Happy Stories for Animal Lovers

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Pub Date 2 Jul 2024 | Archive Date 23 May 2024

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"No matter whether it’s day or night, it’s always a good time for a story. And the very best stories you’ll ever hear – are true. They’re unfolding right now, in nature all around."

Kids will be amazed by these incredible stories of people coming together to understand and protect a variety of animals who share our precious planet.

From outstanding conservation efforts to wholesome community projects, this newest addition to the joyful Happy Stories series is a cheerful compendium of true animal stories from around the world.

This anthology is a warming reminder of the good things happening in the world of animal conservation. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by bad environmental news. But Happy Stories for Animal Lovers provides some light, showing that with the right approaches, we can help animals thrive.

The stories are told in a narrative style, and each one focuses on the positive initiatives in action and the happy results – leaving readers uplifted and glad of this magnificent planet and the amazing animal friends we share it with.

Stories include:
  • The Wildebeest Wander – the story of the yearly wildebeest migration and the efforts of the Maasai community to create a wildlife corridor.
  • The Jungle Jewel – the story of the rare Javan rhino and the rangers who watch over and protect it.
  • Flying Back From Extinction – the tale of the reintroduction of the Northern Bald Ibis to Europe and the human ‘foster mothers’ who help raise these rare chicks.
  • Disco in the Deep – how scientists discovered the White Shark Café – an underwater oasis of life.
  • Beary Hungry – the story of the American Grizzly Bears who munch on moths and the conservation groups who help bears and humans share the land.
  • Built by Beaver – the reintroduction of the Eurasion beaver to UK rivers.
  • Friends in Frozen Places – the tale of Nordet, the speckled narwhal adopted by a pod of beluga whales, and the scientists watching out for a naluga baby.
  • Eat, Eat, Repeat – the tale of the Giant Panda’s unusual courting habits, and the inspiring breeding program that has seen this spectacular species taken off the endangered species list.

The What You Can Do section at the back of the book lets children know how the choices they make can help change the world, with information on building a bug hotel, becoming a wildlife watcher, working together and using their voices to raise awareness.

Ivy Kids brings you beautiful, sustainably printed books to rewild your child, nurture creativity, and foster a deep connection with the living world. Winner of the Sustainability Award at the Independent Publishers Awards 2022, Ivy Kids books are planet-friendly, printed on post-consumer recycled paper, and, where possible, locally to where they will be sold.
"No matter whether it’s day or night, it’s always a good time for a story. And the very best stories you’ll ever hear – are true. They’re unfolding right now, in nature all around."

Kids will be...

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Featured Reviews

A lovely, meaningful collection of stories. It touches on lots of different animals and cultures as well as being extremely educational whilst having well illustrated drawings throughout.

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Happy Stores for Animal Lovers is a charmingly illustrated book with stories from all around the world, put together to teach children about the beauty of caring for nature. I will recommend this book for non-fiction reading, cross-cultural education, and animal appreciation. I can imagine little animal lovers rereading this book over and over and over.

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From outstanding conservation efforts to wholesome community projects, this newest addition to the joyful Happy Stories series is a cheerful compendium of true animal stories from around the world.

Very cute book about animals and stories and facts about them, some of them written in poetry.

Then in the back are helpful hints on how you can help.

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“Happy Stories for Animal Lovers” is a story of hope for human interactions with the animals of our planet. Leisa Stewart-Sharpe takes the reader on a Grand Tour as we learn about a variety of species being studied and helped by humans. My favorite is the story about the narwhal who has joined a pod of belugas.

The illustrations are playful and match the tone of the text. These short stories are uplifting and leave the reader wondering why we don’t hear more about these efforts.

This book is great for kids who love all kinds of animals or nature. It might also be good for kids who are old enough to understand there are some bad things that happen in the world and, thus, feel a little down. This story will make them feel better about the things humans do.

I received an advance review copy for free from NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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I loved this book, because of the themes, the pictures, and the mood. Happy stories are necessary for a happy life, and this is a great collection of stories about different kinds of animals.
I often feel hopeless when I hear about the plight of endangered animals, and this book, while aimed at children, offers hope to everyone who cares about our world. When it feels hopeless, you can read these stories about people who worked together and came up with great ideas to help.
I highly recommend this for children, both at home and school, and even as a gift for the kind of adult who looks for hopeful stories. Thanks to NetGalley for letting me read this

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This beautiful picture book tells many stories about animals from all over the world. Anna Shepeta left me speechless with the beauty of her illustrations and really bringing the stories to life. This is a must read for all animal lovers!

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While the overarching theme is happiness, the poems also touch on themes of friendship, The rhythmic cadence of the verses in whimsically designed fonts was my favourite part.

Happy Stories for Animal Lovers is a gem of a book that will appeal to readers of all ages!

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These stories from around the world were just wholesome. I loved the concept of this book, mixing stories with facts about the environment and animals. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone, young or old, whether you like animals or not. There was just something about these stories that made me want to make a difference (or go to the zoo / aquarium).

Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book.

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I find it a bit odd to call these happy stories since they are about animals on the verge on extinction or endangered by human behaviour to say the least. But the stories are centred around interesting facts and are told in an engaging way. The illustrations are pretty cool too.

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A stellar book of animal conservation stories from across the world, with the most delightful illustrations. Eight different kinds of animals are featured with true tales about how humans are helping them survive and thrive. My fav: The uplifting story of Nordet, a spotted narwhal who finds home with a pod of beluga whales. Includes tips on how you can help to conserve animals. A wonder of a book for readers young and old!

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Cute but informative read. I love the stories and that they are generally wide-reaching across countries and species. Great illustrations, and I love the use of text placement and alliterations to make the reading fun. I appreciate also that it is geared forwards more advanced young readers with a blurb for a parent to further give detail on each story. The call to action at the end is also a nice touch. My only critique is that the beluga/narwhal story introducing genders seemed odd. I guess the relevance is that they may mate? I liked the beaver, rhino, shark, and grizzly pages the lost.

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Beautifully illustrated, quite interesting and knowledgeable. Kids will love the colorful pictures and educators will appreciate the attention to detail

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I love this book! I work at the local zoo as a volunteer. Before I could become a volunteer l I had to study a lot about animals. It’s my task to inform and tell our visitors all kind of fun facts and more about our animals. Even though I know a lot about animals I still learned new things from this book.

What I loved most about this book are the facts at every end of the story. What has been done to help wildlife. Very inspiring! This is a book that everyone should read! It shows that we are capable to help nature and safe our precious animals. Read this!

I do think this book could be bigger. There more animals that could fit in this book.

I would defintly buy this book for my wildlife collection.

Was this review helpful?

An educational, witty, and fun book. I’m a National Geographic enthusiast, so you bet your little toes that I loved this book! I enjoyed every page and wanted a lot more, it couldn’t get any better because it has it all- fun phrasing, rhyming, and realistic narration too! Kids will love this whether in a class or at home. A definite ten stars out of five stars!

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An anthology of animal stories from around the world with a focus on conservation efforts on particular species at risk.

This book takes you to:

• Africa to follow the Wildebeest migration
• Indonesia to see the Javan Rhinoceros
• Europe to follow the Northern Bald Ibis migration
• USA to follow scientists tracking Great White Sharks
• Rocky mountains in America to follow a grizzly bear and her cubs
• United Kingdom to watch Beavers build their dam
• Canada to see Beluga and Narwhal
• China to see the Giant Panda munch on bamboo!

Written in storytelling and engaging prose with a play on structure for some words, this non-fiction book uses captivating ways to engage children so information is made easy and fun to understand!

The illustrations are beautifully crafted and there is a section at the back of the book that suggests easy ways to be protectors of nature without having to travel the globe!

Was this review helpful?

While this book is aimed at children, as a fully fledged animal loving adult - I adored this book!
Featuring stories from all over the world, it covers many different animals in a fun and informative way. The concept of including different animals in short stories makes this book perfect for those who can independently read, while also opening up to even younger children who have less concentration.
The illustrations set this book apart, they are beautiful!
I will definetely be purchasing this for a nature loving boy in my life!

Was this review helpful?

This is definitely a great book for children who are ready to be challenged. While still being an illustrated book, this includes so much information in each page! Great for kids who love animals and learning about them. I think this is a terrific book.

Was this review helpful?

This is a book of lovely illustrated stories to teach children about caring for nature. I would recommend this book for nonfiction, and to animal and nature lovers.

Was this review helpful?

I enjoyed reading this book with my 8-year old daughter. She especially loved the stories about the sharks and the narwhals. The illustrations were well done, and we loved the way the sentences shaped themselves to better tell the story.

Was this review helpful?

Happy Stories For Animal Lovers featuring eight different animal with their own true stories from across the world. One of them is from my own country. ❤ Each story is short and uplifting. Narrate with gentle rhythm and poetic prose the author navigate human's responsible to help animals survive.

This book is informative, have big message and opening young readers's mind. Big recommend !

Thank you Netgalley and Ivy Kids Eco, from Quarto Publishing Group for providing copy of this ebook. I have voluntarily read and reviewed it. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Expecting Publication : 2 July 2024

Was this review helpful?

This is a rather short book with a lot of uplifting stories about animals. Some of the stories really tugged at my heartstrings. I absolutely love it and wish that it were not so short a book.

Was this review helpful?

A gorgeous collection of animal stories and poems, beautifully written and illustrated and full of the magic of nature and those who dedicate their lives to protecting it.

Was this review helpful?

What a gorgeous children's book! I absolutely love this concept and think that it's very important to expand children's knowledge on tales from countries other than their own. This also provides an insight to which animals can be found where! There are some great facts in this short book, which are supported by the most beautifully drawn illustrations. I think the end section with tips on how the reader can also take part in small but mighty steps towards positively supporting the creatures and nature around where they live, is really special too.

A book I would definitelty reccommend!

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with this book for free in exchange for my review! All opinions are my own.

This book is pure fun for adults and children alike! You really can't go wrong with animals and I don't know many people that actually dislike animals. This was a very fun book with beautiful illustrations and I can see kids of all ages enjoying this book. It is a really sweet read. Highly recommend this book!

Many Thanks again to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with this book in exchange for my honest review.


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