Animal Friends: Hello, Dogs!

Meet Dogs of All Shapes & Sizes; Learn What Dogs Love; Discover How to Be Friends!

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Pub Date 20 Aug 2024 | Archive Date 20 Aug 2024
Storey Publishing | Storey Publishing, LLC

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The perfect first guide for dog-crazy kids ages 4 and up, whether or not they have a dog in their household, includes loads of adorable photos of different breeds, fun facts about how dogs communicate, guidance for kids on making friends with canines, and 50 colorful dog stickers.

Dog-loving kids ages 4 and up learn all about the various breeds and types of dogs; how they see, hear, and communicate; and what makes them happy in this lively, photo-packed introduction to everything about dogs. From puppies to really big dogs, dogs with long ears and dogs with short, curly tails, the wide world of dogs is celebrated while also teaching kids about how they can understand and be friends with these amazing animals, whether or not there's a dog in their household. Fifty colorful dog stickers are included, along with a a fold-out activity log page for keeping track of all the dog friends they meet.
The perfect first guide for dog-crazy kids ages 4 and up, whether or not they have a dog in their household, includes loads of adorable photos of different breeds, fun facts about how dogs...

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Review to come early August on blog/other places.

I received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I am a big big dog lover, so when I saw this adorable looking book up on Netgalley I just had to have it!

Before I got Coco last year I was already a dog lover but I have to say it has gone up even more + I am even more eager to learn more about dogs than before. I love that I got even more dedicated to learning about dogs. So I was definitely curious about this fun-looking book, would I see my own dog in there (she is a Cavalier King Charlies Spaniel in black/tan)? Would I learn new facts about dogs? 

I love that the book immediately starts with how to be friends with dogs and how to approach them if you see one. This is definitely something that should be more noted in other books. My hubby and I often come across kids while walking Coco and some do know how to approach them, but others don't. Some just run towards her, or want to play immediately. My hubby and I try to tell them how they should do it, but I think having this information in books + as an education thing would also be great!

From there on the book starts on all things you may want to know about dogs. From puppies and all they do (and yes, they have sharp teeth, my hubby and I were so happy when Coco got her adult teeth as they are way less sharp). Which btw made me kinda miss those days when we first had Coco. She was so TINY! Yes, sharp and pointy, but also so cute! She used to fit perfectly in the nooks of our arms, these days not so much, haha.

Next to cute puppies we get information on some bigger and smaller dogs and fluffy and not so fluffy dogs, we learn about communication (from tails to barking to how to handle/care for dogs), dogs with jobs, fun sports (I still want to try agility or tracking when Coco is old enough as she seems to have an interest in both), and there is so much more! Oh boy! I had so much fun reading it and I love that it is not section x and then section y, instead you get a bit of everything mixed together matching a theme. It just makes it more interesting and I was able to hold my attention (dang ADHD) better. 

Oh, and people don't just put clothes on dogs because they are tiny and cute, some dogs also need coats and sweaters. I am writing this in January and it is winter here. Coco is visibly shaking when it gets too cold inside/refuses to go out otherwise. Yes, it is also cute, but it is also done so she isn't cold!

And I am delighted to see a Cavalier King Charles in there! It was a short meeting and not the right colour, but I will take it! 

I loved the combination of adorable photographs (most of the book) with illustrations (like the parts on how to handle a dog). 

All in all, do you want a fun book to read about dogs? Be sure to check this one out. Perfect for kids and adults!

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I love how this book explains to small children how to become “friends” with dogs safely and how to be mindful of their animal friends.

I was attacked by a dog in middle school, and have had a slight fear of them since. But this book, has given me tips and info on how to remove the angst as an adult, even though this a book for children.

I loved how this book also takes you through the lifecycle of a dog, the different breeds of dogs, & even exposing how depending on the size of the dog, their ages are calculated differently!! I had no idea about that.

I don’t want to give away too much of the book, but it was a great read with beautiful and fun images of dogs.

We volunteered to read an ARC of this book through NetGalley

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What a beautiful and informative book. Loved all the great pictures of the gorgeous puppies .
A great learning tool for children and adults of all ages, would be especially useful for someone who is getting a dog for the first time .
Thankyou to NetGalley and Publisher for a review copy

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We loved this book! My son and I learned so much about different kinds of dogs. He was also excited to see "our dog" in the book. There are also some super cute doggie stickers in the back.

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Hey where's my stickers! Haha! This is a book filled with fun facts, tips and tons of cute photos of these furry creatures. Kids will definitely love this book and fall in love and want to have dogs as pets. Love how this book shows how dogs differ from breed, height, fur and in their body parts. This is definitely a great book!

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What a fantastic book! So much information, but presented simply and clearly using clear graphic illustrations and real life photos. I love how the book explains in a picture format how to make friends and approach a dog safely. Great advice for a tentative child (or adult). The book contains information on and pictures of varioust breeds, their characteristics and differing lifespans. It explains how to feed and care for a dog and why exercise is so important. There is so much for a child to discuss and mull over. It is a really well thought out book, so interesting for children.

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As an owner of two dogs, and a lover of all dogs. I adored this book! The pics were so so cute. So very informative and easy to read and learn.

I can’t wait for this book to come out,

Loved the stickers at the end too. Great plus

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Thank you to Netgalley and Storey Publishing for an advanced read copy of this book!

Animal Friends: Hello, Dogs! is a perfectly illustrated and informative book for young dog lovers! My kindergartener and I explored this book together and she was enthralled with the details on every page. She loves dogs and was drawn to the adorable photographs on each page. The book was informative for young readers detailing everything you would wanted to know about dogs. It is a great read for a child adopting their first pet or for a classroom library.

I loved how this book highlighted dog's senses and unique abilities and how they compared to humans. It also teaches young children how to safely interact with dogs, informs them of jobs dogs can do, the various breeds of dogs and what makes them special.

This was a book my daughter will be combing through and asking to be read again and again.

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Like human beings, dogs are not all alike. Beyond the obvious differences, size, color, breed, etc, they have varying traits that make them more suitable for some situations than another. This book does a wonderful job of not just pointing out the similarities and differences between humans and dogs but dog breeds/types. Designed for children, the book surely has about as much to offer adults wanting to learn more about their furry friend or about to make the big step of bringing a dog into their home. This book will help, not to mention delight and entertain. I mean, I defy you not to smile at those puppy photos! (Grin)

While relatively brief in comparison to some dog books, "Hello, Dogs" does an excellent job covering the basics, teaching, and charming readers. Whether dog-crazy kid or adult, you're sure to find something that you'll find of interest. I particularly enjoyed the emphasis on relating to dogs, with highlights on ways we can genuinely be kind to them. There's even a section, with photos, pointing out how we are like and unlike our dogs. It even shows how size impacts the comparison of dog to human ages. I've seen several of these charts elsewhere and they do seem to vary slightly but this one is right in the general area. In addition, expected features like breeds, traits, dog safety, and more.

Bottom line, lots of information and fun with adorable illustrations and photos that both illustrate and bring smiles. I had an advance digital copy but the print version promises stickers, too, to go along with the activities suggested. Wouldn't it be fun to carry along one of those Breed Bingo cards to a dog show? In any case, my thanks to #NetGalley and #StoreyPublishing for allowing me to indulge in an early peek at this fun, entertaining, and wonderfully informative books. My rescue corgi mix was at my side as I read and she can attest to it earning her lots of additional pets and scratches as I read.

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Loved this book as a fully grown adult and canine professional, absolutely would have devoured it as a child. There is litterly nothing I would have changed for an educational book for children. The photographs are brilliant and featured dogs from all groups including some rare breeds not just your cute and cuddly typical children book breeds (including my top 3 breeds Afghan Hound, Whippet and Newfoundland). The book not only has the normal facts about dogs, but also a brilliant section on how children can approach dogs is a safe manner and in a way dogs will appreciate it. Bonus points for adding a whole section on dogs sports as almost all dog sports have a league or program for their young handlers so its a brilliant way of introducing children in to dog sports. The book finishes with a sticker collection, who dosnt love some bonus stickers. I was actually gutted as I read this book via as a digital pre-release so couldn't get the fabulous stickers available with this book.
Honestly never read a better guide for children around dogs and will be recommending to everyone I stumble across that has dog mad children.

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