Hauntingly Good Spirits

New Orleans Cocktails to Die For

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Pub Date 13 Aug 2024 | Archive Date 1 Aug 2024

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Capture the paranormal essence of New Orleans in a glass with 40 tasty, gothic, and unique cocktails designed for Spooky Season and the great beyond.

Few places possess such a robust and thriving culture of death as does the soulful city of New Orleans. In this captivating cocktail book, travel enthusiasts and Big Easy locals Sharon Keating and Christi Keating Sumich take you on a historical romp through the supernatural by way of the NOLA bar scene and its spirits (the boos and the booze!) celebrating local New Orleans ingredients and the hometown mixologists who make them sing.

Separated into five sections—Reverence and Revelry, Tomb Time, Ghosts & Haunted Libations, Vampire Bars with Killer Cocktails, and Voodoo & Witchcraft—Hauntingly Good Spirits unearths the eerie roots of the city’s culture as you savor spooky sips like:

  • Corpse Reviver
  • Spooky Smoked Sazerac
  • The Soggy Grave
  • Deadly Vipers
  • Drunk Ghost
  • Mistakes Were Made
  • Bloody Gin Fizz
  • Fang-ria
  • Undead Gentleman
  • The Gris-Gris
  • Night Tripper
  • Saint 75
  • And more!

Work up a thirst exploring all the spooky NOLA places mentioned in the Haunted History sections and reference the Spirit Guide map for their locations throughout the city.

Serving up cocktails that are delicious, steeped in spookiness, and historically accurate, let Hauntingly Good Spirits be your guide for your next trip to the City of the Dead during Spooky Season and beyond as you plunge into these decadent drinks and the creepy culture that inspired them.

Capture the paranormal essence of New Orleans in a glass with 40 tasty, gothic, and unique cocktails designed for Spooky Season and the great beyond.

Few places possess such a robust and thriving...

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Featured Reviews

I love New Orleans, and I love paranormal everything, so this appealed to me immediately. If you are looking for a recipe book that has very different, but beautiful and delicious cocktails, this is the one for you! I've tried a handful, but I cannot wait to try more of them! There is a whole section that features absinthe as an ingredient, which I have never tried, so that is next on my list. These cocktails are sure to be a hit at any gathering, and not just during the spooky season!

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Absolutely loved the photographs and the cocktails. I can't wait for publication! Clever cocktails name ideas!

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There are a lot of cities in the country that pretty much look and function a lot alike. New Orleans is not one of them...it is uniquely interesting in just about every way. For example, here is a cocktail recipe book, featuring drink names distinguished by "light hearted eeriness." (New Orleans is sometimes called the City of the Dead because they are frequently flooded and consequently bury their dead above ground.) If only they didn't require so much sugar, I might try some of these, but I digress. There is "Death in the Afternoon" (created by Ernest Hemingway), "Louisiana Swamp Thing," and "Suffering Bastard" among many more. Highly recommended

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Spookingly delightful book that not only provides botaciously devilious cocktails the twist is it provides a trail to follow while in NOLA to check out Haunted areas and cemetaries. The cocktails are boolicious and photos provided give great ways to present them. The background, map of haunts and description of haunted areas just pulls this book into a must have book to enjoy and give to your devliious friends. Highly recommend and now off to mix up a cocktail!
Thanks Netgalley, the author and publisher for this Bootific book.

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First off, the cover doesn’t do this mixology book justice. I completely expected a cute and slightly quirky cocktail book for plain Jane spooky, suburban Halloween parties. What’s inside is so much better. A relatively deep dive into the rich, macabre side of New Orleans and some truly artisanal cocktail recipes that go hand in hand. These are stunning and I am beyond thrilled that each cocktail recipe has a photo of said drink so there’s no guessing what it should look like. This is a beautiful book, that can and should be left out year round. I would recommend it to anyone looking to start getting into more refined mixology, someone with a love for New Orleans, or the slightly gothic macabre loving foodie.

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A brilliant history/cocktail book, combining fact with flavour I cannot wait to try some of these recipes. In particular, Lulu White’s Bloody Knife and the Blood Orange Marg, both sound delicious! Alongside the cocktails are a whole host of interesting facts about places and people around New Orleans. I learnt some really interesting little tidbits and the biggest takeaway was a cocktail should always be a celebration, filled to the top with garnish’s galore and more often than not with a bit of blood orange.

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AWESOME! Loved this. The pictures of the drinks are really great and perfectly styled. I liked that there was a variety (and also a note that plant-based milk could be used!) of drinks, there's a little paragraph about each, the history, and also replacement ideas on a couple (like swapping out berries for a different taste).

I loved everything about this book! My boyfriend and I are going to be having a Halloween party this year and I know that we will definitely be using some of the recipes from this book!!

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LOVED this book with the unique cocktails, which can be used any time of the year...not just Halloween. Actually, these are more New Orleans focused than Halloween, but either way, it's a fun read, with cocktails you can make.
I really enjoyed this book, and I'll be purchasing my own copy when Publishing Day comes.
Thank you to Quarto Publishing Group and Net Galley for a digital ARC of this title in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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Hauntingly Good Spirits is a unique recipe book with a vibe of its own! The way it encompasses New Orleans and provides history and facts is so beautifully done. The imagery is stunning with a touch of eerie throughout, and it all weaves together as a whole quite nicely.

Anyone that enjoys New Orleans, cocktails, throwing dinner parties, or has a stocked home bar needs this book. The drinks are sure to be crowd favorites, especially around Halloween.

Feel free follow my social media accounts, where I share book reviews and more.

Thank you Netgalley and Quatro Publishing Group for sending me an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review. My thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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"Hauntingly Good Spirits" is a captivating cocktail book that seamlessly blends a love for mixology with the rich and eerie cultural history of The Big Easy. This guide goes beyond just recipes, offering readers a comprehensive experience that includes an informative guide to various types of alcohol, detailed instructions for making simple syrups, and an intriguing history of New Orleans, including its famous cemeteries and haunted places.

One of the standout features of the book is its beautiful and atmospheric photography. Each page is visually stunning, capturing New Orleans' vibrant spirit. These images are so perfectly-fitted to the book and the content and make each drink look incredibly appealing.

The recipes in "Hauntingly Good Spirits" are a delightful mix of classic cocktails and inventive new creations. This variety ensures that there is something for everyone, whether you're a seasoned mixologist or a novice looking to explore new flavors. The instructions are clear and accessible, encouraging readers to experiment and enjoy the art of cocktail making.

"Hauntingly Good Spirits" is more than just a cocktail book—it's a celebration of New Orleans and its unique cultural heritage. The combination of practical mixology tips, historical insights, and atmospheric photography makes it a must-have for cocktail enthusiasts and lovers of the city alike. I absolutely love this book and highly recommend it; in fact, I will be buying it for my collection.

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If you love New Orleans or just love making fun cocktails, I would definitely recommend this book. I would say these recipes are largely for the intermediate bartender with access to less common ingredients, but the definitions, instructions, and basic ingredient recipes at the beginning of the book make this accessible for anyone. The three sections of this recipe book focus on absinthe, NOLA's cemeteries, and ghost stories. The photos of the drinks are stunning and make me so excited to make the recipes! I think this will be especially perfect in the Fall and accompanied with a good ghost story.

Was this review helpful?

This was such a great book of cocktails. A fun twist on spooky cocktails.

Recipes are provided for simple syrups, gastriques, and orgeat. There is also a liquid measurement conversion table. The wicked wares sections has a description of glassware, mix-ins, liqueurs and local spirits. These were very helpful in creating the cocktails.

Each recipe has a description, easy to follow instructions, ingredients list, color photo, and a libation lagniappe. The descriptions gives you ideas for when to serve the cocktail and some facts to go along. Ingredients and instructions are short and sweet. Very easy to follow. The Lagniappes were a fun addition to each recipe.

Such a fun book! I cannot wait to serve some of these to my guests.

Thank you Quarto Publishing Group and NetGalley for this title in exchange for my very honest review.

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So much more than a cocktail recipe book! Although it does contain an incredible number of delicious sounding recipes, this book is a love letter to New Orleans; its culture, its heritage and its people. Stunning photography and genuinely fascinating information.

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Fun drink recipes along with key historic details of New Orleans. Great pictures to go along with. Fun and creative.

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Hauntingly Good Spirits is the perfect drink recipe book for anyone who loves all things spooky and especially Spooky entertainment. There are numerous recipes with haunting names such as Corpse Reviver, Suffering Bastard and The Undertaker (my personal favorite) with pages of spooky history in between that are a delight for those who enjoy Hauntings and History. The recipes are not overly complicated, there are numerous to try and even recipes for simple things (like simple syrup). The layout of pictures and recipes is in a beautiful layout, If you enjoy entertaining on the spookier side, this is for you.

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Oh my. Oh my. I love this book. The layout and the gorgeous pictures are perfectly atmospheric. The recipes all sound amazing. The spattering of haunted historical facts are fascinating. And there's even a “Haunted New Orleans Map” at the end of the book, with 40 different sites listed!

I don't drink often, but when I do, I love an intriguing cocktail, and this book is packed with them. Upon release, I will be getting a copy for myself and a second one as a gift.

Hauntingly mouth watering. This book left me drooling.

Was this review helpful?

Booooooz with a splash of amazing New Orleans history and color. This is an amazing option to add to your cocktail bar. The only complaint I have is now I know I need to find amazing options like Pralines and Cream Liquer!

I love that there is a solid mix of drinks that are modern takes on classics all the way to wildly original and creative concoctions.... all with a spooky twist! Add to it that it's just fun to flip through and read and you can't ask for much more!

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Halloween fans, this gorgeous fun book is a must-read for the scary holiday, and really, all year 'round. Featuring 4o Nawlins' cocktail recipes with hilarious names (Soggy Grave, Corpse Reviver, Mistakes Were Made) and a map with descriptions of haunted NOLA sights to visit. Spooktacular!

Was this review helpful?

We do a halloween party every year so I requested this to get some ideas on how to change things up and it is going to work out great and be just what I need!

Was this review helpful?

Fantastic combination of wittily named alcoholic libations with recipes and spooky New Orleans history. I was lucky enough to visit New Orleans on Halloween for my birthday pre-Covid and so thankful I did as I got to see many of the places described in this book. I am not a huge imbiber of alcohol but even for me there were a few recipes in here I want to try (Caveau Cocktail and a Drunk Ghost especially) and several named cocktails that made me chuckle like Fang-ria.

If you’re a lover of unique cocktails, New Orleans, and/or spooky history then you’d enjoy this book. I liked the way the authors organized the recipes by section and included a map at the end of places mentioned throughout the book.

Was this review helpful?

I loved this! I work at a public library and we LOVE halloween here so for passive adult programs we will be using these (without alcohol of course lol)

Was this review helpful?

These recipes look SO good!!! A few of the ingredients might be a little hard to find where I live but I might drive out of my way to make these for Halloween! The Halloween party this year is going to be so extra with these drinks, and I can't wait!

The whole book was also so pretty, I loved the pictures that were included with each drink. I'll have to order a hard copy of this when it comes out.

Was this review helpful?

This is a beautiful book with a stunning sytle and gorgeous photography. It's not just a book of cocktail recipes, as I realised from the introduction, which gives a taste of the ambience of New Orleans and the importance of cocktails to the city's culture.

There are interesting facts peppered throughout the book, from learning about the cocktails, to the history of New Orleans, and recommendations on places to visit.

There's a section at the front with recommendations for cocktail-making ingredients and equipment to keep on hand, although images of the glassware would have been nice for some context. The metric conversions were very much appreciated by this Brit!

The first section focuses on absinthe cocktails, which all look delicious. The styling of each cocktail in the book is immaculate.

The book features classic cocktails like the Sazerac and a Cajun Bloody Mary, and some that I've never heard of but am very interested in trying, like the Soggy Grave, Cemetary Angel, and the Drunk Ghost.

Was this review helpful?

Hauntingly Good Spirits are hauntingly good.
I must admit that I was here for the mood, the atmosphere and I was not disappointed.
Hauntingly good spirit recipes coupled with haunting information - I like that the reader is given a break from the recipes with information - this is a great idea. The coupling of food/drinks and another fun topic is just wonderful.

Was this review helpful?

Hauntingly Good Spirits by Sharon Keating and Christi Keating Sumich is a delightful surprise. It offers both a cocktail how-to and a fascinating journey through New Orleans' haunted history. This well-executed book is a must-have for cocktail enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

The little tidbits about the drinks, their origins, and the spooky stories from New Orleans add a charming touch. The book's layout is not only aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly user-friendly. It allows for easy navigation and seamless execution of the drink recipes. Whether you're a seasoned bartender or a novice, the clear and concise instructions instill confidence and make drink mixing a delightful experience.

I am excited to share these Hauntingly Good Spirits with my friends and am confident that this recipe book will become a cherished addition to my bar's library.

Thank you to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group—Wellfleet Press for generously gifting me an e-book copy of Hauntingly Good Spirits in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Beautiful drinks, cute spooky vibe was well executed.

I loved that there’s bits of history and info about NoLa in this book, was a lovely touch.

Definitely a book I would recommend if you’re a cocktail enthusiast 💖

Thanks NetGalley, Quarto Publishing Group – Wellfleet Press, Wellfleet Press, Sharon Keating and Christi Keating Sumich for giving me an ARC of this cool book ✨

Was this review helpful?

Considering how anxious I was as a child every year Halloween rolled around, it’s surprising that I now celebrate it with such unbridled gusto. Perhaps that’s because I don’t have to worry about going from house to house, and be pressured to entertain in exchange for a morsel of food, no matter how sweet and delicious that morsel be.

Because I now enjoy celebrating Halloween so much (and the spooky season, in general) I get great pleasure in reading books that help me do that. This recently released volume, Hauntingly Good Spirits: New Orleans Cocktails to Die For by Sharon Keating and Christi Keating is a wonderfully macabre tribute to the drinks culture of New Orleans, and those who make it happen. Here you will find beautifully photographed, unique cocktail recipes, all of which are Gothic, spooky, and hauntingly delicious.

The book is divided into five sections:
Reverence and Revelry
Tomb Time
Ghosts & Haunted Libations
Vampire Bars with Killer Cocktails
Voodoo & Witchcraft

Each is fascinating in its own right, and where you will find cocktails like Axeman’s Ball, Ghostly Embrace, Corpse Reviver, and many more. This book has struck me as being as much about exploring New Orleans, as it was about making the cocktails. It did get me quite eager to experiment before the spooky month of October arrives, not to mention lay in a good supply of ingredients. I’d be lying if I said, I haven’t tried a good number of these cocktails already. I’d also be lying if I said, I didn’t have a good time doing it.

Anyone interested in libations, the macabre, New Orleans, or serving something special on a dark and stormy night needs this cookbook. I highly recommend!

Many thanks to NetGalley, the authors, and Wellfleet Press for providing me with a digital advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

A brilliant book that I will deffo be buying for my own kitchen so I can knock up these delicious looking cocktails

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with an early copy of this book.

The book is broken into 5 sections ending in Haunted History segments:
1. Absinthe cocktails
2. New Orleans cemeteries
3. Ghost stories
4. Vampires
5. Voodoo and witchcraft

At the back, there are several fun reference lists. There is a "haunted New Orleans map" that doubles as a travel guide which I enjoyed. Also, there's a "cocktail index by main spirit" which is super helpful.

I'm not much of a drinker but I am tempted to try a bunch of these.

Was this review helpful?

This book gets me excited for Halloween! Death in the Afternoon, Louisiana Swamp Thing, and Deadly Vipers?! These cocktail names are amazing! I can't wait to try one or five!

I appreciate the publisher and NetGalley for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

This duo knows the pulse of New Orleans!

First: The cover says it all! The cocktails. Awesome photos, drinks cleverly named and recipes that are organized by liquor. I'm especially looking forward to Absinthe. Some of the liquors are specific to the region, but never fear, that is addressed and alternatives suggested.

Second: The Haunted History section with historical photos and a map! This section adds to the gothic feeling that is New Orleans. Inspiring to shake or stir a new libation.

Final thoughts: Hauntingly Good Spirits is a great addition to any collection that will be referred to often any time of the year. A pleasure to read and easy to follow recipes with a guide to everything you need to make the perfect spooky cocktail.

Thanks to NetGalley and Wellfleet Press for an advance copy.

Was this review helpful?

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