It Starts with a Bee

Watch a tiny bee bring the world to bloom

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Pub Date 5 Apr 2022 | Archive Date 24 May 2022

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 With lyrical text and enchanting illustrations, It Starts with a Bee takes you on a journey through the seasons as you follow a busy bee pollinate a wild garden.

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, the bee tends to the flowers and plants. As the seasons change and the garden blooms into a wildlife wonderland, the bee is joined by well-loved minibeasts and creatures – worms, beetles, spiders and mice – who make the wild garden their home. 

A rhyming poem builds page on page, echoing the life the bee brings to the garden. Beautiful foldout illustrations will transport readers into the world of the bee as it navigates the flowers and plants of the garden.

Teach your children about the crucial role bees play in the beautiful cycle of life in this charming tale of the workings of the natural world.
 With lyrical text and enchanting illustrations, It Starts with a Bee takes you on a journey through the seasons as you follow a busy bee pollinate a wild garden.

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, the...

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Featured Reviews

This is a beautiful, simple picture book about bees with such beautiful illustrations. There are lots of examples of types of bees and more information at the end of the book about the types of bees and how pollination occurs. This book is perfect for Spring!

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Old-fashioned qualities make this a very easy-to-read and -enjoy rhyme, and make the book a very pretty one too. We explore the passing of the seasons, as first it's the early spring flowers that are drawing the attention of both us and the hardy bees, and not before long it's autumn fruits – and all along it's been the bees that have been pollinating everything and making those fruits form. Two pages of the science follow, but the botanical calendar that has come most lightly to us before that is very pleasurable.

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This non-fiction story is all written in gorgeous rhyme, and starts when a bee wakes up in the spring. They start immediately with collecting nectar to fill up the food storage again. This picture book really puts emphasis on how bees help pollinate flowers and thus help us grow fruit. I also love that they included how some bees ''dance'' to share the location of some flowers. That might be my favourite fact about bees, and it shows how efficient the bee community works together!
The illustrations are absolutely breathtaking. So colourful and there are so many insects and types of flowers to spot. The kids might be excited to find some birds and mammals hidden among
the vegetation.
You know I always get terribly excited about an additional information page and this is no exception. There are some interesting facts about different bee species, such as carpenter bees and digger bees. Plus, it also explains the process of pollination further, with clear scientific terms and helpful illustrations.

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This is a beautiful poetry book for children. The story is full of useful information about bees and flowers. The illustrations are beautiful and my favourites where the bees and the poppy.. The front cover is what draw me to the book it’s so colourful and pretty.
Thank you NetGalley for letting me read this book.

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I loved this book! Such great information and beautifully written in poetry form. The kids adored this one as well and gave them the desire to have more of a garden of our own! The art is beautiful. Quick, fun read for kids!

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Thanks to Netgalley and Quarto Publishing for the ARC of this!

Totally gorgeous and accessible for the elementary crowd to get a gentle first look at bees and pollination . I enjoyed the illustrations so much, they were absolutely lovely. The text was easy for my 5 year old to understand as I read it aloud. He enjoyed it enough to “read” it himself right after.

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With simple rhyming text and charming illustrations, "It Starts with a Bee" is truly a delightful storybook.

My eight year old loved that the rhyme refers to the dance that bees do to communicate the location of good flowers.

My six month old seemed to really enjoy the illustrations and the gentle rhyming text.

I liked that there was extra information at the back of the book that explained how pollination occurs.

One thing my son did point out is that the story doesn't tell you what bees do in the autumn. The story starts at winter and ends on summer.

Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for giving me a free digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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This book has the most lovely illustrations; anyone who has ever enjoyed being in a garden will delight in them. They are gentle and colorful.

The accompanying rhyming text explains how bees help nature. Any child who has been afraid of bees could benefit from seeing the work that the bees do; they may then be less afraid. That said, any young nature lover could certainly enjoy this title.

The back of the book includes information on different types of bees and pollination. This gives a chance to learn even more.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Quarto-QEB publishing for this title. All opinions are my own.

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I wanted to preview this book for my 4 year old grandson. He’s extremely curious about nature and insects and their purpose. I love the beautiful illustrations and the way the author managed to make the subject both informative and fun. It is beautifully written. I would absolutely purchase this book for my grandson or any child for that matter. It is so important to educate or young about the natural world that we live in, pollinators are a very important part of that. I’m grateful to the author and the publisher for making this book available,

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The content of this book is simple, but perfect for littles! We really loved the gorgeous waterpaint illustrations! We have a lot of flowering plants for pollinators in our yard and many bees frequent in the spring when they are in bloom, so my children really enjoyed tracking the bee's journey. Due to the conciseness of the actual story, I enjoyed that the last two pages at the end of the book provided a bit more in depth descriptions for children. Fun book and perfect for a botany/wildlife lesson or simply for a child who enjoys reading about the subject!

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Thanks to QEB Publishing for a free digital copy.

I love a rhyming picture book and this one was especially sweet (get it? bees=honey!), but this book isn't about bees making honey, but rather the important role bees play in the pollination process. I think this is a great spring read for our little outdoor observers to help them know what role different things play in the flowers they enjoy and the fruits they eat.

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"They fill up their saddlebacks bulging and pollon-y, then quickly buz back to return to their colony."

I received an ARC copy of this book from NetGalley. This book was extra special to me as my grandfather is a beekeeper. In simple ways this book explains what bees do and why they are important. The illustrations were to die for, so beautiful! This is a book I will be purchasing a hard copy of for our children's personal library.

My five year-old said that his favorite part of the book was the page with the spider web on it. I then asked him what he didn't like and his reply 'The words.' (ha-ha, kids)

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Beautiful. Calming. Pretty. Eye popping. Educational. Lyrical. The cover and the contents. Everything is perfect.

Choose this book when it comes out. Anyone will become happier when they read this one.

The kids will learn the process of pollination so easily with this book.

Thank you, Quarto Publishing Group - QEB Publishing, for the advance reading copy.

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To begin, the watercolor illustrations in this book are gorgeous and compliments the magical world of the bees we learn about beautifully. Additionally, I quite enjoyed the lyrical, rhyming nature of the book and believe this will attract little readers to it as well. Even though it is non-fiction, it reads more like “fun” fiction book instead.

What I love is that this book helps readers learn the importance of bees especially in terms of how they help grow our food. This is a lovely way to help children understand that every creature, both small and large, make an impact on our lives. This is such a great resource for educators and parents alike since there are so many ways you can incorporate this book into lessons, discussions, and projects.

Was this review helpful?

A fun, informative read all about bees and pollination. Very lyrical for the littlest reader. (Or listener)

The illustrations are gorgeous! You could frame any page in this book they are so pretty!

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It Starts with a Bee tells the story of a bee's life from spring to fall. In rhyming couplets, the bee's journey begins with waking from hibernation, seeking out plants to pollinate and people enjoying the flowers and fruit the bees help grow. There is a page at the end of the book that describes the different types of bees as well as gives information about pollination and how bees help make fruits like apples ready for us to eat. The artwork in the story is beautiful, especially all of the detailed flowers. While this book reads like a story or poem, it is filled with important information. As a grade 3 teacher I could definitely see this book being part of my unit on plants or as part of lessons about taking care of our planet and protecting bees. It is a fabulous book and I would definitely recommend it to parents and teachers of children in the age 4-9 range. Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book!

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This is a glorious book. The illustrations will entice any child to want to find out more about the life of bees. Why are they important? What do they do? With natural rhyming text that flows beautifully, this book will captivate and educate readers of all ages.

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Perfection. The drawings are rich and beautiful. The story is concise and informative. Probably too much for a toddler but perfect for like a preteen.

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5☆ A Superb Picture Book about Bees!

It Starts with a Bee is a fantastic children's picture book, that teaches Children all about 🐝 Bees and why they are so incredibly important.

I absolutely loved this story the illustrations are superb with so many little details, such as various birds and Butterflies, children will not only learn about Bees but they will also learn about nature!

This is such an important book and it's so vital we teach children about nature and how and why we need to protect Bees 🐝.
The writing style is simple and very effective, I also loved that at the end of the book there is a section about pollinating and about different Bees and their role.

This book would make a Beautiful Gift, I can also see it being in schools as a teaching aid to help younger children learn.
Overall I highly recommend It Starts with a Bee 🐝

Thank you to Quarto Publishing and Netgalley for this copy which I reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

Was this review helpful?

It Starts with a Bee is a wonderful book by Aimee Gallagher and Jennie Webber A book that gives information on the work of bees in a format that has lovely illustrations with a text that is flowing but simple. It goes through the seasons beginning with winter which was quite unexpected. Many children may be somewhat fearful of bees but after reading this book they will see them as irreplaceable helpers in our great big, wonderful world.

I read the book with a first-grade granddaughter to get her perspective too. Shae rated it 5 stars because she especially loved the information on different kind of bees at the end of the book. The text is such that she could read it independently with difficulty with only a few words. Foe me, I loved the lyrical flowing of the text when read aloud. Both of us discovered new information which is unusual in a book for young children. What could that be, you might be thinking? Did you know in winter bees all face in the same direction while huddled in the hive? Well, they do and right off this book told you how and the direction that they do. I had never heard or read that before. So learn something new about bees in this lovely book today for young children but older folks will enjoy reading it too.

The publisher through Net Galley provided a digital ARC. I have voluntarily decided to read and review, giving my personal opinions and thoughts.

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It Starts With A Bee is a beautifully illustrated picture book with poetic text that shares the beauty of the busy bee and the world it lives in.

Nature lovers will adore this realistically illustrated picture book with its' busy little bees and gorgeous flowers and other lovely sceneries. It highlights a day in the life of a bee, from the hive to the garden and back, from season to season, and shares their most important qualities and the impact they have on our world and the things we eat!

We loved how this book made us feel like we were right in the garden alongside the buzzing bees!

Includes a fantastic page about 'the process of pollination' at the end of the book!

Many thanks to the publisher for the chance to read this beautiful picture book!

Was this review helpful?

This is a beautiful little book. "It Starts with a Bee" is the perfect book for small kids that are afraid of bees. It explains what bees do and how we should respect and protect them. It's a great way to show them that they will not hurt you as long as you leave them alone and let them do their job.

Thank you Netgalley for giving me an ARC of this book. All opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

What a beautifully illustrated book with an important message..The author conveys the importance of bees in an easy to understand and engaging format.

Was this review helpful?

It Starts with a Bee is a beautiful non-fiction book. Aimee Gallagher wrote a sweet text in rhyme describing the journey of a bee. Starting at the beginning of Spring, the bees explore the garden and all the flowers and trees. Jennie Webber’s illustrations are beautiful : bright and colorful, they reflect how alive a garden is at Springtime.

I love how this book focuses on several types of bees and how different their homes can be : we can spot bumblebees, honey bees, carpenter bees and digger bees in the illustrations. Their differences are explained at the end of the book, as well as the process of pollination.

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