A Werewolf's Guide to Seducing a Vampire

‘Whimsically sexy, charmingly romantic, and magically hilarious.’ Ali Hazelwood

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Book 3 of Glimmer Falls Series
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Pub Date 15 Aug 2024 | Archive Date 15 Aug 2024

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Werewolf Ben Rosewood is happy with his life. One hundred percent. Everything is fine. His business, Ben's Plant Emporium, is thriving, and he's even expanding the shop. His anxiety disorder is...well, it's been better, but that comes with the territory of running a business and having beastly urges every full moon, right? As for romance-who has the time? Though his family is desperate to see him settled, Ben is fine approaching forty as a single werewolf. But after drunkenly bidding on and winning a supposedly-possessed crystal on eBay one night, he finds himself face-to-face with a beautiful yet angry vampire.

Eleonore Bettencourt-Devereux is a rare breed-a vampire succubus born from two elite European bloodlines during medieval times. Thanks to an evil witch, she's been stuck in a crystal since she was thirty, forced to obey orders from the possessor of the rock. Eleonore's been dreaming of breaking the spell and severing the witch's head for centuries. But did this witch really sell her to someone new, and for only ninety-nine cents?

Eleonore would claw this werewolf's heart out and eat it, if only the binding spell would allow her to. But Eleonore and Ben soon realize they can help each other with both vengeful and less hostile needs. And why not have a little fun along the way?

Werewolf Ben Rosewood is happy with his life. One hundred percent. Everything is fine. His business, Ben's Plant Emporium, is thriving, and he's even expanding the shop. His anxiety disorder...

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Oh dear. I wanted an early night, I NEEDED an early night. Instead I forced myself to put this down at 4 am and only then because my eyes were crossing. I have read all the books in this series, loved them all and this one didn't disappoint either. If you like cosy, fun romances between paranormals with very human emotions, this series is for you. Start at the beginning and keep going until the end of this one. Recommended. xx

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Sarah Hawley has already produced a couple of these paranormal romances and I’m here for them. This time a drunken Ebay purchase results in a vampire succubus landing in the lap of a repressed and unhappy werewolf. Sparks will fly.
Ben is not living his best life and even his once a month howl at the moon leaves him feeling dirty and unhappy with killing a Mr. Hoppy on his wild night out.
Eleanore has been a captive for seven hundred years and all she has to show for it is a love of weapons and a Star Trek obsession. Her captor didn’t get out much and thought they had bonded over reruns. She doesn’t realise Eleanore wants to kill her in revenge for stealing her life.
Getting used to the 21st century isn’t easy but Eleanor does her best and getting close to Ben she starts to trust the first human in seven hundred years.
Ben has a lot on his plate. His sister is standing for mayor of Glimmer Falls and is subjected to a magical campaign against her. He’s trying to get his coffee shop open to go with the plant emporium and he’s trying to avoid the lovey-dovey relationships of all of his friends because he can’t cope with his loneliness.
Little does he realise that love is all around. He just has to open his heart and possibly a vein.
Another great story with quite a lot of heated ‘getting to know you’ content along with the supernatural characters and events; a fun series of books.

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I loved Sarah Hawley's previous books so I was ready to read this in one sitting! I love the characters and the world of the story.

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The previous in this series have been absolutely brilliant and I could not contain my excitement at the title of this one. And with Ben our fav and lovable werewolf? Yes please. Sign me up.

I’ve loved the snippets of Ben in the previous books and I really enjoyed getting to know his character more. He’s the understanding and forever people pleasing plant nursery owner and the reserved werewolf finds himself fairly out of his depth in an unconventional relationship.

Finishing this I feel like I need go back and read the others again because it’s made me realise how much I enjoyed them and I felt so nostalgic about the series. I love being in Glimmer Falls. A more feel good romance with supernatural element you will not find! And plenty of steam too.

Cosy, fun, full of humour and entertaining, I couldn’t have enjoyed or love this book any more!!

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Sarah Hawley has once again delivered an enthralling paranormal romance that left me utterly captivated. This time, a spontaneous Ebay purchase leads to a collision between a vampire succubus and a repressed werewolf, igniting sparks that sizzle off the pages.

Ben's life isn't exactly picture-perfect, with even his monthly moonlit escapades leaving him feeling unfulfilled and remorseful. But when Eleanore, a centuries-old captive with a penchant for weapons and a Star Trek obsession, enters his world, everything changes. Unbeknownst to Eleanore, her captor's deception binds her fate with Ben's, setting the stage for a gripping tale of revenge, redemption, and unexpected love in the 21st century.

As Eleanore navigates the complexities of modern life, including forming an unlikely bond with Ben, he finds himself grappling with personal demons while juggling familial responsibilities and entrepreneurial endeavors. Amidst the magical campaign against his mayoral candidate sister and the challenges of launching his coffee shop, Ben discovers that love, in all its forms, is closer than he ever imagined.

Hawley skillfully weaves together a tapestry of supernatural intrigue, heartfelt connections, and steamy encounters, creating a world that is both enchanting and relatable. With each turn of the page, I found myself drawn deeper into the lives of these dynamic characters, rooting for their triumphs and mourning their losses.

"Love is all around," as this enchanting tale reminds us, and sometimes, all it takes is a willingness to open our hearts—even if it means opening a vein. With its blend of heated 'getting to know you' moments and supernatural thrills, this latest addition to Hawley's series is nothing short of sensational.

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Finally, FINALLY, we get a chance to read quiet green-thumbed Ben's story! A late night eBay purchase brings him a vampire-succubus who is bound to do his every command. Together, with only a little bit of trust and a lot of chemistry, the two set out to break her curse. But it's not so easy, not with Ben's sister on the campaign trail, and with the cursing witch nowhere to be found.
Fantastic cast of characters that make you want to return to Glimmer Falls again and again. Ben and Eleanora's chemistry is off the charts, and their descent into love was filled with such sweet moments. Absolutely delightful, and I can't wait to return to Glimmer Falls again!

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A Werewolf’s Guide to Seducing a Vampire is a paranormal romance full of humour, action and a cast of unworldly characters that are wonderfully different.
Ben is an unlikely werewolf , quiet and shy, running his own garden centre, knitting garments for friends and family and also hating every full moon when he has to ‘change’ When drunk after attending a friends wedding he orders a crystal off eBay, which like the genie in the lamp contains a beautiful vampire Eleanore who has been trapped for over 700 years, only been released when the evil witch that cast the spell on her commands her to kill the witches enemies.
As Eleanor has to get to grips with modern life with Bens guidance they slowly start to have feelings for each other, but not without some hilarious misunderstandings.
This is a rollicking extremely entertaining read, full of action and brilliant dialogue. I loved it.
My thanks to net galley and publisher for the opportunity to review this book honestly

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I have really enjoyed this series of paranormal romances by Sarah Hawley and this latest instalment did not disappoint. I loved being back with these characters and was very happy to see Ben getting his happy ending. I loved the character development of Eleanore and found her very entertaining. I really enjoyed getting glimpses of our previous couples from the series and I really enjoy the cast of characters in this found family series. If you're looking for a cozy, entertaining paranormal romance then I highly recommend this series and this book.

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This is the first I have read in this series (luckily they’re all standalone interconnecting!), and I have to say that I will definitely be reading the others.
The character building, friendships, location and settings were adorably quirky and the added spice factor was a real bonus. Loved it.

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Sarah hawley has once again created characters you fall in love with immediately and a story you cannot stop reading. The anxiety rep for Ben was well handled and I absolutely loved Eleanora's character, she was fierce, but also kind of clueless in an endearing way, watching her discover modern technology and pop culture brought a lot of humour to the book, and didn't date the story or become too annoying.

The romance between them was tender and perfectly built up, I almost cried when she gave him flowers because she thought he deserved them too?? (She ripped them out of the ground and doesn't understand modern customs because she's been trapped in an ancient crystal for decades but come on, that's adorable.)

Whilst I really enjoyed the romance and the overall plot, it felt like there wasn't much focus on breaking the curse or finding the witch, even though that seemed like it would be the main purpose of the whole story. There were a lot of side plots that seemed to overshadow that, like the cafe and Ben's sister running for mayor, which made the resolution feel pretty rushed and under planned, but regardless, I loved the book and series a lot.

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I absolutely loved this book! This series is such an Amazing one and this is the best book yet. Ben is my absolute favourite and it’s so good to see returning characters as well!

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