A Taste of Honey

Kamala Outsmarts the Seven Thieves; A Circle Round Book

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Pub Date 5 Jul 2022 | Archive Date 4 Jul 2022
Storey Publishing, Storey Publishing, LLC

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In a village in the countryside lived a woman named Kamala who had the most delicious honey you’ve ever tasted. She collected honey from her hives to sell at the market, but business was slow, and she and her father were struggling to get by. Kamala knew she had to do something, so when she heard that the king’s son was getting married and all the villagers were invited to the party, she got an idea.

When Kamala’s first plan doesn’t exactly work out and seven tricky thieves try to steal from her, she has to rely on her own wits to outsmart them—and discovers a rather sweet reward.

The colorful illustrations of Chaaya Prabhat, who lives in Chennai, India complement Circle Round podcast host Rebecca Sheir's original adaptation of this traditional Indian folktale. Specially designed to be read aloud and shared, the story is accompanied by questions and prompts for conversation, along with creative storytelling activities.

The creators of the award-winning podcast Circle Round, produced by WBUR radio (Boston's NPR station), bring their beloved combination of folktales and storytelling activities to book form in the first branded Circle Round book series. Podcast host, Rebecca Sheir, has uncovered folktales from a broad range of traditions, all exploring timeless values, such as kindness, generosity, acceptance, and more. 

In a village in the countryside lived a woman named Kamala who had the most delicious honey you’ve ever tasted. She collected honey from her hives to sell at the market, but business was slow, and...

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What a cute story! I loved the artwork of the book and the richness of the colours. The story was about a father and daughter using their wits to get their work done. It has a nice lesson about how some people will let their greed drive them. My daughter was engaged and loved the vivid pictures. I would love to have this book added to our library. I received a copy from Netgalley. i tried to post a review on Amazon and goodreads but reviews were not accepted at this time. Perhaps once the book is published i will be able to post . Thank you!

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I really loved this book, and would recommend for any PK-2 classroom or family. The author does an excellent job of introducing what folk tales are at the beginning of the book, while asking questions and offering activities to engage children in different ways at the end. The story is fun, while the illustrations are deep and rich, using many different colors to bring the jungle and Kamala into vibrant life. Even the end papers are gorgeous!

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The story is about Kamala who is a honey seller. She asks for some help from the king, who gives her some land. Her plan to grow her business is sabotaged by some thief's who she then tricks. I read this book to my 7 year old who loved it. We loved doing the tasks at the end of the book and I also loved how it explained the original folklore of the story The illustrations are beautiful and I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys fairy tales.

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What a wonderful story! I love the characters, the colour palette and the incredible illustrations. It was a joy to read about a clever, headstrong girl character. Lovely!!!

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My 7 year old and I loved the book.!! Oh what a clever story and the laughs we had 😂 Good illustrations. Would definitely buy it and recommend to children of all ages.

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I was initially interested in this book because it was one of the stories from the acclaimed podcast, Circle Round. And true to form, this was a charming, well-told story about a clever business woman who outsmarts some nefarious thieves. As soon as you open the book, the bold colors in bright jewel tones will captivate the reader. the illustrations are wonderful and they perfectly accompany the text. The story has been adapted slightly from various versions, but still holds the essence of the folktale that has been passed down in India, Pakistan, and other areas of the middle east. The protagonist's name, Kamala, will be of interest to anyone familiar with our first female vice president.

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"A Taste of Honey" is a great story to teach students about hard work and the ability to solve their own problems. It really goes deep into what problems are problems we need help with and what are problems we can solve on our own. This text opens up good conversational opportunities regarding these points. The story of Kamala shows a powerful and very smart woman. She's headstrong and willing to work hard. These are all qualities we desire the next generation to possess. I love that she spent time with her father and that the story showed their growing and lasting relationship. Lastly, the illustrations were beautiful! The vibrant colors and the fun and lively pictures were great for creating the world of the story.

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This is the second book I have read written by Rebeca Sheir, and I was surprised with "A Taste of Honey". The illustrations, by Mert Tugen, are truly special, the colors evoke so much happiness and keeps your eyes glued to the story. "A Taste of Honey" is a folktale I had not heard of before, but so glad I did. Bonus points for the details in activities to do after the book is read, and also in describing why Sheir chose to write "A Taste of Honey" this was. This book champions how smart and clever females are, and has a great lesson to be taught.

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This book is a charming retelling of a South Asian folktale. The author’s note explains some of the decisions made to alter the tale a bit. I appreciated knowing these changes and strongly agree with them! It makes me so happy to see children’s books with strong female protagonists. Kamala, the main character, is clever, hardworking, caring, determined, and optimistic. I really liked all of the questions and activities in the book! With this content it could easily tie into a school curriculum. The artwork is so vivid and beautiful, with a strong sense of movement. The bold colors match the protagonist’s personality and also give a wonderful sense of place. I highly recommend this book!

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