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Jacqui Small is described by The Bookseller as publishing "only
perfectly considered and constructed books.” It works with a wide range
of authors who are each experts in their field, publishing books that
feature serious content, with superlative design and mouth-watering
photography. Whatever the subject, the books are built to last. Topics
include interiors, food and drink, craft, and flowers and gardening; all
with the same commitment to excellence and style. Established
award-winning authors are key to the imprint's success, from interiors
guru Kelly Hoppen and global design bestseller Holly Becker, to master
chocolatier William Curley and Mich Turner, founder of the Little Venice
Cake Company and presenter of ITV's Britain's Best Bakery. Recent
bestselling titles have included the acclaimed Honestly Healthy and
Honestly Healthy for Life by gourmet vegetarian chef, and founder of
Honestly Healthy, Natasha Corrett, and renowned nutritional therapist
Vicki Edgson.
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