Inter-Varsity Press, celebrating its eightieth anniversary in 2016, is the leading evangelical publishing imprint in the UK.

IVP publishes leading evangelical authors from the UK and overseas including John Stott, Wayne Grudem, Don Carson, Tim Chester and Jonathan Lamb.

As well as the IVP imprint, IVP publishes academic titles under the Apollos imprint, and titles related to Keswick Ministries under the Keswick Resources imprint.

IVP was previously the publishing wing of UCCF: The Christian Unions. Following a UCCF-wide strategic review in 2005, IVP was afforded organisational independence. IVP retains close ties to UCCF and remains the publisher of choice for students in the UK.

In 2015, IVP became a subsidiary charity of SPCK, gaining the benefits of joining with the UK’s largest Christian book publisher, but retaining an independent publishing board to ensure its evangelical distinctiveness and adherence to its doctrinal basis.

IVP is a charity and all profits arising from its publishing are reinvested in charitable activities.

As of August 2016, IVP is a member of the Evangelical Alliance.
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