A Maid on Fifth Avenue

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Pub Date 24 Sep 2024 | Archive Date 30 Sep 2024

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Annie thinks she has found the answer when she leaves her home on the west coast of Ireland and boards a ship for New York. Irish maids are in demand in the 1920s, and she finds work with the wealthy Cavendish family in their opulent Fifth Avenue mansion.

Annie soon makes a friend, an Italian waitress named Elena. As their friendship deepens into something more passionate and dangerous for them both, however, Annie’s past rises up to haunt her. Once again she will be forced to flee.

A century later, in post-pandemic Ireland, Emer is also running, and finds a haven in her family’s home in West Kerry. But here, too, the past is refusing to die, and as Annie and Emer’s lives intertwine, long buried secrets are about to be revealed.

A Maid on Fifth Avenue is a heart-stopping novel new dual timeline novel, from the bestselling author of The Belladonna Maze.

Annie thinks she has found the answer when she leaves her home on the west coast of Ireland and boards a ship for New York. Irish maids are in demand in the 1920s, and she finds work with the wealthy...

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Featured Reviews

I’m not a huge historical fiction fan, but I know many readers are and I’m on the hunt to always find a good one to add to our collection. A Maid On FifthbAvenud looked very interesting and intriguing. It was filled with a juicy plot, great characters, and I love both the past/present storylines. I look forward to sharing my full review and thoughts upon completion.

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Gosh this was an amazing book. I didn’t immediately warm to Emer’s character but was utterly gripped by Annie and her yearning to explore the world, it blows my mind to think of how brave she was to leave all she knew for her new life in New York. I loved reading about her and Elena, even the challenges they faced. Her devotion and loyalty to her best friend was genuinely incredible. The story worked well flitting between eras and I grew to like Emer and was pleased that she settled into life back “home”- the twist in the tale with his mum I absolutely didn’t see coming, but I won’t ruin it! Really enjoyed the story and was sad to have finished it too quickly.

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I did very much enjoy this. I think I expected too much as I loved The Belladonna Maze and that is hard to live up to but this is still a really good read. I loved the two timeframes and I think the characters in Annie's world were wonderfully well done. I enjoyed Meg in particular. Elena, I felt, never really got a chance to be a rounded character, which was a pity because it was hard to understand the depth of the attraction and the effect on Annie's life when we barely saw them interact and most of those interactions were soured by Elena. The story in the later years was definitely intriguing and .gathered pace as it approached the end; Emer herself was a great character and I enjoyed the meetings with Siobhan and the developing relationship with Rob. The settings were probably the strongest part of the book. very vivid and real. I look forward to the next book by this author!

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A Maid on Fifth Avenue, is told in dual timeline and is the story of an Irish dreamer - Annie who dreams of traveling the world.

The story is bittersweet for our heroine Annie , it is a layered story with it's characters who pull you in for a cosy, emotional storytelling time throughout.

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I enjoyed this book by Sinead Crowley, a dual timeline novel set in early 1900s New York and in present day Ireland.
Annie dreams of travelling the world but she has lingering doubts after living through her mother's traumatic illness. She has a huge loyalty to her family and friends but finally decides to go to New York to make a new life for herself. The descriptions of Annie's life as a new Irish immigrant are excellent and at times one could really feel the heat of the crowded dance room or the feeling of suffering under an icy glare from a housekeeper.

Emer's storyline develops as she finds herself back in Ireland, having emigrated to California years earlier. The pandemic has taken its toll on her mental and physical well being so she comes home to find out who she really is. The possibility of romance blossoms for them both but barriers stand in the way of each of their potential relationships

Overall this was an enjoyable read with some unpredictable twists. I felt some of the secondary characters - May, Elena and the American relative could have been more well rounded but didn't really detract from the storyline. 4/5
Many thanks to the publishers and Netgalley for an advanced release copy in exchange for an honest review.

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A wonderful read a story I was drawn in to from the first page.I enjoyed the dual timeline and Annie impressed me with her desire to travel see the world.I will look forward to more by this author.#netgalley #amaidonfifthavenue.

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I have been a long time fan of Sinead Crowley's books, especially the Ds Clare Boyle series. A Maid on Fifth Avenue, her latest novel, is also a gripping read, with a dual timeline, and is set mainly in Kerry and New York. I feel it will really resonate with her Irish fan base, as there cannot be a family in Ireland that has not had somebody emigrate to the USA due to the economic climate. It is a well crafted story of love, loss and hidden secrets that are eventually exposed. The two protagonists, Annie and Emer, are vividly drawn and it is easy to get invested in their stories. The twists and turns throughout are unpredictable and well thought out. I enjoyed this book and would recommend it.
Thanks NetGalley for the ARC.

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Really loved this book! It was told on a dual timeline, which almost felt as though I was reading two very different books at the same time, but when they started to come together it was such a great read, I loved the story of Annie who was desperate to leave her home town in Ireland in search of adventures in New York. She gets a job as a maid in a beautiful home on 5th Avenue and begins to make a new life for herself. Meanwhile, in the present day, Emer returns to Ireland from the US looking for some quiet time at home to rest and recuperate. What is the thread that joins these two very different women, one from the past and one from the present? I really enjoyed finding out.

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This fascinating story is set in two timelines – Annie’s story is set in the early 1920s, and she dreams of travelling to see America. Whereas Emer is returning to her old home in Ireland after being away for a long while. Her story is set in the present time.

The Irish countryside is described so beautifully you feel you are there, with the contrasting vibrancy of New York, which Annie experiences working as a maid. The two women are well rounded characters who develop as the story unfolds. Annie becomes romantically absorbed in a forbidden love, which is sensitively explored by the author.

In contrast, Emer is desperate to leave her demanding job and lifestyle in America and relax enjoying her old home again. Learning to surf and re visiting old haunts, romance develops between her and Rob.

I enjoyed reading about the past catching up with the two women, their diverse circumstances with various secrets explored, and the connection between them. With difficult decisions which must be made, this is a steadily building plot with a dramatic unexpected ending.

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This is a story about escaping your past life, but can you really escape the past? Annie thinks so but is she in for a surprise? And in a dual-timeline story Emer is running from the past two. How do both their stories entwine?

This is a very interesting historical fiction that takes you on a journey of two women trying to escape their pasts. This is a well written and interesting read, great characters and flowed well between the two timelines. There are a few twists within the story and overall it was a wonderful read which I enjoyed very much.

Thank you NetGalley and Aria & Aries for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.

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This is a great split-time read, with Annie, off on the boat to America, desperate to change her life but still tied to her family and best friend in Ireland and dealing with the laws and societal attitudes of the 1920s contrasted with Emer, who decades later finds herself in Annie's part of Ireland, caught up in an intriguing search for the truth.
The author has brilliantly divided the 2 worlds by the fashions, attitudes, careers and freedoms of the 2 time periods whilst still intertwining the stories of Annie and Emer through the commonalities of family, love and loyalty.

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This is part historical fiction and part modern day as it skips between Emer in 2022 and Annie starting in 1908 and progressing from her childhood to adulthood young woman.

Annie has wanted to go to America for a long time and leave Ballydrynanwn but when she was younger her mother was so poorly and she is scared to leave her. Her mother however encourages her to follow her dream and Annie leaves for a whole new life across the ocean. She gets a job working for the Cavendish family in a mansion on Fifth Avenue.

Emer has returned home after being in America all alone during the pandemic. Her parents are shocked to see her as they were about to leave and visit Emer on the way to visit her brother who is soon to become a father. Emer tells them to continue with their trip as it will coincide with the birth of the baby and Emer decided to go stay at the family holiday let in Ballydrynawn. Little does she know that a chance meeting and a surf lesson will make it a summer to remember.

I really enjoyed the dual aspect of this book and Annie and Emers stories and how they intertwine as you progress through the book and the story. I enjoyed the storyline and the ending had a twist that I wasn’t expecting. I have definitely loved reading this book.

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Annie Thornton lives in the small village of Ballydrynawn, in County Kerry, she dreams of a different life, her mother Eileen knows she’s unhappy and gives her blessing for her to leave Ireland and travel to America. Annie wants to go but she's worried about her best friend best friend May, who’s married to a bully and there's nothing Annie can do about it.

Annie boards a ship bound for New York and she's never been further than Dingle in her life, Irish women have no trouble finding work in America, the nuns help and there's a big demand for maids. Annie is employed by Mrs. Cavendish, they own a mansion on Fifth Avenue, and she sends letters and money home to her family.

Annie meets an Italian waitress called Elena, her family are very strict and have a man picked out for her to marry. Annie and Elena’s friendship changes, Annie finds herself day dreaming about Elena, both women are confused by their feelings for each other, can women love each other and surely not?

A Maid on Fifth Avenue has a dual timeline, it’s set in the 1920’s and 2022, and told from the two main characters points of view, Annie and Emer.

Emer Molloy leaves Los Angeles, California, to return home to Ireland and she’s suffering from Covid burnout and, her parents own a holiday cottage in Ballydrynawn, County Kerry and she spent her summers here as a child. Emer’s goes for a walk to look at the Fairy Tree, it’s over a hundred years old and the beach and meets a handsome surfer Robert Lynch. He owns a surfing school, Emer takes lessons and can’t believe how much she enjoys it.

Annie and Emer’s lives are intertwined, a hundred years apart, and it’s up to Emer and Rob to try unravel the tangled web of secrets, hidden clues and then lighting strikes!

I received a digital copy of A Maid of Fifth Avenue by Sinéad Crowley from Aria & Aries and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. A fascinating and captivating story about living in a small Irish village and dreaming about exploring the world, the Fairy Tree where people have left messages and tokens for over a hundred years, homesickness, mystery and Annie was my favourite character.

Not only was she a wonderful sister, daughter, friend, unselfish, reliable and loyal. Annie had no idea women loved and were attracted to other woman, my guess is in the 1920’s the topic was never mention, no wonder Annie was so confused and it's a narrative about discovering love is love. A dual timeline mystery, full of unexpected twist and turns and five stars from me.

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Told in two different storyline’s between Annie in the 1800’s and Emer now, this book tells the story of a hardworking girl who made sacrifices to help her friends and those she loved. In the present time, Emer is drawn into a family history mystery with her summer fling, Rob. I really enjoyed the family history stuff and felt in my heart the hardness of life for women in the 1800’s. Not being Irish, I did find some of the language that was used difficult to understand, and although sometimes another language is used in a story, it’s usually French/italian/German and I find that much easier to understand and work out what they’re saying even though I don’t know those languages either and this was the reason for 4 and not 5 stars.

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A Maid in Fifth Avenue is a wonderful story taking the reader from rural Ireland to New York following Annie in the 1920's who yearns for a different life and Emer in 2022 visiting Ireland from America .Annie's and Emer's lives are intertwined even though they are 100 years apart a joyful story of love and hope .Thank you to NetGalley for my ARC

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A Maid on Fifth Avenue by Sinead Crowley is a wonderful dual timeline story that spans the distance between rural Kerry and the streets of New York, and the decades from the turbulent 1920s to the modern post pandemic world.
Emer, a freelance film director with roots in Kerry is feeling burnt out post pandemic, and a few months in her family's second home by the beach might be just what her therapist ordered. When she meets local surf instructor Rob and decides to take lessons, she meets another recent American transplant, Alison who is helping out at the surf school but may also be hiding a secret.
Meanwhile in the same West Kerry village in the 1920's Annie Thornton is dreaming of seeing the world, even if it means leaving her family and her best friend May behind in less than ideal circumstances. When she gets the opportunity to travel to New York and finds herself working as a maid for a wealthy family on fifth avenue she embraces her new life whole heartedly and soon finds herself befriending a young Italian waitress, Elena. As this friendship begins to develop into something more Annie finds herself questioning what her future holds, and how she fits into society, but when a dangerous face from her past reappears she is forced to flee and leave Elena behind , with tragic consequences for everyone that will not come to light for decades .
Often in dual timeline stories like this I find myself more drawn to one of the stories , and in this case it was Annie's story that really captured my heart and my imagination. I loved her strength and determination and seeing her grow into her potential, so it broke my heart when she lost so much. While I enjoyed Emer's storyline it just did not hold my attention in quite the same way. That being said, the mystery subplot involving Alison in this timeline did keep me guessing even if the resolution was just a little too convenient for my liking.
I read and reviewed an ARC courtesy of NetGalley and the publisher, all opinions are my own.

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I loved this book! It is a very well-told story that provides relevant historical information about people of Irish origin. I confess that I was surprised by the happy ending!

Was this review helpful?

I am not usually keen on historical fiction, but this book starts in two different time periods, with a village in County Kerry being the common denominator in both parts of the story. As the book starts, Annie moves to New York to work. Her experiences are portrayed in an interesting way and there are a couple of unexpected twists in her story.
In the present day, Emer is at home in Ireland from her home in California. Life has been tough during the pandemic and she has decided to take some time out. The book describes her summer, the people she meets and as the book moves on, the stories of Emer and Annie start to converge as people connected to both of them become apparent.
I loved the descriptions in this book, both the lives of the main characters are well documented and interesting. The other characters are also well portrayed and realistic. The twists in the plot give the book a modern feel (the lack of which is my main reason to dislike historical fiction) and the Irish and New York locations add a little humour at times.
A great read, thanks to Net Galley for the ARC

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Great read and felt like I’d got two books in one with the story moving very smoothly between the 1920’s and today. We are introduced to the main character from the 20’s when she moves from Ireland to America to start a new life. We then find ourselves in the present time, in the village in Ireland she left behind all those years ago.
The story unfolds and we are given a taste of how the people from the past and present are linked. At this point, I really didn’t want to put this book down.
I got a real feeling of life in New York in those early days for our protagonist and then, whisked back to the present time we find there is still a link between the families from past and present. What happened all those years ago to cause reverberations of it to echo down the years? Great read and I loved the revelations that came right up to the ending. Definitely one to read.

Was this review helpful?

I loved this dual time-line it was so well described and written that I completely lost myself in it. All the characters were lovely and I was sorry to finish it. My thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for giving me the opportunity to read this book in return for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

I may not be a devoted historical fiction enthusiast, but I recognize its appeal to many readers. I'm currently exploring new additions to our collection, and "A Maid On Fifth Avenue" caught my attention with its intriguing premise. The book boasts a compelling plot, well-developed characters, and dual timelines, blending the past and present, which I find particularly engaging.

This is a first for me by the author and one I enjoyed and I would read more of their work. The book cover is eye-catching and appealing and would spark my interest if it were in a bookshop. Thank you to the author, publisher and Netgalley for this ARC.

Was this review helpful?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. While I might have set my expectations high due to my love for The Belladonna Maze, this novel stands on its own as a compelling read. The dual timeframes added depth, and the characters in Annie's world were exceptionally well-crafted. Meg, in particular, captured my interest. Unfortunately, Elena seemed somewhat underdeveloped, hindering a comprehensive understanding of her impact on Annie's life. The narrative in the later years gained momentum, especially towards the end. Emer was a standout character, and I appreciated the dynamics with Siobhan and the evolving relationship with Rob. The settings were a definite highlight, vivid and authentic. I eagerly anticipate the author's next book!

Was this review helpful?

Annie, an Irish woman, ventures to New York for employment under Mrs. Cavendish, the owner of a Fifth Avenue mansion. "A Maid of Fifth Avenue" unfolds in two timelines, delving into the stories of women seeking to break free from their pasts. Brimming with family histories, secrets, and the raw experiences of womanhood, the book offers a captivating read. The intricate exploration of emotions, character growth, and unexpected turns adds to the overall enjoyment. My thanks to Aria & Aries and NetGalley for providing a digital copy of Sinéad Crowley's novel in exchange for this sincere review.

Was this review helpful?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Set in dual timelines, there is clearly a link somewhere and that is part of the mystery. The historical part around 1922 was fascinating, both for the glimpse of life in Ireland, and then life in New York. The present day was intriguing as there are several possible interpretations of events. The characters were well developed and the main ones very likeable and realistic. All in all, this kept me engrossed as the very clever and satisfying ending emerged. I would like to read more by this author. Thanks to NetGalley for an advance reader copy to read and freely review.

Was this review helpful?

Annie Thornton is a young woman living in Couny Kerry in 1920s Ireland. She is desperate to leave her home and see the world. America has always been calling to her…

After her best friend, May, marries Seánie Lynch, a man of wealth and statue in the area, Annie soon sees his true colours. Seánie is a bully who resolves to fists to solve his issues. Poor May is too shy and nice to stand up to her husband.

Annie vows to herself that being married and having children is not what she wants from her life, at least not for a good while.

Her wish of leaving for America comes true the next year, after saving up her hard earned money.

She sails to New York where she successfully secures a job as a maid in a prominent household on Fifth Avenue.

In America, everything is different and better than her home life in Ireland. When Annie meets Elena, an Italian immigrant, life will never be same again…

In 2022, Emer Molloy, arrives in County Kerry for the summer after being diagnosed with “post Covid burnout”. She normally resides in California where she works as a director. In Ireland, she is staying in her family’s holiday home.

Emer reluctantly attends a surfing lesson with a handsome instructor, Rob Lynch. However, she ends up loving the session, and books another one.

Soon, her and Rob’s paths will cross more than once…

I really enjoyed this dual timeline historical mystery. There is a secret that binds the Lynches and the Thorntons that gets discovered later on (I won’t say anymore as I don’t want to spoil it).

I was really rooting for Annie and Elena, but I was gutted when life got in the way and Annie had to do what was right for her family.

There are other likeable characters in the story, including Rob and his mother, Siobhan, who was a true force of nature, not to be messed with.

Overall, it’s a great story that will grip you from the beginning.

Thank you to Aria Books for the NetGalley widget in exchange for a fair review.

Was this review helpful?

This captivating book tells the story of two women who lived in different centuries, connected through a Fairy Tree and a mystery that spans the same time. Annie Thornton, a resident of the small village of Ballydrynawn in County Kerry, Ireland, in the 1920s, longs to see more than her hometown. Her dream takes her to New York City, where she secures a job as a maid in a prominent household on Fifth Avenue. When Annie meets Elena, an Italian immigrant, her life will never be the same again.

In 2022, Emer Molloy leaves Los Angeles, California, to return home to Ireland, suffering from Covid burnout. Her parents own a holiday cottage in Ballydrynawn, County Kerry, where she spent her summers as a child. The book weaves together the stories of these two women, each on their own journey of discovery, and the impact they have on each other's lives. A must-read for anyone who enjoys historical fiction and a touch of mystery.

Annie's story truly touched me. Her strength and determination were inspiring, and watching her journey towards self-discovery was one of the highlights of the book for me. I enjoyed both stories and appreciated the unexpected plot twists towards the end, which made for an engaging read.

Was this review helpful?

This book is written in two different timelines. It was a pleasure to read and I enjoyed going between the timelines. Characters were great and relatable. I look forward to the next book by this author.

Was this review helpful?

I adore this author , I was so looking forward to reading her new novel and am so grateful to have access. The characters always feel so relatable and the sense of loss and great hope are always balanced in the end. Thank you.

Was this review helpful?

I thoroughly enjoyed this dual time novel. I felt immediately drawn to both time periods which were perfectly portrayed. The romance storylines were far from ordinary and really sucked the reader into the story. The references to covid were very accurate and helped the reader to empathise with the characters we all have those memories of covid times. This was an excellent novel I'd highly recommend.

Was this review helpful?

I was thrilled to be offered to read this book, as I absolutely loved The Belladonna Maze, and I'm so in love with this story. It was emotional, so beautifully written and I couldn't put it down. Such a hard hitting, yet romantic story. The characters were fantastic. Thank you to the author, publisher and netgalley for an e-arc in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

It took me a while to get into this novel with its two time lines, but reading they slowly merge and it was a thoroughly enjoyable read. The author writes well and what was most impressive was that it was full of surprises and totally unpredictable. Annie and Emer were great characters and easy to like.

A glimpse of life in America in the late 1920s where Irish Annie worked as a maid, and develops a close relationship with an Italian girl. Back in Ireland the reader has an insight into the culture of the era and the close knit families, both in the 1920s and the present. Annie is placed in the difficult situation where she has to decide between her new American friend and her loyalty towards her childhood friend in Ireland. Meanwhile in the present, Emer is enjoying a summer of love away from her busy American lifestyle but even her promises to herself cannot be kept when the past catches.

My thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for this e-APC.

Was this review helpful?

I thought this was a thoroughly engaging read featuring two charismatic, independent women.

Annie who emigrated from Kerry to New York in the 1920s to work as a maid in Manhattan
Emer who has moved from Dublin to California, but is spending the 2022 summer in Kerry as she is burnt out from work.

I loved how the timelines replicated their journeys back and forth between Ireland and America, both seeking fresh starts and job opportunities not available locally to them. The vivid settings and attention to detail immersed me in rural Kerry where I could feel the wildness of the Atlantic, and then to a crowded 1920s New York full of excitement and with so much potential to chase dreams. Even forbidden ones.

Both Annie and Emer face challenges, and detours in their lives, and I appreciated how courageously they face up to them. There is romance for both characters, and I enjoyed how they unfolded, but they are not a central theme. The focus is on the fresh beginnings and stepping into the unknown.

A lovely uplifting read. I'd highly recommend it if you enjoy dual timelines, Irish/US settings, a touch of suspense and independent female characters.

Was this review helpful?

This is like two books in one! You really get into the story from the past and next minute you are reading about modern times! The author gradually weaves the two time lines together to make a most enjoyable read.

Was this review helpful?

This book started differently to what I was expecting, but it then transferred to 5th Avenue in New York. A lovely read with interesting characters who defied the relationship norms of the day, which I loved. I also loved the unexpected ending.

Was this review helpful?

Annie Thornton, a spirited young woman residing in County Kerry during the 1920s, yearns to escape her stifling surroundings and explore the world beyond Ireland's shores. However, her aspirations clash with the harsh reality of her best friend May's marriage to Seánie Lynch, a man of means known for his brutish demeanor. Witnessing May's plight, Annie vows to chart her own path, determined to delay marriage and children.

In pursuit of her dreams, Annie embarks on a journey to America the following year, diligently saving her earnings to fund her voyage. Landing in New York City, she secures employment as a maid in a prestigious Fifth Avenue household. America's vibrant energy and opportunities offer Annie a fresh start far removed from the hardships of her Irish home.

An unexpected encounter with Elena, an Italian immigrant, sets Annie on an unforeseen path, forever altering her perspective. Yet, as Annie embraces her newfound freedom, she grapples with the complexities of life and love, navigating the challenges of her adopted homeland.

Meanwhile, in 2022, Emer Molloy finds herself in County Kerry, seeking solace from the burdens of post-COVID burnout. Despite her initial reluctance, Emer discovers a newfound passion for surfing under the tutelage of Rob Lynch, a charming instructor. As their paths intertwine, Emer is drawn into a web of secrets that connect the Lynch and Thornton families, unraveling mysteries buried in the sands of time.

Throughout the narrative, compelling characters such as Rob and his indomitable mother, Siobhan, captivate readers with their resilience and tenacity. As the story unfolds, Annie's journey of self-discovery resonates across generations, weaving a tapestry of intrigue and emotion.

With its richly drawn characters and enthralling plot twists, this dual timeline historical mystery grips readers from the opening pages, offering a poignant exploration of love, sacrifice, and the enduring bonds of family.

Was this review helpful?

This was a book, that I picked up not sure if I woukd enjoy and 3 hours later I was still sat in the same place, hooked!.
I loved the story, it was sk beautiful written.

Was this review helpful?

This is a duel timeline book set in Ireland and New York.
In the 1920's Annie wants to travel the world and starts with sailing to New York where she has a job as a maid on 5th Avenue. Annie gets on well and makes friends, one in particular who she wants to go away from New York with. She is also worried about her best friend in Ireland who married a man who everyone knew was not a good man and her friend is now finding that out to be true.

The other part of the book is post pandemic when Emer who moved to New York years ago is back at her parent's house in Ireland but has just missed her parents as they have gone to Australia to visit her brother. She meets Rob,a surfing instructor and gets involved with secrets going on among his family and friends.
I enjoyed this book. I felt so sorry about Annie worrying about her friend in Ireland and the other in New York. She puts her life on hold for one of them even after her life being in danger.
The characters were good. I didn't really like Elena in New York. I know she had a hard life but she always seemed to moan to Annie every time she saw her so I didn't understand the attraction.
Alison in present day was a bit strange as well. I didn't understand why she wasn't just upfront at the beginning about her family history instead of making it a big secret.
A good read.

Was this review helpful?

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