Lore of the Stars

Folklore and Wisdom from the Skies Above

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Pub Date 3 Oct 2023 | Archive Date 14 Sep 2023

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Look up at the skies in wonder with this mystically illustrated treasury of folklore from above and beyond.

*2023 American Scientist Holiday Gift Guide Selection*

Did you know that people used to read the future in the flight of birds? That the constellations were thought to be mythological beings set in the sky? And that eclipses were seen as demonic omens?

For millennia, humans have looked to the heavens to explain the world around and above them. The myths, folktales, and lore that have arisen from these wonderings are as mysterious as they are varied—here, they're set down in a beautifully illustrated and engaging format for readers 6-12 years old. Lore of the Stars takes readers deep into space and back through the mists of time to discover the myriad answers to our most ancient questions.

Divided into six chapters:
  • The Sky
  • The Sun
  • The Moon
  • The Stars
  • Planets, Comets, & Shooting Stars
  • The Cosmos
You will uncover the secrets of augury, the meanings of types of weather, stories explaining the birth of the Milky Way, and the beings and deities said to govern the worlds above.

Also in the series:
  • Lore of the Wild: Folklore and Wisdom from Nature
  • Lore of the Land: Folklore and Wisdom from the Wild Eart h
Look up at the skies in wonder with this mystically illustrated treasury of folklore from above and beyond.

*2023 American Scientist Holiday Gift Guide Selection*

Did you know that people used to...

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Featured Reviews

I am reviewing this based on a PDF from Netgalley, but let me tell you, I will be seeking out the physical format of this for my kids. This has such beautiful illustrations and just enough information on each of the pages. I would have liked a few more of the myths expanded upon, as there were only a handful that were.

This is great for any child (or adult) who is interested in reading about international mythology. I love seeing how much things differ and yet are similar between different regions of the world.

I will definitely be picking this one up in physical format when I see it.

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It would be a shame if only children got to enjoy the pleasure of experiencing this book that’s jam packed full of interesting folklore and gorgeous illustrations.

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Fascinating. Fun. Thought Provoking.

I thoroughly enjoyed this look at the "Lore of the Stars". While some of the myths and lore was familiar to me, I was delighted to find much to learn. Richly illustrated, its colorful renderings of the stories had me browsing through the book initially just to enjoy the pictures. Yeah, I'm a kid that way. I'm fuzzy on how to classify this one as it combines factual information with the whimsy and mythology of associated tales and stories. I know that I, for one, since I live in Alaska where the Aurora frequently appears in our darker winter months, will be mentally visualizing the magical horse-drawn carriages soaring above me according to the Estonian myth of the aurora, taking spirit guests to a magnificent wedding in the sky. Not bad entertainment, I'd say, and I've been lucky enough to stand on my own deck and enjoy the dancing lights as their colors dance above me.

But, anyway, I particularly liked that the tales were drawn from all over, showing both the differences and similarities of cultures. Animal symbolism was common in all, I noted. As noted, the whimsical illustrations added much to the magic derived from the realities of shared experiences of cultures around the world. While officially targeting older children, I would think any age level will thoroughly enjoy this one. In fact, if you're like this no-longer-a-child, you'll find yourself going back to it repeatedly to flip through (I definitely suggest you get a print copy as it was a tad difficult to navigate all my meandering via digital) following your own whims.

It is, however, nicely organized and offers both a glossary and index at the end. As an adult, I rather wished for a more complete index but, well, for a children's book, it's ample. My favorite bit of lore changed repeatedly, so it's difficult to offer up a favorite, although being a dog person, I enjoyed the familiar story of Orion and his faithful spirit dog companions, Canis Major and Canis Minor, although the Cherokee tale of how the Milky Way came to be was not just fun but a new one to me.

Bottom line, if you've any interest in the mythology and lore of the sky above us, this one is for you. If you're a teacher, it should definitely be on your shelf. Heck, I'd think even a savvy science teacher could easily use it as a teaching tool to engage students' attention and imaginations. While my adult mind craved more full myths, there is so much to digest that this one will hold your attention and, as noted earlier, it's a book you'll want to revisit again and again. Thanks #NetGalley and ##QuartoPublishingGroup - #WideEyedEditions for sharing this wonderful rendering of international lore/mythology attached to our heaves through the ages.

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WOW!! This is the type of book you can stare at and reread again and again with people of all ages. Beautiful and colorful illustrations combined with a perfect collection of sky lore of multiple cultures.

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Wow, I loved this book! I learned so much and I would have loved to read this as a child. I definitely want to get this for our library, I can think of so many kids who are interested in mythology and gods who would like the Lore of the Stars. I really enjoyed the format - there are 6 sections: the sky, sun, moon, stars, planets, and cosmos. Each section starts with a short myth or folktale and then is followed by four or five illustrated informational spreads about different deities and cosmological events and the stories that have been told about them. For example, in section two, the sun there's a myth, creation stories, sun gods and goddesses, sun lore, sunrise and sunset, and eclipses. This makes it easy to return to the book to find a specific piece of information you want to read again. The illustrations are incredible - beautifully intricate depictions of the information. I learned about traditions from peoples around the world, not just the common Greek and Roman mythology. I will be retuning to this book to read short pieces in my storytimes and personally will be re-reading it because it's fascinating!

#LoreoftheStars #NetGalley

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This book was enchanting! Captivating from the start. I love the in-detail stories to start off each different element talked about. This book is beautiful and holds so many cultures folklore. This is defiantly something I would read to my children. Educational and entertaining.

Thank you NetGalley for the ARC. Loved the book so much!!

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What a gorgeous book! Although it’s a children’s book about folklore around the world, even as an adult it’s interesting to read. The illustrations are beautiful and the information is given in a couple of stories (at the beginning of each chapter) the rest of the information is in small bite-sized chunks on each page.

I would definitely recommend this to my friends with kids and even consider buying the physical copy to read with my own children someday.

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First of all this is a gorgeous book. The art work is top notch. My 11 year old daughter is a huge fan of folklore and mythology. She found it to be a mesmerizing read. Her 13 year old brother even found the stories engaging and felt like they he learned some new facts.
I am going to use this for some bed time reading with my 4 year old. It’s one of those unique books that has appeal for multiple ages.

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This was such a cute children’s book. I read this with my nephew and he loved it. The art work was beautiful!!! He’s really into folklore and mythology, so he was ecstatic about this book. Such a good book to help kids grow their creativity and to encourage them to do so. Would recommend!!!

Thank you Net Galley for providing me and my nephew an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Simply GORGEOUS!! Incredible artwork, accessible language, well-collected and not-too-well-known stories and myths from all over the world. I would easily buy this as a gift for not only children but adults interested in mythology, as well.

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What an absolute pleasure this was to read. Stunning artwork, beautiful mythology and folklore and an overall gorgeous book!

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"Lore of the Stars" offers concise and engaging tidbits of information, exploring diverse cultural beliefs and stories. Amidst these delightful snippets, you'll also find longer narratives that delve deeper into the tales of specific cultures. The book boasts an adorable art style, skillfully depicting accurate details without venturing into the realm of unsettling.

What sets this book apart is its clever organization. Young readers will appreciate the ease with which they can navigate to their favorite sections after a few readings, thanks to its refreshing layout. Each segment is brimming with captivating information, ensuring that young minds remain fully engrossed.

The overall format of the book is a triumph, harmonizing content and presentation seamlessly. "Lore of the Stars" is a celestial journey that will both educate and enchant young readers, making it an ideal addition to any bookshelf.

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Lore of the Stars by Claire Cock-Starkey is filled with Folklore and Wisdom from the Skies Above. This fun picture book is divided into six chapters, The Sky, The Sun, The Moon, Stars, Planets, Comets, & Shooting Stars, The Cosmos. Each has its own unique illustrations and information giving meaning to the different types of weather, the birth of the Milky Way, and much more. I love the illustrations detailing each page, if anyone reads this book please take a moment and admire the work that was done.

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