Homebrewed Vinegar

How to Ferment 60 Delicious Varieties, Including Carrot-Ginger, Beet, Brown Banana, Pineapple, Corncob, Honey, and Apple Cider Vinegar

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Pub Date 11 May 2021 | Archive Date 11 May 2021
Storey Publishing, Storey Publishing, LLC

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Apple cider vinegar has a long history as a folk remedy for a variety of health conditions and, as a result, has achieved something akin to cult status among natural health enthusiasts. But many people don’t realize that there is a whole world of options beyond store-bought ACV or distilled white vinegar. In fact, vinegar can be made from anything with fermentable sugar, whether leftover juicing pulp or brown bananas, wildflowers or beer. With her in-depth guide, Kirsten K. Shockey takes readers on a deep dive into the wide-ranging possibilities alive in this ancient condiment, health tonic, and global kitchen staple. In-depth coverage of the science of vinegar and the basics of equipment, brewing, bottling, and aging gives readers the foundational skills and knowledge for fermenting their own vinegar. Then the real journey begins, as the book delves into the many methods and ingredients for making vinegars, from apple cider to red wine to rice to aged balsamic. Along the way, Shockey shares insights into vinegar-making traditions around the world and her own recipes for making vinegar tonics, infused vinegars, and oxymels.

Apple cider vinegar has a long history as a folk remedy for a variety of health conditions and, as a result, has achieved something akin to cult status among natural health enthusiasts. But many...

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Never knew vinegar could be so pretty and yummy looking. I have made vinegar a few times, but never really thought about it as something more. After reading this absolutely delightful book I now have a new appreciation for the art of making vinegar. I don’t think the author left anything out of this book. Took me by surprise how comprehensive it is. You can really see she has put her heart and soul into getting to know every aspect of vinegar making. Now there is one more reason for me to wait for spring - lilac vinegar. I love lilacs and I’m sure lilac vinegar will be a winner! There are many great recipes I’m going to try. The great thing is that you don’t really need to buy expensive equipment or special ingredients to start the process. I really enjoyed the descriptions about using a mother or not using a mother (vinegar mother as a ‘starter’). I’ll try both and then I’ll see how it works for myself. Making different vinegars will take up a lot of my time in the near future. Thanks for this fabulous book with its fantastic pictures!

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I loved this cookbook. Not only are there a few divine vinegars, I want to make, I went on a journey. The author takes you on a culinary history of vinegars. Then, the author presents the science and alchemy of vinegar. A gem of a cook book!

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An excellent and comprehensive book on making your own vinegar. You'll not only learn several different ways to make vinegar, but you'll also get a history of vinegar-making, profiles of makers, and lots of great recipes using everything from pasta water to fresh fruit.

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Wow! I had no idea that there are so many styles of vinegar. The design and photographs are excellent. I was curious about this book and how you can make your vinegar and this book inspired me to try this myself in the future. The book contains a lot of information and recipes for usual and a bit unusual kinds of vinegar. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this! All opinions are my own.

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An excellent kitchen resource! I have always loved vinegar, but only recently have begun to learn about all the various types. This book will give you an excellent background, understanding and appreciation for this fine tonic. I was given confidence to try some of my own brews and look forward to experimenting some more. The graphics are very helpful, especially as you just start out and learn for yourself how things should look (and smell). Thank you for taking the time to compile this excellent tool. I received a complimentary copy from the publisher via NetGalley. All opinions expressed are my own and freely given.

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Like many other readers of this book my first reaction was WOW! I have used common vinegars in my home both for cooking and cleaning for my entire life, yet I was SO oblivious to the many kids of vinegar as well as how in-depth it is. This book was full of history and scientific based facts on how to make vinegar perfectly every time. I doubt I will ever be this into making it, but I saved a few recipes to try. If you are serious about making vinegar, learning the history of vinegar, or have a loved one who is, look no further. Get this book and you will never have to do a "quick google" search again.

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Homebrewed Vinegar by Kirsten K. Shockey is a beautiful and informative book on vinegar. To be honest, I had no idea in what ways vinegar can be made and this book was not only full of beautiful photos, but great information on how to make vinegar and also recipes for so many types of vinegar. There are some great ideas for vinegar that I would have never thought about, like making vinegar out of fig leaves! This is an in-depth book for making vinegar and therefore doesn't have those easy, quick recipes. But if you are at all interested in making vinegar? This is a great book to read.

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As a vinegar lover, this book is IT for me. Of the books I've read on the subject, this is by far the most comprehensive and educational. It's like an entirely new language! My experience of vinegar hasn't extended beyond reading about it, infusing it with herbs and enjoying aceto tradizionale di Modena d.o.p. on trips to Italy. So, this further information is thrilling. I enthusiastically discussed this book during my one-hour massage today! Shockey has an engaging and encouraging way with words which makes the topic sizzle. Vinegar adds a vibrancy and verve to food. It sings! Sure, I have my favourite infusions, but this...this is a revelation. Homebrewing is new to me, though I've heard of it. This turned everything I knew upside down. The history is absorbing...who knew in about 1000 BC Babylonians created vinegar pickles and that vinegar makers in France formed a guild in 1394? So much to absorb including the importance of surface area, percent acid, creating wild yeast, esters, pH, materials needed, pasteurization and molecular chemistry. I had not heard of backslopping, lees, creating vinegar from pasta and rice water, switchels and vinegar eels. Not only this but you will read about the health benefits and even a blurb on foraging and troubleshooting information. The flavours that scream out to me most are lilac, elderflower, honey, begonia, lavender, beet, fig leaf, maple syrup, asparagus, persimmon, quince, hibiscus, chanterelle and chocolate. Summer cannot come soon enough...Four Thieves Vinegar looks wonderful! For pickling vegetables and fruits I use various infused vinegars but this book gives me so many ideas it's not even funny. If you are at all interested in the workings of vinegar and where it comes from, read this. Those with just a passing interest may find this more than they need but for science-minded nerds like me, it's heavenly! The photography is inspiring, too. My sincere thank you to Storey Publishing and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC of this special, special book in exchange for an honest review. Much appreciated.

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--The Power of Sour-- I received an advanced review copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley and here are my thoughts. I own the author's "Fermented Vegetables" book, so it was a real treat to be able to preview her book on vinegars. If you have ever thought of making your own vinegar, look no further. This book has excellent step-by-step text and photographs that take you through the process. You will learn how to make it, how to store it, and ways to use it as food or medicine. You'll learn how to make sour liquids, sweet syrups, and "don't waste those scraps" vinegars. The book begins with an entertaining history of vinegar. It's entertaining throughout actually. Excellent layout and photographs. Perfect gift for the sourpuss in your life.

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I very much enjoy vinegar. However, I have never tried to make it or learn much about it, instead opting for giant cheap gallon jugs for cleaning and small glass bottles for cooking and salads. Fermentation feels liks a scary concept - like canning's slightly more bizarre cousin. This book takes a lot of the mystery and fear out of the idea of fermenting. Making vinegar actually seems like it would be fun, and the science and history behind vinegar is truly fascinating. If you have every vaguely wondered what your bottle of ACV means by "the mother" then you should read this book!

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This is the ultimate vinegar bible! I love making vinegar. There is something magical about putting together just the right ingredients and letting nature do her thing. It is almost like magic when you find that your almost forgotten treasure has actually turned into vinegar! The author obviously knows her stuff. She gives you a thorough history of the origins and uses of vinegar. Not only does she include culinary recipes, but also medicinal vinegar recipes. This book would make a great gift to someone who enjoys cooking from scratch, cooking for health, or adventurous culinary experiments. Source: I was provided an advanced temporary electronic copy of this book at my request in exchange for an honest review. I will definitely purchase a hard copy of this book when it is released. This is right up my culinary alley!

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Learn how to make your own home brewed vinegar for your own tastes, usage and enjoyment. You can adapt for personal uses and might be inspired to create your own recipes.

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