was going to love the writing style and the world as I've read Chloe gongs first 2 books, however I was worried about if the characters would be strong enough to become main characters due to previously being side characters! And let me tell you they 100% were!

I loved exploring the world again, the mystery, the science, the romance. It was all so cool and it was such a fun time finding things out at the same time as our main character!

The only thing I kind of guessed was the very final reveal, but I didn't expect the reveal so I only kind of thought about it. Everything else was a complete surprise!

Overall such an amazing book and I will forever pick up anything Chloe Gong puts out!

Thanks to @netgalley , the publishers @hodderbooks and the author @thechloegong for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Thank you to Hodder & Stoughton and NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

It’s 1931 in Shanghai, and the stage is set for a new decade of intrigue. Four years ago, Rosalind Lang was brought back from the brink of death, but the strange experiment that saved her also stopped her from sleeping and aging—and allows her to heal from any wound. In short, Rosalind cannot die. Now, desperate for redemption from her traitorous past, she uses her abilities as an assassin for her country. Code name: Fortune. But when the Japanese Imperial Army begins its invasion march, Rosalind’s mission pivots. A series of murders is causing unrest in Shanghai, and the Japanese are under suspicion. Rosalind’s new orders are to infiltrate foreign society and identify the culprits behind the terror plot before more of her people are killed. To reduce suspicion, however, she must pose as the wife of another Nationalist spy, Orion Hong, and though Rosalind finds Orion’s cavalier attitude and playboy demeanor infuriating, she is willing to work with him for the greater good. But Orion has an agenda of his own, and Rosalind has secrets that she wants to keep buried. As they both attempt to unravel the conspiracy, the two spies soon find that there are deeper and more horrifying layers to this mystery than they ever imagined.

I am rather in love getting to know Rosalind more. She’s a character who blended more into the background in TVD and OVE but she really shines in her spotlight. Clever, intelligent and snarky, she does her best to survive; honing new skills and utilising them to her best advantage. It was interesting to see just how guarded she was throughout most of the book - not just because of her position as an assassin/spy, but because of her past as part of the Scarlet Gang. But, when she started to let her guard down a little, it was great to see her relax and be a bit more herself.
Oh Orion. What a guy. Despite the struggles he faces, he remains - for the most part - gentle and inquisitive. His dedication to the role as Rosalind’s husband had me feeling weak at the knees and I would like to place an order for my own Orion please. His protectiveness - over both Rosalind and his sister - his fire, his slightly broody nature? Absolute brilliance.
We don’t see a massive amount of Celia in this book but what we do get is fabulous. Seeing her grow into herself, away from the pressures of the Scarlet Gang and its rules and appearances, feels so freeing. She’s found herself in a position where she’s happy and content with her life and who she is. But, more importantly, she is accepted and I am so happy for her!
Alisa is still a little spitfire who I absolutely adore. Still sticking her nose into other people’s business and being a busy-body. What a fantastic character she is!

What. A. Book. I absolutely adored getting to jump into Gong’s world once more, the time in the future. Getting to see the difference in Shanghai after the events of These Violent Delights and Our Violent Ends but with different perspectives was more fantastic than I thought it would be. Gong has a real and true talent for writing and I find myself sucked in and utterly mesmerised by the unfolding stories she creates. The slow burn of romance had me giddy. The thrill of chases and unrelenting danger had me on edge. The trials and tribulations had me eager for more. The callbacks and easter eggs for the previous books were brilliant little surprises that popped up along the way - but never felt like too much or like they were taking away from Rosalind’s story. The entire book was a joy to read but that ending … MISS GONG, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?! And now I have to wait for the sequel to come out?! That’s just nor fair at all…

Overall, Foul Lady Fortune is a story that gives you twists and turns before flipping everything you believe entirely on its head.


Thank you again to Hodder & Stoughton and NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book. Review will be live on my blog on release day.

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Thank you so much to Netgalley and the publisher for sending me an ARC of Foul Lady Fortune. I love Chloe Gong’s books so I am immensely grateful for this opportunity.
Foul Lady Fortune is the first book in a spin-off series to the popular duology These Violent Delights. Taking place five years after the events in Our Violent Ends, foul Lady Fortune follows Rosalind Lang, a nationalist spy.
I knew what to expect when I started reading this book, because I’ve always enjoyed Chloe Gong’s writing style. So it’s fair to say that I had pretty high expectations. However, the book exceeded them all and was nothing short of phenomenal.
Though the book is not actually slow paced, it did take me some time to get into it, but I don’t think this was because I wasn’t enjoying it, but rather because there was a lot of information to absorb.
The atmosphere that Chloe Gong manages to create in this book is impeccable. As I was reading I felt as though I was watching a movie and utterly lost myself in the vibe of 1930’s Shanghai. It’s simply beautiful. But really, this paired with the memorable plot is what makes Foul Lady Fortune a truly great book.
Every single chapter ended with some kind of cliffhanger that made me turn the page and keep on reading. Rosalind is a remarkable, strong main character that really stands out. Even though she falls in the predictable category of badass female characters she has something special that the others don’t. There’s something more to her character which I can’t really explain, but anybody will understand when reading the book. She’s witty, tough and though sometimes morally gray, still a role model. I was hugely emotionally invested into her story and now that I have read the bombshell ending of the book, all I can say is that I need the next book as soon as possible, because I simply have to know what happens next!
Another pleasant surprise I had when reading this book, was stumbling over some great tropes that I am sure readers will adore. Some of them are cliché and I always tell myself that I won’t fall for them again, but sure enough, this awesome book has proven me wrong. Not to mention the fact that it ties up so many loose ends from Our Violent Ends and brings new light to some side characters from that series. I really enjoyed this, because reading about old characters was a nice touch to the current story and felt like I was encountering old friends.
Overall, what I can say is that Chloe Gong never disappoints and Foul Lady Fortune will surely be yet another triumph in her blooming writing career.

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I feel so incredibly honoured and thankful to netgalley UK for allowing me to read this book early in return for an honest review
Where do I start
Chloe gong. You could write an instruction manual and it would still be an emotional historical work of art. I am obsessed with shanghai and the world in 20th century China depicted in the these violent delights duology and cannot wait to read more

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Thank You NetGalley for the eARC!

Foul Lady Fortune (FLF) tells Rosalind's story in coming to terms with finding her place in the city she shattered, spinning off Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, and historical events happening in Shanghai in the 1920s and 30s. Gong creates a figure that is open in the mental issues and emotions debates Rosalind possesses creating a realistic protagonist. If you find yourself not liking Rosalind after TVD and TVE, prepare to fall in love with the agent Fortune, yourself.

Gong intertwines her narrative with historical events on Shanghai, causing her characters to have motives and actions that are believable, and really masters her story retelling. Despite being fiction, the added realism almost makes you forget the fantasy elements.

Gong has perfected the emotional balance in this book, making you happy with the humour at play, sad at the tragedy between characters (romance, familial, etc) and the well written action will leave you reading exponentially faster.

The final few chapters, mixed with the epilogue have left me truly baffled, knowing I will have to wait a year until I can get the second half of FLF and see Rosalind to her end. However, all credit to the author, Chloe Gong, in creating the most amazing spy protagonist I have ever read. I shall see you soon, Foul Lady Fortune.

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Chloe Gong does it again with a stellar, engaging plot.

This book follows Rosalind and Celia after the events in Our Violent Ends. Rosalind is now an assassin, known as Lasy Fortune and Celia is a spy for the Communists, both working with brothers, Orion and Oliver respectively.

Their two missions inexplicably come together with twists and turns that will have you guessing all the way until the end.

I can't wait for the next book and I have a theory on who the mysterious J.M is who makes a literary appearance in the end of the book in the form of a letter. I hope I'm right!

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Chloe Gong does it again!! After completing the These Violent Delights duology, I had been quite excited to read Foul Lady Fortune. I had very different expectations about the main character when the novel was originally mentioned, thus Rosalind Lang being the main character completely caught me off guard. I wasn't sure at the time if I would enjoy the novel, but after reading this one tumblr post about Rosalind's character, my excitement for it returned.

Rosalind Lang, or Fortune, is a poison-using assassin who also possesses a particular talent. She is one of the most lethal assassins the Nationalists have because her cells never die and always return to their original state. She also never sleeps, doesn't age, and recovers from injuries quickly. She is immortal.

Rosalind is tasked with identifying the perpetrators of these attacks after a series of sudden deaths in Shanghai follow a recognisable pattern. The Japanese imperialists are the primary suspects. However, she is required to assume the identity of the wife of Orion Hong, a Nationalist agent who at first seems to not take anything seriously, cracks jokes constantly, and repeatedly tries to woo Rosalind, which irritates her to no end.

Rosalind doesn't particularly like Orion at first, but as she moves forward, she starts learning a lot about the assignment she is given. The Communists Oliver Hong and Celia Lang are living their own stories while on their respective missions outside the city, until they come upon the same location that is linked to all of these killings.

The romance and the plot of TVD were the main reasons I fell in love with it, and I had high expectations for this novel as well. Needless to say, it didn’t disappoint me in the least. The dialogues, the romance, and the narrative were all excellent.

The plot twists in this novel are numerous, unexpected, and I had never seen any of them coming. They caught me off guard and significantly improved my reading experience. Chloe Gong has a talent for writing people in such a detailed and endearing way that you can't help but fall in love with them. Every single character in the novel was wonderful to me. The side characters contributed so much to the story and were so well-written. The epilogue, the damn epilogue, and the narrative were both AMAZING. I was LEFT SPEECHLESS by it! The book has just the right amounts of romance, mystery, and sweetness! Because of how fluid Chloe Gong's language is, I never felt dissociated while reading. I need the sequel ASAP pleaseeeee


the queer rep>>>>>>>>>

I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH AND I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE SEQUEL AS WELL AS THE OTHER BOOKS THAT THE QUEEN CHLOE GONG WILL RELEASE!! Also remember to read the These Violent Delights Duology before you read this series since it has spoilers from that book!!

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i loved this!! as a fan of these violent delights & our violent ends i was super excited to hear that there would be a spin off following rosalind and whilst this book is technically from the same world it’s so different in many (good) ways! it honours the first two books whilst being its own story and that’s what i loved about it

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This book is soo good. I didn‘t know if I was going to like it but I loved it. It‘s such a good read and the characters as well as the story was written beautifully. I will purchase this book when it‘s out for sure, i need it in my collection.

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I will jump straight in and say 5 stars. I could not put this book down, i read it over 2 nights it is most definitely a page turner. Can highly recommend. Edge of your seat book. Thank you Netgalley for allowing me to review it and to Chloe Gong for writing such a fabulous book. I love Rosalind.

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Thank you Netgalley and Hodder & Stoughton for a copy of this ARC. All thoughts are my own.

As someone who enjoyed the These Violent Delights duology, I was eager to catch up with familiar characters in Foul Lady Fortune. It also was fantastic to read from the point of view of those who weren't central to the storyline of TVD and uncover a new mystery happening in the height of unease in 1930s Shanghai.

The pacing is wonderful. My biggest gripe (if you can call it one) was that These Violent Delights was quite a slow slog at times, and when I saw how chunky this novel was, I was a little worried if this would have similar pacing. I consumed Foul Lady Fortune within 24 hours, and feel that the balance was perfect - it wasn't fast enough to lose any of Chloe Gong's intricate detailing skills, but not slow that it felt tough to navigate at lull moments.

Both Rosalind and Orion are in-depth main characters that offer a lot in the way of character growth and mystery. Whilst we learn a lot about them both within the book and see their personalities and connections with others evolve, I still feel there is more to learn going into the sequel.

The supporting characters didn't just propel the plot along, they added much-needed diversity and interest. I liked trying to guess what their roles will be throughout Foul Lady Fortune, and wasn't let down in the slightest.

The new element of supernatural humans - such as Rosalind's healing capabilities - felt fresh. Although in the previous books of this world there were supernatural elements, I feel like the approach to Foul Lady Fortune tied in well with the time period for scientific discovery and experiments, along with keeping genuine to the world the author has already established. It didn't feel farfetched at all - if anything, I found it more interesting than the monsters of the first two books. The chemical killing mystery was a nice touch to assist in aiding the scientific aspect of the book and kept the intrigue alive well into its final pages.

Chloe Gong is no stranger to adding her interpretation of historical events to her books and I appreciated the continued weaving of the unrest from Japanese imperialism, and the Communist vs Nationalist conflict within China at the time. At no point did this feel like a textbook or a history lesson, but for those who have an interest in the era (I'm a trained historian who has studied Chinese History), I was pleased with the details added in.

The final revelations were executed seamlessly, and I enjoyed the surprise of some that I hadn't guessed. I'm eager to delve further into Rosalind and Orion's journey and how Shanghai will fear now that the chemical killings have achieved dangerous results. Chloe Gong has become an auto-buy author for sure.

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