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Pub Date 22 Feb 2024 | Archive Date 27 May 2024

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Timothy is a serial killer. He's also very lonely. He's a walking contradiction, and his psychological predicament doesn't escape him.

Lynnette is a vampire. She's also a nurse. She, too, is a walking contradiction.

When she unexpectedly answers his desperate call for company, they realize they could be perfect partners in crime, engaging in a few kinds of bloodwork at once, bringing out the worst and the best in each other.

With Timothy, Lynnette starts to feel more like the dangerous bloodsucking demon she was always meant to be, without having to worry about saving lives. With Lynnette, Timothy's loneliness starts to feel like nothing more than a shadow from a distant and depressing dream, and he can savor the presence of someone so inhuman that they're not bound to disappoint him like other people have.

The little deal the two outcasts make with each other should keep them both quite happy and satisfied with life-that is, assuming that Lynnette doesn't decide to make Timothy her dinner and Timothy doesn't decide to murder Lynnette for sport...

And when they are both capable of being predator and prey to each other, that's a hell of an assumption to make.





Timothy is a serial killer. He's also very lonely. He's a walking contradiction, and his...

A Note From the Publisher

Melissa Demirel is an author and screenwriter with a love for horror movies and psychological suspense novels. She received both her Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in English with an emphasis on Creative Writing from California State University, Northridge. At CSUN, she has also worked as a Writing Center Tutor in the Learning Resource Center, as a Supplemental Instructor for Freshman Writing classes, and as the Writing Consultant for Graduate Master of Professional Accountancy Program students in the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

Melissa Demirel is an author and screenwriter with a love for horror movies and psychological suspense novels. She received both her Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in English with an...

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ISBN 9781685133757

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Featured Reviews

Thank you Netgalley and publisher for a copy of this arc!

Bloodwork is rom-com that follows two characters who are very unlikely to fall in love. Why is that? Well, one character is a serial killer and the other is a vampire. Think of this as the show Dexter meets paranormal world.

Definitely worth the read.

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Thank you so much to NetGalley and Black Rose Writing for sending me a copy of this digital ARC just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Timothy is a lonely serial killer, looking for a partner who will understand him. Lynn is a nurse first and a vampire second, under constant turmoil with her human values and her vampiric nature. Are they soulmates or will their dark pasts will threaten their partnership?

If you’re looking for something short and sweet for Valentine’s Day, then I recommend this one! It was a strange combination of insta-love and slow burn that kept me interested. It was a little bloody for a traditional romance, but it had a lot of cute interactions that sweetened it up. There was also some spice, which was exactly what you’d expect from an unconventional pairing like Timothy and Lynn.

The feedback that I have is that it does get slower paced in the middle. The intention was to build their relationship and make you feel how much time has passed, but it becomes a bit tedious hearing about the same thing on different days.

Overall, this book was a slow burn romance, perfect for people who want to explore an unusual concept like a vampire nurse and a serial killer who take out bad people together. If this fun read is something you’d be interested in, Bloodwork comes out on February 22nd!

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Bloodwork by Melissa Demirel comes out on February 22, but I was lucky to receive an ARC from NetGalley.

The story beckons you into a realm where dark romance meets the macabre, promising a gripping tale of love between a serial killer and a vampire. The initial allure of the cover and the intriguing premise gripped my attention from the start.
The narrative unfolds with Timothy, a loner who enacts his own brand of justice by targeting those he deems unworthy of life. Opposite him is Lynnette, a vampire seeking sustenance and drawn into Timothy’s peculiar invitation. Their relationship hinges on a precarious trust, the kind that holds the threat of mortality.

Envisioning a blend of Pam from Southern Vampire Mysteries and Dexter, I anticipated a captivating journey. However, the narrative primarily unfolds through Timothy’s internal monologue, leaving me craving a more dynamic exploration of his struggles and interactions. At the same time, he’s a shy serial killer and doesn’t really interact much with others, putting the author in a difficult spot.

Bloodwork’s storyline is woven with grisly murders, each described with unsettling detail. Timothy’s moral compass, guided by fleeting interactions, sets the stage for a dark exploration of justice. Lynnette follows his rules, but there’s tension between them, showing how their relationship is getting complicated.

Within the chaos of bloodshed, a delicate romance emerges — a fragile beacon amid the darkness. The narrative skillfully tests this connection against the backdrop of shared secrets and conflicting desires, showcasing the intricate dance between love and darkness.


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Melissa Demirel's novel, Bloodwork, presents a captivating tale of two deeply flawed individuals who form an unlikely bond, exploring the complexities of loneliness, desire, and the nature of good and evil. Timothy, a serial killer, grapples with the contradictions of his nature, recognizing his inherent cruelty while yearning for companionship. Lynnette, a vampire and nurse, struggles with her dual identities, navigating the tension between her compassionate nature and her predatory instincts. When they meet, an unexpected connection sparks, fueled by their mutual isolation and the recognition of their own dark potential. As they engage in "a few kinds of bloodwork at once," they bring out the best and worst in each other, blurring the lines between predator and prey. Demirel deftly paints Timothy's loneliness as a palpable force, casting him as a victim of his own desires. Meanwhile, Lynnette's struggle with her innate violence adds a layer of complexity to her character, making her more than just a bloodthirsty monster. The "little deal" the two outcasts strike offers them a semblance of happiness and fulfillment, yet the precarious nature of their relationship hangs heavy in the air. The constant threat of betrayal and the ever-present potential for violence create a palpable tension throughout the narrative. Bloodwork is a dark and disturbing tale that delves into the depths of human nature, exploring the paradoxes of good and evil, loneliness and connection. Demirel's vivid imagery and nuanced characterization make this a truly immersive and thought-provoking read. As the story unfolds, the reader is left grappling with the question: When the lines between predator and prey become blurred, who truly emerges as the monster?

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I was hooked from the cover and description, which worked well overall with the plot of the book. The characters felt like they belonged in this world and thought it worked in the horror element. I enjoyed the romance element and how it worked in this universe. It had a great overall romantic comedy element and enjoyed how the characters felt like they were supposed to. Melissa Demirel has a great writing style and left me wanting more from the author.

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Thank you NetGalley and Black Rose Writing for this ARC. This was such a fun and entertaining book. I loved the main characters Timothy and Lynette because they were such a unique couple. Timothy is a serial killer, who is looking for love. He puts up a poster by a bar in the hopes of finding his mate.. Lynette is a vampire who responds to his ad. The story has so many great elements very relatable characters, and was such an easy read. I will definitely read more from this author, and it would recommend this book !

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The premise of this book drew me in. The book itself felt a bit wordy at times, some scenes over-described but nonetheless an enjoyable read. Lynnette is a vampire and a nurse who meets a man named Timothy and they realize they’d likely make a great team with their combined lifestyles. Together, they bring out the best and worst in each other, engaging in various bloody experiences. With Lynnette, Timothy feels less lonely, while Lynnette embraces her true vampire nature without the burden of having to stick to the rules of her profession and save lives. Their unique partnership seems to satisfy both of them, as long as they don't turn on each other in the end. The notion that they won't harm each other is a risky one, considering their predatory natures. Will they be able to remain a team, partners in crime? Or will their bloodthirsty instincts unravel and destroy their lives?

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Clever and unique story of friendship and love between the unlikeliest of pairs, or maybe the most likely? So, a serial killer meets a vampire, who is a nurse ... and the oddest of relationships blooms. Will there be a HEA?

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