The Dead Friend Project

Narrated by Imogen Church
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Pub Date 11 Jul 2024 | Archive Date 10 Jul 2024

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Everyone needs a hobby...

Things haven't been going well for Beth. Her husband has left her for one of her friends. Her fellow school mums judge her for swearing too much and not shifting the baby weight. And now she's stuck in A&E after her son fell off the climbing wall on the first day of school.

In fact, things haven't been going well for Beth since Charlotte died - her best friend, a favourite at the school pick-ups and the only person to ever run an interesting PTA meeting. But after being hit by a car while on an ill-timed evening jog, Charlotte is no longer there to help Beth pick up the pieces of her increasingly difficult life.

That is, until Beth discovers that Charlotte left her toddler alone in the house during that fatal run. The Charlotte she knew would never do something so irresponsible, and suddenly Beth is questioning whether Charlotte's death was really an accident. With a newfound purpose and a glass of wine in hand, it's time for Beth to uncover what really happened to her best friend. And what better place to start than the circle of chatty school mums, who can't be as perfect as they pretend. But which of them is hiding something? Beth's determined to find out... once she's put the kids to bed, of course.

Everyone needs a hobby...

Things haven't been going well for Beth. Her husband has left her for one of her friends. Her fellow school mums judge her for swearing too much and not shifting the baby...

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ISBN 9781805222675
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This story is like a drama from television come to life in your head and although many books become movies or TV series the books are genrally always better. This was so well written that I literally felt like I was watching each part play out like a scene of a movie or similar.

Beth is truly a magnificent character who I'm sure many people can relate to she battles with the separation of her husband, who leaves her for one of her friends after the birth of her youngest child. The death of her best friend Charlotte on Halloween night and a group of "friends" made up of school mums and those who attend toddler groups. She drinks a little too much and is trying to piece together what happened to Charlotte because it wasn't as simple as her running and being hit by a car in an accident.

As Beth is really putting herself into investigating this "accident" 18 months or so after the event her friends all seem to be less willing to talk about it, they are almost evasive explaining it away as not wishing to dwell on the past and being present in the moment making Beth more suspicious. Anna wasn't in the group at the time, and she actually moved into Charlotte's house after the tragic death of Charlotte her husband decided it best to move away for the sake of his family. This doesn't stop Beth at all as she continues to probe into the lives of each friend in the group getting little pieces of information leading her to some conclusions along the way not always accurate but she perseveres for the love of her friend Charlotte she is determined to get to the truth.

All the characters Emily, Jade, Danielle, Anna, Farah, not to mention the fantastic children & husbands have so many varying attributes making this story very enthralling, gripping and truly well delivered. I did begin to put some things together myself as to who was involved at times then I'd change my mind it really keeps you thinking throughout and I wasn't disappointed in the way this was tied up although it felt a little cut short I do feel it leaves it open for opportunity of a sequel which I'd absolutely love as I really felt like I knew these characters as I listened.

This brings all the things many parents deal with everyday from playdates, to friendships that can be at times cliques everyone trying to find their place in life & purpose, everyday life stresses of cooking, cleaning, comparing one parent to another thinking everyone else seems to have life sussed out when you dont when actually everyone is peddling their way through on one way or another. All of those were done whilst in the midst of a gripping story of a tragic death and a well written who done it. Why and how did it all happen really novel.

Narration by Imogen Church was fantastic and really worked very well for this novel she absolutely reeled me in to this with amazing capability to alter tone, pitch, accent even for all the varying characters and there are many. I'd happily listen to this narrator again thoroughly enjoyed this audio. The book cover sums it all up pretty well!

Amazing work, Joanna Wallace & Immogen Church.

With thanks to Netgalley & Profile Books Audio/Viper for the opportunity to listen to this in return for an open honest review of which all opinions are my own.

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I loved this audio book! The narration is fantastic and & Imogen Church portrays the characters exactly how I would imagine them and you can tell them apart easily too ! I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a light mystery with lots of humour through out especially Beth's comments! I will definitely be checking out more by this author! Thank you to the publisher & netgalley for this audio arc.

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"The Dead Friend Project" by Joanna Wallace, narrated by Imogen Church, left me stunned. The book offers a masterclass in storytelling with an engaging, suspenseful, and expertly crafted plot.
As I listened to the story unfold, I found myself drawn into the world of Beth, a woman who's struggling to come to terms with her husband's infidelity, the death of her best friend Charlotte, and her sense of purpose. The author has done an incredible job of crafting a relatable protagonist who's easy to root for, even when she's making questionable decisions.
The story is like a drama from television that comes to life in your head, with a complex web of characters and relationships that are expertly woven together. The author's writing is superb, with a keen eye for detail that makes it easy to visualise the characters and settings.
As Beth delved deeper into the mystery of Charlotte's death, I found myself becoming more and more invested in the story. The characters are all multi-dimensional and flawed, with secrets and motivations slowly revealed throughout the book. I loved how the author took her time to build up the tension and suspense, dropping subtle clues and hints along the way.
Imogen Church's narration is fantastic, bringing each character to life with her impressive range of voices and accents. She has a knack for conveying the emotional turmoil that Beth is going through, making it easy to become fully invested in her journey.
One of the things that I loved most about this book is how it explores the everyday struggles of parenthood and relationships. The author tackles topics like social media comparison, parenting pressures, and the challenges of maintaining friendships in a way that feels authentic and relatable.
If you're looking for a book that's engaging, suspenseful, and well-written, then "The Dead Friend Project" is worth checking out. The story is expertly paced, with a satisfying conclusion that leaves room for a potential sequel.
Overall, I'm thoroughly impressed with this book and would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good mystery or drama.

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Given the title, even from there I knew this was going to be a book I would enjoy. And once I read what it was about, I was further on board. It was an immediate hook and I really looked forward to rejoining the story.

Imogen Church narrated the audiobook and (when sped up slightly) she provided all the energy and life to the characters. I can never listen at normal speed but it’s a fairly slow narration so sped up it’s perfect. She really did a great job and it made the book even more enjoyable.

The story itself was super intriguing and with a rather unconventional MC. She had a slightly unhinged air about her that made following the book even more enjoyable. I also didn’t expect to love the side characters as much as I did so it was super easy to be engaged and remain that way!

I absolutely sped through this and got more and more into it as it began to near its conclusion. Tantalising tidbits are littered throughout so I was super eager to find out how it was going to conclude. Really enjoyed!

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I absolutely loved this book and will definitely be looking for more books from the author. The narrator did an amazing job....I couldn't listen to the book quick enough. The story was gripping and I kept guessing where the story was going throughout the story. My first 5 star read in a long time. Thanks so much to netgalley for giving me the chance to listen to it.

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Hilarious satire, deeply human emotion and perfect narration in this brilliant comedy crime novel!

There’s something about blending grizzly crime with astute social satire that makes for truly compelling reading, and Joanna Wallace does this to perfection! I always knows that I wanted to read this book, but when I saw that the audiobook was narrated by none other than @imogenchurchgobshite - QUEEN of narration - I KNEW I had to listen to it and my request for it was in faster than Emily can direct visitors to park in her ‘orchard’. Church imbues every character with exactly the right accent, tone and inflection, really bringing the story vividly to life. She perfects the comic timing, really bringing the satire of Wallace’s words to the forefront of the story, which had me laughing out loud at more points than I can remember. Church’s narration complements Wallace’s writing more than I can express and it’s a relationship made in heaven. I wholeheartedly urge you to listen to this book, even if you aren’t a fan of audio, because you will not be able to resist being bowled over!

The narrative itself is absolutely addictive. Wallace blends mystery, satire and raw human emotion with panache. I was desperate to understand what had happened to Charlotte and who her murderer was, but I was also equally invested in Beth’s life. This story is just as much about Beth’s journey back to a healthier place (both mentally and physically), as it is about her quest to solve the mystery of her friend’s death. Wallace tackles hard-hitting subjects such as separation, co-parenting, adultery, addiction, loneliness, and judgement. These really propel the story forward, whilst also adding meat to the entirely on point, scathing satire that makes this novel so funny. It’s a book that is built with both humour and heart. Wallace’s observations on parenthood and the associated social hierarchy and incessant playground dramas feels so real (even from this dad’s perspective!). I could both relate to elements of this book and also feel entirely grateful that I haven’t experienced others! Brilliantly constructed, this is definitely a must-read if you enjoy your crime novels laced with a generous measure of humour and humanity.

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Really REALLY good thriller, loved her first book, and this one is just as good. The cover is really eye catching, always love it when there’s a cover theme as they are easier to spot in book stores. The plot, premise and writing is great and will defo get the next book by this author, really hope there is one. Smashed it

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