Unleashing Individuality

The Leadership Skill That Unlocks All Others

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Pub Date 15 Mar 2022 | Archive Date 10 Apr 2022
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We suppress individuality without even knowing it. We inadvertently keep people functioning far below their full capacity. We fail to see and support each other’s full humanity. As a result, people hold themselves back.

We can’t afford to have people feeling stifled as we tackle our most urgent challenges, to thrive in perpetual uncertainty, lead or advance within hybrid remote teams, elevate our commitment to health and wellbeing and achieve true diversity and inclusion.

The temptation is to try to solve for each separately. But all are linked and can be addressed when we recognize they all share the same major obstacle: suppressed individuality. Author and strategist Glenn Llopis breaks individuality down into its component parts and offers a practical method to help you continuously assess, interrupt and pivot from suppressing to unleashing.

This is your new playbook. It’s packed with individual stories of people unleashing individuality, demonstrations of cross-sector collaboration in action and practical tools and methods to get started immediately.

Whatever you’re trying to accomplish, you need people at their fullest capacities connecting with and elevating each other as they contribute to a shared mission, individually and collectively. Interrupt your assumptions about who belongs where, doing what, and how. We make assumptions about capabilities based on education or experience. We make assumptions about personality based on groups we (often unconsciously) associate people with. We make assumptions about how someone should perform a task based on how it’s been done in the past. How stifling!

This book will teach you the skill of interrupting those assumptions. It’s painful to realize how much we hold ourselves and others back. But it’s also freeing to see that we have the power to unleash ourselves and others. Let’s unleash each other.

We suppress individuality without even knowing it. We inadvertently keep people functioning far below their full capacity. We fail to see and support each other’s full humanity. As a result, people...

Advance Praise

Unleashing Individuality is the mindset vaccine we need to survive and thrive in the age of personalization.”
—Gustavo Canton Analytics Leader, Starbucks

“Glenn puts a clear framework to what we are experiencing and trying to make sense of as a result of the pandemic—power structures being turned upside down with the employee / patient / customer operating in the mindset and with the tools to be fully self-actualized. Unleashing Individuality provides a playbook for how organizations can shift to being ‘in flow’ in this new world and win in business through first removing the friction and empowering the individual to win. Masterfully done.”
—Monica Pool Knox SVP, Chief People Officer, LivePerson

“As a true visionary and cultural sage, Glenn Llopis provides an astonishingly perceptive roadmap for those ready to embrace the movement toward personalization. As I learned personally, he offers a guiding light for leaders ready to free those they serve from outdated standards, unleashing their suppressed individuality and enabling them to unlock their full potential.”
—Frank Ross Senior Manager, Cyber Security, General Mills

“Glenn is an expert at bringing people together from all different facets and, through his authentic style and strategic mindset, unleashing their individuality, helping them identify what they solve for, and igniting the passion in us to come together and pivot to action for something greater than ourselves.”
—Kristin Gwinner EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer, Chico’s FAS, Inc.

“Glenn has a selfless mission to bring people from all walks of life together with the common purpose to unleash individuality and to unite diverse thoughts and ideas for the greater good of humankind. Unleashing Individuality is a must-read for all leaders at all levels who want to anticipate what is to come in the future of the workforce in the age of information and personalization that will ultimately shape how companies will exist.”
—Michelle Nguyen, CFO of Shared Service Areas, CVS Health

Unleashing Individuality is an important reminder that positive change comes from evolution, and not substitution. Challenging standardization by having the courage to risk creating chaos and challenging the norms to unlock greatness.”
—Jeff Blue, Music Producer, Author, Award-Winning Songwriter, 5x Grammy Winning

“Unleashing the genuine spirit of individuality as a leader is the fundamental key toward the elimination of old-school standardization principles that no longer work. Unleashing Individuality is a must-read for any leader aspiring to be on the forefront of what it means to be a great leader in society today.”
—Fred Diaz, Retired President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board, Mitsubishi North America and Current NYSE and NASDAQ Public Board Director

“Appreciation for the importance of individuality and authentic efforts to unleash it are essential to achieving the true value of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Glenn’s journey to reshape our thinking on this important leadership role is both instructive and inspiring. Well worth the read!”
—Jeff Pilof, Supply Chain Executive

“Glenn Llopis continues to help leaders craft their organizational journey from standardization into a global arena of personalization and innovation. Glenn’s insights and advice have revolutionized how successful organizations and C-suite leaders are embracing and evolving in today’s business world.”
—Lou Mercado, Chief Global Supply Chain Officer, 99 Cents Only Stores

“Glenn believes that today’s style of leadership requires us to put the individual at the center of our growth strategies, and in his latest book, Unleashing Individuality, he shows us exactly how to do that. Through stories and examples, he demonstrates that we can be both methodical and flexible as we continuously assess, interrupt, and pivot toward unleashing individuality.”
—Patricio Madrazo, CEO, San Miguel Group

“With Unleashing Individuality, Glenn Llopis provides both organizations and employees the roadmap they need to refashion the contract in the workplace into something far better, more productive, and more meaningful for everyone concerned. This is indeed the future of employee-employer relations.”
—Nick Morgan, President, Public Words

“Simply put, Glenn—and what Glenn stands for—helps to create pathways to connect the once unconnected. To dissolve current mindsets into collected and diverse mindfulness. In an age where there is so much change and disruption, Glenn is a positive force to help remind us all that our uniqueness put together is our greatest strength.”
—Eric Miller, Vice President, Global Talent Operations, ViacomCBS

“Leaders must create the right conditions to enable people to unleash their individuality, as strategy without empathy is a wasted idea. In Glenn’s latest book he provides fantastic perspective, tools, and counsel on how to best bring individuality to life within teams and organizations.”
—Brian Garish, President, Banfield Pet Hospital

“Glenn is right on target! It is more clear now than ever: treating each person as the individual they are is the key to success for any enterprise. The days of treating all the same will appeal to fewer and fewer. Customers, clients, and employees expect more. Glenn’s book is well worth the investment.”
—Ron Porter, Senior Client Partner, Global Human Resources Center of Excellence, Korn Ferry

“In Unleashing Individuality, Glenn presents a unique and revolutionary perspective on how you can ensure the success of your business. How does he do that? By asking you to think differently than you’ve ever thought before about how you lead: by protecting your employee environment, providing psychological safety, and meeting people where they’re at, Glenn suggests that you challenge your thinking and challenge the status quo. If you’re interested in leading a growing, thriving business—read this book!”
—Diane Sanford, Chief People Officer, On The Border Mexican Restaurants

“Glenn is leading a national conversation that is long overdue. His passion for encouraging leaders to nurture individuality and unleash the power of connectedness is just what executives need to hear right now. In healthcare organizations, that means we must be much more focused on patients as individuals rather than making patients adapt to what is convenient for us.”
—Tom Jackiewicz, President and Chief Operating Officer, University of Chicago Medical Center/UChicago Medicine Health System

“Glenn Llopis is leading the movement to free every industry from the traps of standardization and unleash the powers of personalization. He is once again ahead of his time with this book. It’s a must-read for any leader who cares about his or her people—and that should be all of us.”
—Annette Walker, President, City of Hope, Orange County

“Glenn is passionate about helping leaders understand the need for personalization in a world of standardization. He makes a compelling case for leadership transformation that will reinvigorate organizations to optimize their most important asset—people.”
—Teri Fontenot, Public Company Director, CEO Emeritus, Woman’s Hospital

“Glenn Llopis is masterful at uncovering and discussing the obstacles to personalization and moving closer to monumental transformation. As leaders in healthcare, education, or business, we discovered that our common issues stem from suppressed standardization. We must be pioneers and not historians. Any reader will benefit from the powerful assessments and insight in this book.”
—Ed Kim, MBA, MD, Physician-in-Chief, City of Hope Orange County, Vice Physician-in-Chief, City of Hope National Medical Center

“There are two options: do what we have always done or interrupt the system and make sustainable change. It is often difficult being a disrupter, swimming upstream to change fractured and siloed systems. Transformation takes courage, strength, and a lot of sweat equity. For those who feel called to be change-makers, Unleashing Individuality gives guidance, permission, and a sense of community to those who have chosen to tackle the root causes.”
—DeAnna Minus-Vincent, Executive Vice President, Chief Social Justice and Accountability Officer, RWJBarnabas Health

“In Unleashing Individuality, Glenn Llopis deftly explains the major paradigm shift that is reshaping the way leaders understand and serve their customers and other stakeholders. The book is a must-read for executives who wish to evolve their business model from one that largely depends on the standardization of goods and services to one that is recalibrated to deliver an individualized experience.”
—Randy Oostra, DM, FACHE, President and CEO, ProMedica

“Glenn Llopis runs toward our biggest challenges in business, healthcare, education, and societies—and finds ways to inspire us to change reality. I use what I’ve learned in Glenn’s symposiums on the cultural demographic shift, the collapse of standardization, and the individual in this age of personalization in the ways I interact with the world.”
—Shaden Marzouk, MDMBA, CEO, Health, Hudson’s Bay Company

“As a mental health expert, I know we must rapidly move from suppressing to unleashing the individual if we are to create optimal health and wellbeing strategies. Glenn Llopis’ new book, Unleashing Individuality, is a timely call to action for all business leaders from all industries to embrace our current paradigm shift toward the age of personalization.”
—Tony Ortiz, Ph.D., Founder, Principal Investigator and Scientific Director, NRC Research Institute

Unleashing Individuality reminds us that if we ask and listen, we will learn. And if we learn, we will be better cultivators of the healthy work environments we all need to thrive in our work and in our lives.”
—Dana Woods, CEO, American Association of Critical-Care Nurses

“Glenn has been a leader in making the connection between inclusion and corporate wellbeing. He now takes this to the next level addressing how personalization is the next challenge for business leaders. This book raises important questions and offers thought-provoking insights about how to meet the rapidly changing needs and higher expectations of the individual.”
—Harlan Levine, MD, President of Strategy and Business Ventures, City of Hope, Chair of the Board, AccessHope

“To thrive, organizations need a model that truly fosters evolutionary change, a change that can only be accomplished through unleashing the individuality of every person in the organization, to truly optimize the human capacity and potential. Success in evolutionary change will go to those who understand and embrace the concept of unleashing individuality.”
—Jack Cox, MD, MMM, Principal/President, JLCox Associates, Former Chief Medical Officer, Providence St. Joseph Health

“Glenn’s work and erudite concepts and principles on unlocking individuality and unleashing those of others is a masterful manifestation of a perdurable knowledge transfer from which everyone at every intersection of their professional and personal life can value.”
—Ninfa M. Saunders, Public Company Director and Former President and CEO at Navicent Health

“Glenn is a generous leader with a gift for identifying gaps and assembling teams to address them. Unleashing Individuality is aptly named and filled with repeatable direction to access your team’s highest potential.”
—Kayla Redig, Film Director (VINCIBLE) and Patient Advocate

“If you are looking for a roadmap to the future in the post-pandemic new reality, this is the book for you and your staff. Glenn uses such great examples, that you are sure to immediately begin implementing his suggestions and ‘unlock’ your own corporate or organizational potential.”
—Rich Miller-Murphy, Executive Director, New York Blood Center Enterprises

“Those who think the world will go back to the way it was pre-Covid are naïve—we are entering a new era of extreme customer- and employee-focus. Glenn Llopis’ insights in Unleashing Individuality outline a successful path forward for wanting to lead and not follow.”
—Nancy Hubbard, DPhil, Dean and Professor, College of Business, University of Lynchburg

“Glenn challenges leaders to a new paradigm of thinking and urges leaders to unleash the power of individuality as the new pathway to creating value, achieving innovation, and ensuring organizational sustainability and relevance. To some, this concept may seem radical or novel. But to anyone who reads Glenn’s book, the answer will become obvious, and the need for change will become necessary and urgent.”
—Daniel Connolly, Ph.D., Professor of Management and Former Dean, College of Business and Public Administration, Drake University in Des Moines, IA

“As a higher education professional, Unleashing Individuality provides practical, unapologetic techniques for leaders across sectors to meet the ever-growing demands of leaders from any seat within an organization.”
—Tyjaun Lee, Ph.D., President, Metropolitan Community College

“Glenn Llopis brings the focus to what really matters about leadership: how to enable those around us to be and contribute their very best, removing the artificial and biased barriers that get in the way of their success, and intentionally including diverse and challenging voices.”
—Tomas Gomez-Arias, Dean, College of Business, Stanislaus State

“The balance of power has shifted to consumers, employees, patients, and students. It is critical for the survival of our organizations that leaders recognize this dramatic shift. This book will help you stay in business. A much-needed primer for both experienced and emerging leaders who understand the urgency of navigating the new realities of leadership in the age of personalization.”
—Wendy York, Dean, Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business, Clemson University

“Glenn Llopis has perfectly captured the urgent crisis and the transformational potential of this moment. With a comprehensive vision and keen insight, Glenn provides a strategic framework for radical change—helping us to embrace chaos, to lead in an era of uncertainty, and to achieve authentic equity and inclusion. Glenn has inspired a powerful movement for dynamic change—a pathway to unleash the humanity and the triumph of the individual. It is an emerging movement that restores the value of the individual, that reconnects people in powerful ways, and that fuels optimism and progress.”
—Mike McDonough, President, Raritan Valley Community College

“As Mr. Llopis deftly illuminates in Unleashing Individuality, people are at the heart of this new paradigm. Our strength as a community of learners, each contributing their own unique skills and abilities, will achieve the full promise of personalization—thus activating the power of human potential necessary to ensure our successful evolution in a volatile and uncertain future.”
—Robert E. Johnson, Ph.D., President, Western New England University

Unleashing individuality should be one of our major responsibilities in higher education. At our best, we help students discover themselves and chart their own paths. Glenn Llopis gives us practical steps for continuously interrupting our own traditional standards so we can unleash the best in each other. That is why educators need to read this book and incorporate what it teaches.”
—Adlai Wertman, David C. Bohnett Professor of Social Entrepreneurship and Founding Director of the Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab at the Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California

“Our present state of decentered hybridity places us at the crossroads. We can frenetically sprint faster and longer on our interconnected hamster wheels, or we can jump out of that cage, irrevocably committing to building new ways of being and doing with others. In Unleashing Individuality, Glenn examines the sunken costs of ‘standardization,’ and through an engaging discussion with innovators in healthcare, higher education, and business, he outlines strategies to cultivate organizational resilience through individuality and personalization metrics. Nostalgia for previously imagined futures has lured us back to our hamster wheels, and we’re getting nowhere faster than ever. Unleashing Individuality makes it clear: we have agency, and we can foster resilient organizational cultures by thoughtfully re-examining what (and how) we value in terms of mission, productivity, and interconnectedness.”
—Scott Lacy, Ph.D., Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, Fairfield University

“Glenn provides a game plan for adapting to these changing times while developing transformational relationships through empathy and listening with a message of hope as the leader in an organization. Empathetic listening, servant leader vulnerability with employees, and inspiring hope are just a few critical skills leaders seek in these rapidly changing times. Glenn provides proven strategies for thriving in this era of individuality.”
—Andy Sulick, President, Santa Margarita Catholic High School

“Glenn’s book is a time capsule and a roadmap for leaders and followers to prosper through personalization and ensure performance optimization, workplace harmony, successful DEI methods, and stakeholder returns maximization. Individuality must be freed.”
—Ezaz Ahmed, Ph.D., MBA, Dean, Division of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology, Columbia College

“Unleashing your own individuality is only half of the equation. The other half is opening yourself up to the individuality of others. Only by sharing our differences do we find out where we are also alike, which helps us better understand each other and to work together as part of the biggest club there is, and one that we are all a part of—the club of human beings.”
—Brielle Lubin, Student, Harvard-Westlake School

“Glenn Llopis understands that in the age of personalization, wisdom is possessed by employees, students, and patients. Unleashing Individuality serves as the playbook for enhancing the processes and structures of our organizations by tapping into this wisdom.”
 —Pete Baron, Student, Fairfield University

“Glenn’s book is a pathbreaking must-read for every executive. He imagines a world where every single employee in an organization is able to achieve their potential. Companies that listen to Glenn will be able to outlast their competitors in a competitive talent market.”
—Sandeep Krishnamurthy, Ph.D., Dean, School of Business, University of Washington, Bothell (commenting in his personal capacity)

“The pandemic and the recent racial justice reckoning have challenged the way things have always been done. Unleashing Individuality offers us a guide to taking on challenges headfirst to break free from the status quo and redefine how we uplift the unique identities and perspectives of our employees, colleagues, and students.”
—David Banks, President and CEO, The Eagle Academy Foundation, Inc. 

Unleashing Individuality is the mindset vaccine we need to survive and thrive in the age of personalization.”
—Gustavo Canton Analytics Leader, Starbucks

“Glenn puts a clear framework to what we are...

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