Cluedle - The Case of the Golden Pomegranate

50 More Fiendishly Fun Mystery Puzzles

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Book 2 of Cluedle
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Pub Date 20 Jun 2024 | Archive Date Not set

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Can you work out Cluedunnit? For mystery fans of all ages, Cluedle – The Case of the Golden Pomegranate is the perfect puzzle book for code-cracking families and skilful young super sleuths.

Set sail on the high seas with world famous private investigator Hartigan Browne and crack the curious case of the Golden Pomegranate by solving 50 fun brain-busting puzzles.

A funny and intriguing mystery story set on a super yacht where detectives need to discover:

- Who broke into Alota Vibratto’s safe?
- How the professor’s milkshake was poisoned?
- What’s hidden in an ancient maze?
- And who’s gone overboard?!

Packed full of codes to crack, evidence to evaluate, clues to unravel and maps to navigate, Cluedle - The Case of the Golden Pomegranate is puzzling fun for the whole family.

Can you work out Cluedunnit? For mystery fans of all ages, Cluedle – The Case of the Golden Pomegranate is the perfect puzzle book for code-cracking families and skilful young super sleuths.

Set sail...

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Featured Reviews

Cluedle is a problem solving book aimed at younger children or teenagers. The problems are disguised as mysteries so for each problem you are solving a case. The book contains 6 cases all of which are made up mutliple tasks so there are plenty of puzzles to have a go at and the majority of the puzzles have a helpful hint included as well.

I really liked the variation in the types of puzzles ranging from maps to ciphers. The storylines were fun to follow along and it did make the puzzles very engaging. I thought the puzzles were pitched at the correct difficulty as there were challenging and made you think but were still solvable. I thought the formatting of the book was great and I liked that tables are provided were needed to help solve codes and that there is a dedicated space for the answers. I liked that there were pages left mostly blank for scribbling down your workings out.

My only issue is that this book didn't work well in a digital format as quite often the information is spread over 2 pages so you have to keep flipping backwards and forwards which got frustrating. This also makes it difficult to check answers which are all at the back of the book. Obviously if you buy this in a physical format this won't be an issue.

Overall I really enjoyed the concept of this book and found the puzzles very entertaining!

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Cluedle- The Case Of The Golden Pomegranate by Hartigan Browne
Published on 20.06.2024
Macmillan Children's Books

This book has plenty of variety with the types of puzzles to solve. From code breaking, looking at maps and working out evidence and clues to solve the mystery. I loved how this wasn't repetitive. There was enough variation with each case to keep you entertained and interested. My children and I completed this over two days!

What I didn't think worked was this book on Kindle. Having to go back and forth over pages would have been so much easier with a paperback. I would advise buying it on the latter. It would be less frustrating.

Altogether, this was such a fun and humorous book. My children loved doing this together. It actually got them working together and helping each other out, so that a win! Great family entertainment, a reason to get them off the tech and invest in some quality family time.

Follow private investigator Hartigan Browne in solving the latest case. Set sail and embark on a journey to solve the mystery by completing a plethora of puzzles.

Thank you to Netgalley and Macmillan Children's Books.

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Thank you to NetGalley and Publisher for this arc.

This is a great sequel to Murdle. Cluedle is a puzzle/problem solving book designed for children and teens.

There are 6 cases in total and are disguised as mysteries, which was very engaging. I loved the puzzle variations, with some cartography thrown into the mix too!

The puzzles difficulty was just right for the intended demographic. That being said it was not easy but completely solvable (as proven by my 10yo son). If they are too challenging the helpful hints included made it perfectly manageable with space included for note taking.

I will say that the digital proof was very annoying to get through. As the puzzles and information layout meant I had to keep flicking back and forth. I have also received a finished proof copy and that was perfect so no issues there.

My son and I really enjoyed this book and was a great way to spend switch of week so that was a great bonus

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Whilst this book may not be e-reader friendly, I made it work. I absolutely loved this book, it reminded me of the types of books I enjoyed when I was younger. In physical form, this book will make an amazing present for anyone who wants to be a detective. There was a variety of puzzles to solve and complete, which really got your brain going. I found it funny and I love that it was set around the county you solve about.

Thank you Netgalley and Macmillan Children's Books

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As a family, we love a good mystery, so this was the perfect book to allow us to put on out amateur sleuth hats and work together (or in competition!) to unlock the clues and puzzles and unveil the mystery. Aimed at 9-11 years, it had the adults scrambling to work out the clues as well as the kids. Set on board a super yacht, the goal is to help Hartigan Browne crack the case of the golden pomegranate by solving number codes to crack safes, deciper maps, and mazes and work out whodunnit! If it all gets too complicated, the answers are revealed at the back of the book. The perfect book to stave off boredom during the holidays and keep minds lively. I will be packing it for evenings in Spain to battle out the ckues with grandparents vs children. This is the second book in the series, so book 1 will be purchased for our half term caravan break to entire the kids away from their devices for some family fun. #cluedlethecaseofthegoldenpomegranate #hartiganbrowne #murdermysteryquiz #book2 #netgalley

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Thank you NetGalley and Macmillan Children's Books for this eCopy to review

Cluedle - The Case of the Golden Pomegranate is a great puzzle book. I love how you are thrown into puzzle solving from the very start, you need to work out the password to open the case. A great plot with fun puzzles of which there was a wide variety so there is something for everyone. It was a great tool for some family time in place of board games and we had fun seeing who could solve the puzzles first. The helpful hints were super helpful if anyone got a bit stuck and failing that the answers are at the back of the book

Can't wait for the next book in the Cluedle series

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This was so much fun to read and to work out the puzzles. I love reading mysteries and puzzle games so this was a perfect combination of the two for me.

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This was so much fun to read and complete. The style is light and humorous and the puzzles have just the right level of difficulty. Tricky enough to be fun, but with plenty of hints and it never stops you from continuing on with the story. As a bonus it's full of Greek words and letters.

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This is the second instalment in the Cluedle books. I have enjoyed solving the 6 cases with my 2 daughters (aged 11 & 8) - a perfect rainy day activity!

There are a plethora of puzzles with little repetition. There are code breakers, Sudoku, mazes, working with maps and evidence to decipher. The storyline was fun and humorous, it really kept my daughters engaged.

This isn't ideal to use on an e-reader. I had to use my iPad as it is not kindle friendly and does not show the pictured on there. In usual circumstances I would have bought this in physical form so you can write on the books!

This is a great alternative to the old fashioned puzzle book magazines, that you can't seem to get anymore! And an even better way to get children off devices (assuming you have the physical copy)!

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I thoroughly enjoyed "Cluedle - The Case of the Golden Pomegranate." It brought back memories of the books I cherished in my childhood. Solving the puzzles was both fun and captivating, and I eagerly anticipate upcoming books.

Thank you to NetGalley and Macmillan Children's Books for my ARC.

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It is time to solve another mystery, this time on board a ship in the Case of the Golden Pomegranate. Alota Vibratto’s safe has been broken into and it is up to you to solve the puzzles and follow the trail of the golden pomegranate.

The second book in the series follows the same format as the first whereby in order to solve the crime, you have to solve a series of puzzles, each one leading you towards the culprit. Again, there is a good range of puzzles to appeal to all age ranges – this is the perfect book to read and solve together as a family.

I really liked the setting and found it very educational for younger children with an introduction to the Ancient Greek civilisation. Younger history fans will love the use of Greek letters and gods to help solve the puzzles. I also loved how there is an element of map reading involved with some puzzles requiring a knowledge of co-ordinates. Although some of the puzzles can be challenging, there are clues given throughout which are really helpful.

A great second book in the series!

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A cracking story, variety of different puzzles - a wonderful way to spend my Sunday afternoon devouring the latest addition to the Cluedle collection. Like others, I'm looking forward to buying my own copy for ease of moving across double pages rather than flipping backwards and forwards.
I'm looking forward to seeing what the next case will be.

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My ten year old really enjoyed this puzzle book , roping in the assistance of her older siblings for a couple of them.
Through codes , riddles and maps, Great mysteries to make you think whilst still falling on the right side of manageable. Engaging and entertaining. A perfect accompaniment on a family trip this summer. Recommend.

** The arc was not the best format for this book and we ended up buying a copy on publication date.

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I can't recommend the Cluedle books enough if you're looking for a fun story and some brilliant puzzles to keep children entertained this summer!

I've read and enjoyed both of the Cluedle books. They each have a really interesting story running through the book, following a series of interconnected crimes which then have puzzles to solve along the way. They are really varied and there are lots of different ones to work on. They're just challenging enough to make you think without being too difficult and if you're stuck there's a really helpful hint to go for each one.

We loved writing in the books to solve the mystery and had great fun working on them together. Would definitely keep children entertained on a long journey or on the beach.

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