Nettle Power

Forage, Feast & Nourish Yourself with This Remarkable Healing Plant

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Pub Date 27 Aug 2024 | Archive Date 27 Aug 2024
Storey Publishing | Storey Publishing, LLC

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A colorful, highly accessible guide to the healing and culinary uses of nettle, a protein-packed wild plant that is a favorite of foragers and herbalists.

Nettle Power is a fascinating exploration of the many uses of nettle for food, medicine, and fiber. A plentiful wild plant with a long history of use by both European and Native American herbalists, nettle helps soothe skin conditions, strengthen bones, increase milk production in lactating mothers, restore the nervous system, purify the blood, and boost the immune system, among its many benefits. The plant's sting is easily neutralized by blanching and author Brigitte Mars shares a range of recipes for using the nutrient-dense green leaves as a tasty substitute for spinach or chard in salads, soups, and main dishes, along with healing recipes for teas, tinctures, juices, and elixirs. Colorful illustrations and curious facts and lore make this a highly browsable and useful handbook for foraging, herb, and natural health enthusiasts.
A colorful, highly accessible guide to the healing and culinary uses of nettle, a protein-packed wild plant that is a favorite of foragers and herbalists.

Nettle Power is a fascinating exploration of...

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Featured Reviews

Nettle Power is a quick read and yet so very informative and enjoyable!

Before this book, all I knew about nettles, was that dock leaves really do not help the stings when you fall in a patch of nettles in shorts and tee. (Because you did not watch where you were going) Also, that it is used for a very earthy tasting tea. Now we have my very basic knowledge (and painful experience) of nettles out of the way, on to the book review!

First impressions, a well laid out and aesthetically pleasing book with lovely illustrations. The mix between traditional and modern illustration reflects historical and modern uses of the plant so I do hope the design remains

We're taken through the nettle's botanical information and a lovely quote by Victor Hugo. The nick names had me chuckling I must say! Also interesting were the names for nettles in different languages

Now, I would never have thought that a nettle sting could have health benefits, by eckers the memories of that itch each time I was running through the woods prevails to this day! Even when it rained you were not safe from them! The book explains how the nettle stings, and after a number of times, encourages urtication, which can relieve inflammation.

The book continues through remedies for stings, the history and folklore, growing, foraging, harvesting and preserving.

This is a lovely book and an eye opener!

Thank you to Negalley, Brigitte Mars and Storey Publishing for the ARC of this delightfully informative book. My Review is left voluntarily and all opinions are my own

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What a beautiful tribute to an amazing plant!

I have been interested in the use of nettles for years, and this book is a wonderful introduction and deep dive into this plant. It grows wild on my farm, so I have a ready source of it, but I don't feel I'm using it as much as I could. Reading this book has reminded me how great fresh nettles are as an early spring foraged food source (and there are lots of great vegetarian recipes to try in this book) and as a dried tea.

In addition to culinary uses, Brigitte Mars provides lots of information about the plant, its history and traditional uses, medicinal uses, and fun facts. The book is full of gorgeous bright illustrations as well.

I recommend it for anyone interested in herbalism, foraging, and general plant knowledge!

Thank you to Netgalley and Storey publishing for the advance read e-copy. I plan to add the hard cover to my shelves when it comes out!

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First, I’ll have to say that what intrigued me to review this book was the cover & the title.

I’ve heard of the nettle plant and have had different teas or body care products that used nettle in some way, but I’ve never had an in depth break down of the nettle plant like I was able to read in this book.

Even the tidbit about how if you’re pricked by this plan and get some type of rash from it, there’s still health benefits that you’ll gain from that prick!! Who would have known!?

I would def recommend this book to anyone studying herbs or working with plant medicine.

I volunteered to read this ARC through NetGalley.

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The cuteness of the cover pulls you in, but the wealth of knowledge keeps you reading. Nettle Power is all about one of the most incredible plants - Nettle!

I had no idea how resilient Nettle is or how many uses it has. At home, nettle tea has always been a go to, so I figured learning more about nettle would be helpful. Little did I know nettle has SO many more uses! Don’t let its notorious sting turn you away. From herbal remedies, beauty products (like the ancients!) and cooking recipes, nettle is so versatile. I loved learning about the benefits for allergies and inflammation. It’s great to find alternatives to OTC medicines. I look forward to planting some nettle seeds and having some Nettle Power of my own this spring!

Thank you to Storey Publishing, Storey Publishing, LLC, and NetGalley for an ARC of this beautiful book.

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Absolutely delightful! Accessible, inviting writing paired with playful and colourful illustrations throughout makes this book both informative and joyful to read. I have some experience in herbalism, foraging, and gardening, but still learned helpful new information on wildcrafting with nettle.

Was this review helpful?

A really comprehensive overview of the power of the nettle plant. I learnt a lot and the formatting is beautiful.

I did feel, by the end, that the author uses nettles as 'a hammer for all problems' but the title and cover don't mislead you into thinking you will find anything different!

Was this review helpful?

Nettle Power by Brigitte Mars did not disappoint with the background of nettle history, uses, remedies, cautions, and recipes. This was more of a comprehensive guide than I thought it would be in a good way. Appreciate the effort put into this to break apart so many concepts into digestible portions to retain. If you're looking at how nettle can help your wellness journey this book is wonderful to support your journey.

-Background on Nettle
-How to grow and harvest Nettle
-Medicinal Properties
-Making and using Nettle Medicine
-Cosmetic Uses
-Ways to cook with Nettle

There is a lot of information that I think only adds to the value of looking back on this book. I did take my time with this book as I wanted to absorb the information and come back to it which I appreciate. This would be wonderful to have on hand in your home or kitchen. The recipes for medicinal and cooking were very simple to follow along with. Appreciate the graphics as well - the little touches are great.

Big thanks to Netgalley, Brigitte Mars, and Storey Publishing for the ARC.

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This is a wonderful and thorough book written by an experienced herbalist. It shares the history, characteristics and uses of nettle along with an extensive set of recipes. Highly recommended for anyone with an interest in edible or medicinal wild plants.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you for letting me view an ARC of this book. The artwork was absolutely beautiful! This is a nice reference for recipes, health and holistic uses for nettle. I've been a fan of this plant for a while now, and I really appreciate this book showcasing it's benefits!

Was this review helpful?

I had no idea there were so many uses for nettles! I found this book contained many easy recipes to use nettles. I would recommend this book, especially to a forager who uses naturally collected foods from the environment, whether for culinary or medicinal uses. I would like to add a copy to my personal library!

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I really hadn't known much about nettles except for what I had heard in folktales (remember the princess who had to make nettle sweaters for her brothers?), but I was pleasantly surprised to learn so much about nettles. I enjoyed the illustrations immensely and I found this book to be laid out in a useful way that made finding information easy to do. I plan to purchase this book in the future and gift to family members. 4.5/5

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Nettle Power was a really fabulous book that made me appreciate nettles more. My husband loves nettles and preaches their positivity, but I wasn't convinced until I read this book. I do appreciate their versatility, and their healing properties. I will definitely appreciate them more, even if they sting me when I mow the lawn.

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