Kit and the Missing Notebook

A Book About Calming Anxiety

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Pub Date 9 Apr 2024 | Archive Date 16 Apr 2024

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Join Kit as she learns a lesson about overcoming anxiety and makes some new friends—and some delicious soup!—along the way. As kids get to know this little kangaroo with big feelings, they will discover how they can manage their own stress and new experiences in a healthy, positive manner.

When Kit’s family moves to Cozy Lane, she feels anxious. Exploring the neighborhood with her notebook where she writes everything down makes her feel a little better. But when her notebook goes missing, not even her new hamster friends can help her calm down. Then Mrs. G., the guinea pig next door, has an idea. They all make soup together, and as Kit breathes in the smell and breathes out to cool it, she finds herself feeling calmer. She even realizes her notebook isn’t as lost as she thought!

Kit and the Missing Notebook uses a fun and relatable character to teach children ages 4-8:

  • What anxiety is and how to identify it in their bodies.
  • A simple breathing exercise—smell the soup, cool the soup—that promotes mental wellness and can help when they are feeling overwhelmed.
  • How to use their senses—sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste—to find themselves again.


For parents and educators, Kit and the Missing Notebook also includes an author’s note with information about anxiety, managing emotions with kids, and a delicious soup recipe!

Join Kit as she learns a lesson about overcoming anxiety and makes some new friends—and some delicious soup!—along the way. As kids get to know this little kangaroo with big feelings, they will...

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Featured Reviews

I loved this book. I have not come across too many books about anxiety for kids and this one was great. It showed how she handled things and some good things that happened along the way as well.
The book was very descriptive in the making of the soup and the feelings Kit had. It was great!

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Not only was this a charming story about helping a child deal with anxiety, I also liked the “magic soup” recipe! The authors seem familiar with breathing techniques and using the body’s senses to reconnect with reality when feeling anxious. This would be a reassuring book to read aloud to a nervous child … and then feed them a bowl of homemade soup.

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This was such a sweet read and one I look forward to purchasing someday and reading to my toddler when she's at the right age to be experiencing anxiety and understanding what the message of the book is trying to get across. I love that the author created these characters to help his own daughter and family through those big emotions we all experience no matter our age, and I could definitely imagine using this story as a way to showcase how we can all take a deep breath and come together to help each other feel better.

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Very good book for young children about anxiety. I had a good chat after reading this book with my 4.5 year old daughter and she was able to understand the feeling of anxiety in the main character as well as in herself. The story was relatable and the illustration was well done. It also touched on the family moving to a new neighborhood and the feelings of not knowing where things were when moving. I liked after the seriousness of some of what was talked about there was something to laugh about at the very end of the book.

It's definitely a book my daughter will want me to read to her again and again. It's nice that it doesn't get too heavy into the topic but allows a kid to think about their feelings of anxiety. I'd recommend this to any parent of a 4-8 year old who is dealing with anxiety as a bridge to talking about those feelings.

Thank you to NetGalley and Zonderkidz publishing for the chance to read an ARC of this book. My review was not influenced by the receipt of the ARC.

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Kit and the Missing Notebook is such a sweet story. As a mother of a child who deals with anxiety this book echoed kindness and important techniques I've used on my own son. I really appreciated how Kit's anxiety wasn't ignored or passed over, but instead dealt with in a supportive, beneficial manner. I hope this book will inspire others - children and adults - to be empathetic when helping a friend coping with this issue.

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Thank you to Zonderkids for allowing me to read an advanced read copy of this book!

Kit and the Missing Notebook is an adorable book about a young bunny that moves to a new neighborhood and has to cope with all the new changes and challenges it brings. Kit navigates making new friends and finds some much needed support from a neighbor in dealing with her anxiety.

My family recently moved this year and my kindergartener quickly identified with Kit’s emotions. She loved the sweet little recipe at the end of the book.

This book would make a great addition to a classroom library to use with mindfulness instruction as the book utilizes a creative way to model taking deep breaths when feeling overwhelmed and anxious. It ties a sensory approach into restoring calm and coping with anxiety for struggling children.

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Kit and the Missing Notebook is a great book to help children work through anxiety. Talking with kids about how to handle their anxiety is such an important thing. This book will help open doors to good conversations about how to calm down when feeling anxious. As an elementary grade teacher I will use this book with my students. The illustrations are darling and I love that the animals are not the average animals used in stories.

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This book does an excellent job describing how anxiety may feel and techniques to get through those feelings. I love how Mrs. G offers an example for adults on how to respond to children experiencing anxiety and other big feelings.

Thank you NetGalley and Zonderkidz for this ARC. All opinions are my own.

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I LOVED this book and will be pre-ordering one for my son as well as copies for gifts. As someone who has struggled with anxiety since childhood, this book was like a healing balm. It features caring adults who affirm the scariness of the child’s feelings without adding fire to the flame of their fears. It even includes a recipe for the soup that’s used in the story as a sort of tool to calm Kit. I’m thrilled to see this coming from a Christian publisher. It’s so refreshing when mental health struggles are acknowledged and dealt with in ways that don’t ONLY include “just trust God!” 5 shining stars!

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We all have to face anxiety and fears. For children that don’t yet understand those feelings this can be scary moments . Sometimes they need that extra help to get through. This book by Chris and Erin Wheeler is a great example. This little adventure is about Kit who has moved with her family to a new home. She decided to explore the neighborhood but along her way lost her prize possession, her little notebook. This is where she writes all her feelings and things down . While looking for her notebook she discovers new friends and new ways to learn to calm the anxiety and the fear she has to face. They can be simple ways like a breathing exercise when she smelled the warm soup. I loved how the book shows children how to find calming ways to handle their fear and their anxiety in things they do everyday. It teaches them to use all of their senses in different ways to handle what they may face. We received this book as an ARC from NetGalley and I am so thankful. This will be a book we buy to add to our shelf. It was great for teaching my 4 year old how to calm down and work through problems. He struggles with anxiety and this story along with brillent, calm illustrations was the perfect way to show him just how to do it. Well written and relatable made all the difference in the world.

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The illustrations are so cute!! You root for Kit and helping them get over their anxious thoughts. This would be a great classroom read aloud before a big test. Also, for a home library to read when something big is coming up.

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What an adorable book about Kit the kangaroo. Kit moves to a new neighborhood and this is a look at how that might feel scary for littles. A lost notebook, things not being where they should Kit ventures out to get a look at Cozy Lane and happens across new friends and Mrs. G. who helps her through this scary time. It is a great book to open up discussions of anxiety and how that might look and feel to your little one. It also ends with Mrs. G calming soup recipe. Such a sweet and thoughtful book. You can tell it was written with love.

Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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I was able to read this book on NetGalley and it is a beautiful story about Kit who has anxiety over his new house and missing notebook. This is a great story for your reader if they are moving to a house or struggle with anxiety. I love the author's note where she goes into more detail on how to help your child address their emotions when they have anxiety. The illustrations are charming to match the story of new kangaroo in the wilderness meeting new people in a new place.

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This was such a cute story about an anxious kangaroo and how to manage anxiety when it feels overwhelming. I loved the illustrations and think this book would be beneficial to any children with anxiety or struggling to control their fears.

I received an ARC from Zonderkidz-Books | Zonderkidz via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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The magic of soup calms and anxious kangaroo.

Kit arrives at her new home feeling anxious. While playing with two new hamster friends, Kit loses her treasured notebook. Mrs. G. Helps Kit deal with her anxiety of losing her notebook in a special way with soup. I enjoyed this story about how to help kids deal with anxiety. A highly recommended read.

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As a mum who suffers from anxiety I wanted to have a read of this book as sometimes I feel my anxiety is influencing my daughter.
This book was very cutesy with beautiful art and story telling which was simple but also lovely for both adult and child.

I think the concept of being distracted when anxious is really great and I could really do with a bowl of Mrs. G soup when I'm feeling particularly worried.

The book really highlights the importance of friends and family during difficult times.

I loved this.

Thanks for the soup recipe - cannot wait to try it!

Theadora's mum
Theadora (Age 2)

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I adored this book! Great insight into how to distract from anxious feelings with a more pleasant sensory experience. The art was adorable. I love that we learn about Kit's fears through the story, not just the object missing but what it represents to her.

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